Nyambe 4e

Races of Hyambe

Human Tribes

Fey Tribes

Shadow Tribes

  • Revenants:
  • Shades:
  • Shadar-Kai:
  • Vryloka:

The N'kaa

  • Genasi:
  • Tieflings:

Other Peoples

Classes of Nyambe

The peoples of Nyambe-tanda follow different paths from those of other lands. Classes are largely the same, but they differ in important ways that reflect the culture, geography, and traditions of the Land of the Overpower. Characters in Nyambe can choose character themes to differentiate themselves, including a number of themes designed to make their classes function in a more iconic way. There are two themes for each power source; any character may choose a theme, but they are especially appropriate for classes of that power source.

Other Character Themes

Character themes from other sources also work for characters in Nyambe.

World of Nyambe

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