In the Mythic Age of Khemti, when both lands were still lush and green, the Nekhiret were a strong and wise people, renowned for their wisdom. One of the First Races, the Nekhiret were created by the vulture-goddess Nekhbet as prophets and philosophers. As the Nekhen kingdom was beset, however, by soldiers of the Wadji, the Nekhiret began to drift from these noble pursuits and became warriors themselves. They succumbed eventually to the blood-frenzy which sometimes grips vultures today and both peoples tore each other down during the Eternal War.
When judgment was visited on the Divine Races of the Black Lands, due to the sacrilege of Hemaka, Nekhbet chose to strike down her children as well for their squandering of her divine calling. The cities of the Nekhiret were razed to the ground and they were forced to wander the Red Lands as thieves and bandits. Today they continue to prey upon caravans in both lands, though they also have a reputation as merchants.


The Nekhiret are survivors. They survived the destruction of their kingdom during the Wasting and forged a new path for themselves, though they are no longer beloved of Nekhbet. Many Nekhiret still embrace their ancient past, however, and wear garments decorated with white vulture feathers, as well as spreading robes which resemble bird's wings. Other Nekhiret have turned away from this heritage completely and devote themselves to gods like Khonsu, the god of deception and cunning, to grant them favor as thieves or Mentu, god of personal power, to secure them position and riches.
A cult of Nekhiret worship the combined deity of Horus-Thoth whom they believe is the natural heir of the divine provinces previously held by Nekhbet. The wise falcon is seen as a figure of vengeance as well as knowledge and the natural patron for raising the Kingdom of Nekhen once more.


Nekhiret have strained relationships with most races, given their reputation as thieves and tricksters. There is a long history of conflict between the Nekhiret and other races in the Red Lands, the most obvious of which is the ancient war with the Wadji which some still care about today. With negative feelings held by and about the Nekhiret, they are a fairly insular people and most tieflings in the city states live in neighborhoods dominated by their kind. These "Nekhibaat" are avoided by most other races and when crimes begin to arise in a city-state, most nomarchs look to the Nekhibaats first.

Nekhiret Characters

Many Nekhiret from the Black Lands are sashati or khebenti while those in the Red Lands are often mor-mash'a or hekai. They favor feats and equipment which make them self-sufficient no matter which land they call home and it is not uncommon for a Nekhiret to keep all of his possessions within arm's reach to stay one step ahead of negative opinions. However, it is also common for Nekhiret families to ensconce themselves in Nekhibaats for generations and work their way into local power structures. Those that come from these dynasty families sometimes become si'ar for the temples, using their race's tenacity to smite enemies of the faith.

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