The humans of Khemti incorporate the best traits of all nine Pesedjet deities. They have Ptah’s vision, Set’s cunning, Ra’s power, and all the other traits to make them the perfect heirs to forge the gods’ kingdom in the material realm. They are the least grounded, though, and prone to flights of extreme passion. Although human pharaohs are among the greatest in history, some of the most destructive were also humans, particularly Hemaka who brought about the cataclysmic Wasting.


The Pesedjer are ambitious and proud. They were the ones to pull Khemti together after the horrific storm of the Wasting and they very much know this. Though some nomadic bands live in the wild Red Lands, most live in the Black Lands where they are the majority in most city-states.


Though they are viewed by many as the saviors of the Black Lands, humans also have a reputation as a race with an overwrought sense of superiority. Humans make up the majority in most city-states and many feel that the other races common to the cities of Khemti owe them something or at least are flawed in some way. Despite this stereotype, there are enough humans out there who are friendly and sympathetic that they still enjoy a place of priviledge in both lands and even the forests of Kesh.

Pesedjer Characters

Humans can excel in any occupation but they tend to follow paths which afford them power and prestige. Many humans serve as ehoteps, ba'abeu, ghaffir, sashati, shenu, kheri-heb, or mor-mash'a. In the Red Lands, many humans lead bands of nomads as kama'at, becoming figures whom the city-state nomarchs fear.

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