Pine Hill

In past ages, Pine Hill was known as the Wood Ward and many residents still call it that. The many groves of the ward have shrunk back to just the neighborhood of the Pines, hence the newer name. Still, there is a sense of the forest about this ward that makes Pine Hill seem a quieter and more relaxed place, especially compared to the bustling Chequer's and Eastway wards which it borders. In Pine Hill one finds an air of community permeating, a feeling that this is a small town within the larger city which looks out for its own. This includes taking note of outsiders, though the shops of Barre Circle are friendly and the taverns of Abbey Hall and Centerhill are open at all hours. The residents of Pine Hill enjoy hosting and appreciate fresh customers but anyone making trouble will quickly find that the stereotype of the determined and dangerous Aundairian town-militia is not limited to the countryside.
Population: 7,400
Social Class: Middle Class
Character: Communal and friendly neighborhoods with plenty of ward pride and loyalty.
Districts: Average residential (4), magic district, shops district, tavern districts (2).
Businesses: Alchemists, vintners, tailors, smiths, inns.
Key Personalities: Alan ir'Mosse (Brighthall), Raabis Restoveran (Barre Circle), Eviel Sotrae (Barre Circle)
Watch Detail: See Chequer's Ward.

Abbey Hall

District Type: Tavern District
First Impressions: A collection of friendly taverns filled with locals and brimming with unique charm.

This neighborhood of taverns and bars got its unlikely name for the temple of Boldrei that rests at its center. The monks of the temple brew a sweet, heady beer that is as celebrated in the region as many of the country's cherished wines. Though it is not especially tall, the temple serves as a useful point of reference for Abbey Hill and the surrounding neighborhoods because of the always-burning hearthfires out front which flank the entrance. It also helps that the district's roads tend to either form rings around the temple or lead straight to it, something which helps the pleasantly drunk as they leave their favorite taverns and struggle not to get lost. Usually they weave their way to the temple, walk around the building until they find the right street radiating out from it, then head home.
Manchien's Tavern: The tiefling owner of this tavern, none other than Manchien himself, is a surprisingly generous and pleasant fellow. Aside from stereotypes of his race, Manchien is originally Cyran and moved to the City of Lights a mere year and a half before the Mourning. He lost all of his family and most of his close friends in the event but it would be hard to pick up on these things just to meet him. Manchien has a wide smile and meeting new people is one of his favorite things. He is happy to discuss his menu, which includes beer from the abbey and spicy Cyran wine, and local gossip with anyone in his bar. No one is sure how much Cyran wine Manchien has but most estimate it is one of the largest collections of vintages from the lost nation in the world. Rather than being stingy, Manchien suggests Cyran bottles most often and tells how proud he is of his homeland's vineyards as he pours. The locals at Manchien's are intensely protective of the proprietor and just because the tiefling takes his past losses in stride does not mean his customers will, no matter what their nationality.
Temple of Boldrei: The Abbey Hall temple is a mixture of worship and commerce. Half of the building is made up of a worship hall, cells for the monks, and a soup kitchen for protecting the less fortunate, while the other half is entirely taken over by a very sophisticated brewery. The brewery is in operation nine months out of the year (closed during the winter) and at any given time there is likely one batch brewing, one fermenting in casks in the basement, and one sold to Fairhaven taverns and in the temple itself. All of the proceeds of the beer go to the temple's charitable works, but with such a large operation a considerable amount of gold is spent on buying supplies, maintaining the building, and investing in the temple's future.

Barre Circle

District Type: Shops District
First Impressions: A quiet, friendly neighborhood of shops with many hidden gems where wonders can be bought.

The area around this wide round plaza is mostly filled with grocers and sundries merchants of high caliber, giving Barre Circle an affluent but simple air. Compared with nearby Brighthall, in fact, the wares are downright homely. It's worth remembering, however, that the Fairhaven version of homely is rare enough to make inexperienced visitors' eyes bulge in wonder.
Treasured Tomes: This shop of rare books is owned by the scholarly gnome Raabis Restoveran, a knowledgable if private researcher who has lived most of his long life in Fairhaven. Raabis has also spent most of his long life as a member of the Aurum and is currently a Gold Concordian in the organization. Despite his calm demeanor, Raabis is a ruthless collector and frequently hires adventurers to steal books for him. Usually he explains that the books were originally stolen from him and he is only recovering his lost properties, and Raabis can often produce documentation to back this up. It doesn't take too suspicious a mind to wonder, however, how one many has so much merchandise wandering off.
Wayfinder Surplus: One of the most well-trafficked shops in Barre Circle is also the most exclusive. The Wayfinder Surplus carries extra equipment and recovered treasures from Wayfinder expeditions, courtesy of the quartermasters at the quartermasters at the Conclave Headquarters in Wayside. The shop's owner, Eviel Sotrae, has an exclusive license to resell equipment under the name of the Foundation and so she only does so for those with Wayfinder membership or a letter of reference from a member. The emerald-scaled dragonborn adventurer is a member herself and went on a few expeditions with the Foundation before opting for this less-active role in Wayfinder affairs. She is quick-witted and friendly with jokes at the ready but she dislikes having her time wasted. Eviel is an excellent judge of character and after a few minutes of friendly ribbing she will decide whether a potential customer is worth her time or whether she'll show them the door. Many of Eviel's competitors sneer that this charade is merely to make her items seem harder to obtain, but whether the stock at Wayfinder Surplus is mostly mundane there's no denying that Eviel has a select set of items that cannot be found anywhere else. This includes artifacts from Xen'drik and Eviel has been known to ask her friends at Wayfinder to seek out specific items for valued customers when they are traveling someplace exotic.


