Of Shadows Yet To Come



Penthos Menthras

Played by: Thot
Character Sheet

Penthos was born in a family of Greek immigrants in NY, who worked a grocery nearly day and night. He was very close to his parents, and even more so of his little sister Katea who was the apple of his eye. While she was as beautiful as their mother, she was frail, and often sick. As soon as he was grown enough, Penthos was charged with looking after her when she was ill, or helping at the store during evenings, and had very little free time. You have to work hard to get anything, his parents used to say. While it was a heavy burden to lay on a children, he never chafed, and faced it head-on, ever trying to help his parents he loved so much, never to hinder them.

The young boy learnt the value of work, but that is not the only thing he learnt. He learnt too that there were murky waters hidden in the dark spots of the city, in the heart of the night. Belated customers with strange eyes, and stranger shadows. Envelops to be given for protection, and a lot more. He greatly resented the unsafety of his parents, of his family, and wanted nothing more than to drive those things away. But he was only a kid. and the only time he tried anything, he was given a thorough beating by the tax-collecting thug, ending in the hospital for days.

When time came for Penthos to enter university, he managed to get a scholarship, and chose to focus on Law, since he felt it was the proper way to fight back the fears of his youth. He was a good student as usual, and ended a judge. His continual good marks, as well as the numerous gifts he began displaying (girls, sports, etc) were slowly coming to his head, and were it not for his sister, the only one he really listened to, he would have become completely detached from everyone. More than once he dropped everything he was doing to go and care for her without even looking back.

In a professional respect, Penthos proved to be a fair judge, if heavy handed, and had a real feeling for plain people, in which he saw likeness to his parents. He was harsh on the transgressors, though, and very involved in his numerous cases. There were a few convicts that he couldn't prove guilty, even though he knew them to be, and that he had to release. His resentment at seeing people out of Justice's reach, out of his reach, surfaced back, ever nagging. On a particularly bad case, a grocery just like his parents got robbed, and the owners shot. PD couldn't prove a thing, even though they knew the culprits to be thugs of the local mob "making a statement". It was too much for Penthos, who used his contacts with the law enforcement to find them, stalked them at night, and ambushed them, beating them up with a bat till his arms ached. He had found how to clear the night, and felt good "doing the right thing again". Judge by day. Vigilante by night. Good for him sleep was a commodity he had learnt to shed off since very young.

At first, Penthos accumulated successes, since he was careful, and prepared his "operations" well. But as his presence became known, the mobsters were more and more prepared, and he grew cocky with his successes too, and lenient in his preparations. One night, the ambush backfired, and he became the prey to an angry gang, striking back with a vengeance all the more for the fear they had felt. He was cornered in a building, had already taken a lucky shot in the leg, and was about to be found, when suddenly the mist in the street seemed to solidify, and a tall, regal man in his fifties came up, revealing to Penthos who he really was : the son of Zeus, King of Gods. Shocked as he was, the first thing that came to Penthos's mind was that his mother had been unfaithful to his father, a strain he hasn't recovered from yet. Zeus didn't let that get in the way, though, and showered the young man with gifts, then let him to face his threat, and prove himself, which he did easily. His self-confidence pumped up yet again after that, but he grew distant from his mother.

As time passed by, he learnt of the Titans, their cultists, and the evil influence they exerted on Earth. Since obviously noone was better suited to fighting them than he, Penthos geared all his activities, daily and nightly, toward restraining them. He has had no personal life of his own since he took the burden of protecting mankind. He doesn't necessarily like it, but who else could be up to the task ? He didn't allow the question of "what would you do without that duty" to pop in his mind. As for how he handles it all, well, his body got his limits too, even if they're further away than most. So he pushes himself to the limits, farther, and when he breaks, once in a while, he's too proud and stubborn to admit it, and hides it as best he can.

Personality: Penthos is a man dedicated to a mission : see to it that Justice is metted out everywhere, everywhen. While it may seem quite grandiloquent, to him it's merely how he wants his family to be protected. But he's taken too much to heart the saying "For a job well done, do it yourself", and he's working himself like a dog. He is low on trust, and works alone. Whenever he's too tired to bear it any longer, he sleeps straight for two days, but he would never admit it to anyone (but his sister). He's officialy on some trip, whether it's business or family depends on who is asking.

