Eladrin Witch of the Full Moon
5'3" and 105 lbs.
52 years old

Character Sheet
Gealach, the Moon Sprite


The Tiri Kitor are an old people and they have forgotten much of what they knew before the empire of Rhestilor. Once they have grand wizard academies and halls of learning but that now lies in ruins and far from Marth Forest and the Elsir Vale. Magic now is a mystical thing which only a few rare souls can master, particularly the moon-magic of the summerbrides. Corellon, the Lord of Summer, chooses some elf and eladrin women of the Tiri Kitor to be his brides, living on the outskirts of the tribe and taking no husbands. They are wise in herblore and the rhythyms of the earth, but also gripped by frigthening visions and ruled by the changing, fey moon.

The life of a summerbride, of a witch, is not always a welcome one but Naivara is sure that it saved her life. She was born too early, small and sickly, but she was born under a full moon. Where another babe might have died, Corellon took pity on little Naivara and protected her into childhood. The girl always had a way with animals, relating to them much more easily than with her neighbors, and sometimes she was gripped with strange dreams that compelled her to take risks, approach people, and meddle in affairs. It didn't take long for her parents to recognize that she was a witch and they sent her at ten years old to apprentice with Silesnee, the summerbride in the nearby glade. Silesnee fostered young Naivara, taking her to moots with witches of both the full moon and the new moon, teaching her to pick and cure herbs, and giving her the skills to deal with people as a wisewoman. Though still more comfortable in the woods, Naivara grew to enjoy soothing worried parents and winning over stubborn warriors in the villages. By the time Naivara was ready to strike out on her own she was a promising witch, if still small and frail.

For many years, Naivara has served as a summerbride throughout the Marth Forest. She does not have one home, choosing instead to wander among her people. Now an experienced summerbride, Naivara has received troubling dreams. She is used to visions of storms and sickness, but these nights she is seeing stranger sights: the towns and busy roads of the humans. She has seen humans and half-elves, even halflings, trading in the villages of some Tiri Kitor tribes but they are strange peoples, clumsy and rough. Still, Corellon has sent her these visions for a reason and it is up to her as a dutiful bride to follow them. Even if that means going to the frightening townships of the southern Vale.


Naivara has never grown large and still stands far below other people. Whlie most elves and eladrin are shorter than humans and daintier, Naivara barely reaches the chest of most men and she is thin enough to be made of sticks. She tends to wear robes and dresses of flowing fey cloth but the sharp angles of her bones are still visible through the material. Her strait blonde hair frames luminous green eyes which seem fascinatingly large, though not off-putting. She carries her entire life with her in a satchel of pale doeskin and walks with a thin, strait staff of pale ash from the top of which is hung a glass orb for spellwork. Her moonlight sprite familiar, Gealach, lives in the orb but he flits in and out as he sees fit and Naivara sees little reason to limit him.

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