Odakyr, Karrnath

The Odakyr region is an area of Karrnath which includes the southernmost spur of the nation south of Vedykar, guarded today by Fort Zombie and Fort Bones, as well as territories to the east of these forts which now belongs to the halflings of the Talenta Plains. Before the Last War, this region was one of the largest corn producers in the Five Nations but a surge of planar energies from the Mabar manifest zone beneath Fort Bones devastated the farmlands with the so-called Bonebrittle blight and contributed to the widespread famines which hampered the Karrnathi war effort early in the conflict. Unlike the droughts that hurt agriculture in the Hearthills region, this setback was supernatural in nature and many blamed the outbreak on a lack of effort from Kaina ir'Durna, garrison commander of Rath Shult which preceded Fort Bones. The garrison commander was a hierocrat of Dol Arrah and the incident served to boost the agenda of the Blood of Vol in Karrnath, leading eventually to the official adoption of the religion by King Kaius.

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