On a personal level, it's been a hard blow to learn that his mother had been unfaithful to his father, and he resents Zeus for doing that. While not quite hatred yet, still he views the god with distrust, and scorn. And he is too proud to keep his mouth in check.

Appearance: Penthos looks to be in his late twenties. He is obviously in very good health, and not to be trifled with.


Keiko Fujiwara

Played by: Cailte
Character Sheet

Hachiman has brought much of Japanese culture to the West, and it is in one of these endeavours that he met an unassuming, pretty, young Japanese-American in San Francisco, Natsuko Honda. As a result of this affair Natsuko became the mother of a beautiful baby girl, Keiko. A situation that would not have been problematic except that Hachiman was forced to return to the Overworld soon after Keiko's birth and was thought dead by mortal authorities.

Shortly before Hachiman's disapearence Sensei Hiroaki Tanaka arrived at the San Francisco Zen Center to take on the role of tenzo (chef for the monks). Soon after Hachiman's disappearence Hiroaki took it upon himself to ensure that Natsuko and her daughter were well cared for by the community, and for the first few years of Keiko's life he functioned as a surrogate father in many ways.

When Keiko was about 3 years old her mother married Kaito Fujiwara a local police officer, and the family settled down into the routine life of middle-class America through the 80's & 90's including the birth of Keiko's sister Miuko. Keiko's life progressed all to normally, even including her parent's divorce in the late 90's and the tradegedy of Kaito's death in drug related shooting as she started her criminology degree in 2002.

Upon gaining her Ba in 2006 Keiko enrolled in the SFPD and began 3 years of service in the Personal Crimes Division, working in General Works, Sexual Assault and Special Investigations units before she left to join the FBI through their Law Enforcement Critical Skill pathway. Having completed the Special Agent Entry Program she has served the FBI for the last 2 years working in a number of Bureaus but based in Washington for the last 12 months.

The only particularly remarkable thing about this whole thing has been the intermitent but persistent appearence of Sensei Hirokai Tanka through her life. It seems that the old monk, who she tends to call uncle, will appear in a city either just before she moves there or within a few months of her moving there. His appearence is something that Keiko has come to appreciate, especially since Kaito's death. The reason for the old monk's prsistence in following her around became abundantly clear a few months ago when Hachiman finally returned to his "lost" daughter's life and it was Hirokai that introduced her to him. The revelation of her true nature as a Scion has put much of her life into perspective and granted her a better understanding of her success in her career, and in many ways it has made her a more successful Agent.


  • Himo of Tokugawa Ieyasu: A himo is a simple belt or obi, in this case a thin tassled rope of golden silk, used by samurai to hold their swords and other items while in their armor. This particular obi once belonged to the first Tokugawa Shogun. Ieyasu was a great strategist and warrior wining his first battles at age 16 and eventually triumphing in what is considered the most important battle of Japanese history, the battle of Sekigahara. Keiko wears it under her shirt wrapped around her waist (several times!).
  • O-nenju of Shōtoku Taishi: This is a set of Buddhist prayer beads (o-nenju) of green jade with a green tassel that once belonged to Shōtoku Taishi. Taishi was the Prince Regent of Japan around the start of the 7th centuary and the Asuka period of Japanese history. Shōtoku Taishi is credited with introducing Buddhism formally as the state religion and raising the Japanese Empire to seeing itself as equal to China. He created a 17 article consititution, which some argue still applies in Japan, and did much to reform Japan and shape its future. Keiko wears them on her wrist like a bracelet, but she often takes them off and counts them while she questions suspects.
  • Legend of Miao Shan: This simple, and old, scroll tells the story of the Bodhisattva Kannon (also called the goddess of mercy) and was penned by the monk Jitchū, who creatd the Shuni-e ceremony to honor her. Keiko is most frustrated by this particular relic, and has had a special silk poush made which she attaches to a shoulder holster belt when working; otherwise it is carried in her purse, which always has to be a little too large for the situation as a result.