District Type: Magic District
First Impressions: An elegant and extravagant neighborhood with an aesthetic carefully designed to be both arcane and fashionable.

The neighborhood of Brighthall is a neighborhood of magic shops famous throughout the Five Nations. Many different shops located along its streets have connections throughout the world and it's generally accepted among wizards and sorcerers that Brighthall is the place to go if no one else has what you need.
Alan ir'Mosse's Fantastic Laboratory: Lord Alan, the fourth of his name to own the shop, is a flamboyant embarrassment to the nobility and a delightful surprise to the commons. His family, long-time affiliates with the Arcane Congress, has run the alchemical laboratory for generations with plenty of showmanship and catchy phrases: "bottled love!" the signs proclaim "distilled courage!" Many arcanists dismiss the shop as noise and point to the crowds of tourists as evidence that the ir'Mosse family is little more than a flashy band of performers, but the truth is that Alan ir'Mosse is a graduate of Arcanix with highest honors and he's more than capable of making surprisingly complex formulae.
Lamier's: This shop for magical amulets and charms is half magic shop and half jewelry store. The famous Lamier designs works of art that are also vessels for enchantment and his many rings, amulets, and head pieces cover all manner of common spells. An item from Lamier's is as much a status symbol as functional items and outsiders are sometimes surprised by the number of nobles wearing rings of protection and amulets of armor from Lamier's who are clearly never setting foot in a dungeon.
Vellumarium: This scroll shop, associated with the League of Independent Arcanists, is a famous purveyor of scrolls, books, schema, and rituals. Many rare spells can be found in the shop and the owners are happy to contact their suppliers worldwide to gather special orders. Their line of [*tribex-hide spellbooks which are sealed to be waterproof are particularly well-prized. While most are happy to have the opportunity to patronize the establishment, there are more than a couple Fairhaven arcanists that wonder about the mysterious contacts that the shop maintains and why they are able to gain seemingly any spell.


District Type: Tavern District
First Impressions: An upscale neighborhood of restaurants and bars with whimisical style and an excellent view.

This district of stacked houses and rope bridges seems out of place in the otherwise well-off Pine Hill Ward, but a closer look reveals that the seemingly ramshackle architecture is actually very finely and carefully designed. Buildings are solid and balanced, only appearing to fall down through careful engineering. The hill forms the center of the ward around it and though the pines that once covered it are gone they are remembered in the names of the taverns and inns of Centerhill.
Temple of the Forest: This temple of the Sovereign Host is located at the very crest of the hill as it has been for centuries. The venerable temple is dedicated to Arawai and Balinor, two deities who sometimes don't get much attention in cities. Because the temple was built before Pine Hill was really incorporated as part of the urban constructs of Fairhaven, the tradition of revering the Soverign of Life and the Sovereign of the Hunt are still very much alive for the residents here.

North Turn

District Type: Average Residential
First Impressions: Steep streets with simple houses, though a distinct and prevelant elven influence.

Elves make up a small percentage of North Turn's population but they have a heavy influence on its character. The truth is that the small district, on the steep side of the central rise in Pine Hill, could easily be overshadowed by other neighborhoods like Centerhill or Brighthall if it weren't for it's exotic flair. As it is, the neighborhood is not as visited as others in the ward but it still gets its share of traffic thanks to its specialty shops and restaurants.
House of the Windswept: This poetically named inn might warrant little attention (its beds are cramped and its food mediocre) but the clever owner has secured a group of irregular customers that attract crowds themselves. The Shadaer ossi Bys, the Blades of the North, are a Tairnadal warband that came north during the Last War and has claimed the northern portion of Aundair as their ranging territory (myal) and they travel it regularly accepting jobs and missions as they will. When in Fairhaven, which they visit at least once a year, they invariably stay at the House of the Windswept and some Pine Hill residents have taken to frequenting the tavern in case they should happen to catch the warband returning from one of its rangings. The tavern's owner has to keep a few rooms constantly in reserve just in case the Blades should decide to return without notice but the boost in business more than makes up for this inconvenience.
The Rowan and Gorse: This tavern has a small stage on it where elven troubadours perform twice a week to a packed house. The troop, licensed performers of the famed House Phiarlan, performs ancient elven ballads and epics in the original language and they go to great lengths to create an impressive evening. Audience members come even from Nealford and the Sovereign Ward to see the famed productions, bringing some busier attention to sleepy North Turn.


District Type: Average Residential
First Impressions: A quiet neighborhood with a rustic feel and a slight sense of "otherness" despite the familiar faces of the residents.