Jean-Philippe Gagnon

Played by: Grawln
Character Sheet

Jean Phillipe Gagnon or simply "JP" was born in a poor area of Montreal to Beatrix Gagnon, a young first generation canadian born to Haitian immigrants. She was in her early twenties in the midst of completing a masters in art when Jean Phillipe was born. She claimed that JP's father was Caleb Mouton, a visiting researcher from Louisiana. JP never met Caleb, though he dutifully sent child support payments to his mother growing up.

Even with the support payments, JP's mother struggled to provide for them, earning meager coin selling paitings to tourists in the old city while she plugged away at her more avante-garde depictions of hatian spiritual themes. They're small apartment was always filled with voodoo objects, ones that either Beatrix had created or been gifted by elders in the community.

Growing up, JP was generally a good kid. Though mischievious he was well liked and always found a way to stay out of any serious trouble. Growing up in a neighborhood full of Haitian immigrants and surrounded by his mothers art, he naturally learned much of the ways of the Loa.

In his late teens JP ran into trouble with a Haitian street gang that was plaguing Montreal's inner city. His mom, desperate to keep her son out of trouble, got him a job working at a summer camp where he instantly fell in love with the water, learning to raft and kayak with ease. Before he left however, she gave him a special GrisGris that she said had come from his true father. She called it "Le Gris-Gris De L'Inconnu". It was a small canvas satchel hung from a leather cord. She told him that it contained powerful voodo magic and that it would help protect him.

…. more to come…

  • returned home, gris gris began to speak to him, told him of his true father Damballa and that he had a sacred duty to help protect those around him
  • drove him to take on a local gang lord that had gained signficant power
  • JP was able to dismantle the street gang though its leader escaped but not before JP was able to reclaim the sacred relic La Chaine de La Loa
  • JP now listens to the Loa spirit bound to his Gris Gris knowing that he has a great duty to protect the Loa from the threat posed by the Titans.

Appearance: JP has a strong face with dark skin framing shining white eyes. The that have charmed many ladies with their mearest glance. He dresses simply, wearing loose clothing and frequently letting his beard grow for weeks at a time. He rarely worries about his hair, letting it curl naturally and cutting it a few times a year.


  • Gris-Gris De L'Inconnu - a small undecorated canavs satchel hung from a leather cord. It is said to have been created by Damballa himself when the first african slaves where brought to America. An old Haitian legend states that Damballa gives it to a chosen son whenever the ways of the Loa are threatened. JP always wears it around his neck, tucked beneath his shirt as it let's him speak with his spirit-guide Ubora, le Petite Phantome Noire.
  • La Chaine De La Loa - a simple copper bracelet hung with a number of metal charms and bone beads. This voudon charm is said to have come from Senegal, carried across the waters by Agwe to protect and given to one who needs the strength and protection of Mami Wata herself. It is said that when it washed ashore Damballa in the shape of a great serpent picked it up and carried it away for safe keeping.

Eric Donner

Played by: Pashalik_Mons
Character Sheet

At 18 years old, Eric Donner is the youngest Scion in his Band, but he’s experienced a lot in that short time. Born to an unwed mother who took sick and died by the time Eric was 10, he was raised in a small Midwestern town by his maternal grandfather, Randall. Randall taught him the ins and outs of automobile repair, as well as what it means to be a stand-up guy. Eric learned those lessons well. Unfortunately, Randall passed away of a massive stroke in Eric’s 17th year, leaving Eric alone… though not for long. With
the aid of his grandfather’s ghost and the ravens Hugin and Munin, Eric learned he is the son of the Norse God of thunder. In short order, he received his Birthright from the dwarves Brok and Sindri and ended a frost giant plot to unearth the great wyrm Jörmungandr, though he was nearly killed thanks to the betrayal of Sly Guiler, Scion of Loki.

Since then, Eric has traveled the continent in his GTO, led by Fate (and occasionally the ravens of Odin) to upset the plots of various titanspawn. In the process, he’s come to work with the other members of his heroic Band, a diverse group featuring Scions of many different pantheons. Now, with his Band or solo, Eric continues to fight the good fight and to help those in need.

Appearance: At six foot five and a muscular 220 pounds, Eric is handsome, though not supernaturally so. He inherited his father’s red hair and steel-gray eyes,
but unlike Thor, he keeps the hair cut short and eschews facial hair. He usually dresses casually, like the blue-collar boy he is, in jeans, a denim jacket and a fl annel shirt
with a white T-shirt beneath. On his right middle finger, he sports a bloodstone ring etched with the Germanic rune algiz (“protection”) and when he’s expecting trouble, he carries, Giantbane—quite possibly the largest revolver ever made.

Personality: Like his father, Eric is a brave and likeable lug who strives to smite evil and protect the weak. Unlike Thor, he's both more clever and slower to anger. When something does rile Eric, though, the familial resemblance is uncanny. He's never met his father in person, but Eric craves his approval and work hard doing things the Scion thinks will make him proud.


John Grimm

Played by: elderscroll78
Character Sheet

John Grimm traveled with Eric from Minnesota to Las Vegas. He met the other Scion after exploring a mine inhabited by dwarves, which Eric had already cleared out, where he found an over-looked nest of lindwurm eggs. Through an act of incredible strength, John fought the wurm off long enough to smash the eggs at which point a group of valkyries showed up to finish off the creature. They gave John a gift of Himmlenild, a powerful rifle relic with runes covering the barrel. Though he wouldn't admit it to others, John considers himself an exemplary Scion and more worthy of his father's attention than many, including Eric Donner.



Allegiances: The gods, presumably
Goals: Unknown

Leo met up with the band of Scions outside of Las Vegas at the Northroad Diner. He distributed some gifts and gave them the location of their meeting with the gods. He is a balding, slightly dirty man who smokes heavily and speaks bluntly. Not the typical herald of the gods.


Shadow Ninjas

These figures attacked the Band after they were stopped by a pile-up outside of Denver. They are totally silent, even when being struck, and collapse into shadow when killed. They also have the ability to step through one shadow and out of another, though they fight with real weapons and are just as easily fooled as mortals.

The Winged Figure

A mysterious figure and master of the shadow ninjas, this man caused the accident outside Denver and tried to kill the Band. He has incredible strength and black wings that allow him to fly. His name and identity are unknown, although he appears Japanese or Chinese.


Las Vegas

Las Vegas is an internationally renowned major resort city for gambling, shopping, and fine dining. The major attractions in Las Vegas are the casinos and the hotels, giving it a commercial and slightly seedy reputation. There are many hotel casinos in the city's downtown area, which was the focal point of the city's gaming industry in its early days.

  • Downtown: Downtown gaming remains closer to Vintage Vegas (inexpensive food, rooms, free entertainment, lower house edges on table games and slots, balconies on at least one major hotel, and no high end shopping). Since 1989 there have been three major changes to the downtown area. The Stratosphere Casino opened in 1996, and built a new hotel tower in 2000. The Lady Luck casino and several smaller casinos shut down. A new hotel tower with 500 rooms opened in the Golden Nugget on November 2009. The Late-2000s recession is reducing gaming revenue to 20 year lows. Every casino except the California, the Fremont, and the Golden Gate has changed owners in the last 20 years.
  • The Strip: The gambling and entertainment industry in Las Vegas is mostly focused in the Las Vegas Strip. Most of the Strip is not actually located in city limits, but instead in the surrounding unincorporated community known as Paradise. The largest casinos and buildings, as well as the most famous landmarks are located there.
    • Echelong Place: A long-unfinished project, the Echelon was purchased by Charles Etcheverry a few years ago and is now the newest, hottest casino on the strip. This won't last longer than the next opening, of course, but is still a prime position.
    • Wynn Las Vegas: The hotel where the Scions and their divine parents are staying, with rooms and a technology suite paid for by the gods' "conference" which has its every need met by the energetic Karma Jenkins.
  • Hederson Executive Airport: A small executive airport on the southern edge of Las Vegas, south of the main McCarran International Airport for the city. This airport caters to traveling executives with private planes and charter flights such as Mustang Tours.
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