Oakenhall is a center of Eldeen culture in Fairhaven, but not one with strong ties to the dominant politics of today. Unlike many in the Grangehall Ward, the Eldeen peoples of Oakenhall are generally hostile to the rebellion that split the Reaches from Aundair during the Last War and they would much rather see the region return to the Dragonhawk Throne now that hostilities are done. The neighborhood also has a lot of half-elves but confusing Eldeen Khorovar with the Liotian half-elves of the Whiteroof Ward is a sure way to start a fight in Oakenhall.

Being right next to scenic Centerhill, the neighborhood has plenty of inns and restaurants scattered around and its one of the best places in the city to get excellent Eldeen venison stew and rich greenmeade. Of course, the Eldeen restaurants of Greenhollow say that it's not very authentic but many Fairhaven citizens prefer this sort of cuisine to the strangely-spiced versions that are actually eaten in the Reaches.

The Pines

District: Average Residential
First Impressions: Busy streets with plenty of metalworking shops and a skyline dominated by a cluster of massive metal sculptures.

The ward of Pine Hill was originally named for the trees that covered Centerhill but with the growth of Fairhaven these were eventually leveled. All that remained was a grove of tall and ancient trees in this neighborhood which served as a cultural touchstone for the ward. Soon after the start of the Last War, however, all eight of the trees sickened and died within a few months despite the attentions of a dozen druids. The incident was seen as an omen and people throughout Fairhaven began to lament that Aundair would be destroyed by the conflict. Rather than let this build, the crown comissioned famed artist Farens ir'Tolais to build eight new pines for the neighborhood and what he delivered has been a symbol of Pine Hill ever since.

The "new" Pines are a set of eight blade-like pieces of iron, thrusting towards the sky in twisting and organic whorls. Despite being nearly a century old the sculptures still are a controversial topic with just as many Pine Hill residents wishing they would be torn down as there are utterly devoted to them. The former group nearly got its wish several decades ago with a large thunderstorm threw down lightning bolts powerful enough to overcome the sculptures' protective enchantments and level two of the Pines. The sculptures were quickly reset but because this happened mere months after the secession of the Eldeen Reaches many suspected it was a strike by Eldeen revolutionaries while others said that it was a sign of the gods' wrath. These were among some of the more sane explanations, of course. Others deserve little mention.

Jaastre's: This restaurant on the edge of the plaza with the Pines is owned by a shifter (unsurprisingly named Jaastre) and in addition to serving country cuisine it functions as a sort of informal museum of shifter heritage through the ages. One thing that visitors are sometimes surprised to learn is that the original pine grove was a source of anquish for shifters in Fairhaven for a long time. During the Lycanthropic Purge centuries ago, dozens of shifters were caught and hung from the trees' boughs as a warning to any shifters or lycanthropes who came to the city. Rather than continue this pain, Jaastre loves to point out that the trees' death and replacement is a symbol of renewal and putting the past behind him. He and his shifter community in nearby Oakenhall bear no ill will towards their non-shifter neighbors and even see Aundair as a site of positive futures for shifters.
Master Blades: The simple and unassuming elven smith Sothaeri turns out some of the best metalwork in the Five Nations, though one would never know it judging by the appearance of his shop alone. Sothaeri, born centuries ago in Aerenal, shows none of his creations on the walls of his stark shop and barely advertises himself at all. He relies strictly on word-of-mouth for customers but with his long-time residence in the city this isn't hard to come by. Sothaeri is the only Aereni mastersmith living permanently in Khorvaire and people come from across the continent to comission works from him. The elf is picky about what contracts he accepts but he work is always prompt, reliable, and breathtakingly beautiful. Of particular note are the bronzewood arms and armor that he crafts, some of the only non-imported pieces made of this material in the Five Nations.

Terris Village

District: Average Residential
First Impressions: A scattering of small shacks and buildings lining a pit, with terraced streets running around the circumference.

This interesting community is a joint district of shifters and dwarves, with an impressive fusion culture. Built around a depression in the land, the whole neighborhood seems like it's sinking into the ground, which suits both races' tendency to build warrens and underground holds. Buildings tend to be somewhat smaller than in other parts of the city, somewhere between dwarf- and shifter-sized, and Dwarven is mostly heard in the streets, though a unique dialect that incorporates a considerable amount of shifter slang. Homes lean against each other as they line the depression in concentric circles, except where the locals have built large, communal fire pits for roasting. At least once a week, some part of Terris Village will host a party and roast fresh meat and fish over the coal pits where all are welcome. Because the community is built into the ground, a lit fire pit is visible from all parts so little planning is needed. These spontaneous fests are intriguing enough to sometimes draw in outsiders, prompting good natured ribbing and smirking jokes in the local dialect from residents.
Experts from the University of Wynarn still argue over whether the Terris Village depression is natural or a result of orcish ruins below the ground. No matter the cause, the lowest parts of the depression do have a few connections to Brickenhall which resulted in a raid by cultists of the Dragon Below about a century ago. Since that time, shifter and dwarven druids have taken it upon themselves to seal off the connections and guard them from further incidents. Still, none of the district's residents like to be reminded of their home's vulnerability.

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