Million Year Echo

Dr. Zameena al-Mareekh is causing a lot of headaches. It would be an annoyance for Firewall if she had simply come across extraterrestrial data of an unknown origin. The fact that it came from a mysterious alien communications network on a distant exoplanet makes it worse. The further fact that she fled with the data in hand when Go-nin tried to shut her down makes it worse and complicated.

The idea that she has the data in the middle of the TITAN Quarantine Zone, one of the most dangerous beds of exsurgent activity in the system, means things just reached priority-one status.

A team of hastily-gathered sentinels is pulled together in Olympus to deal with the situation. They don't know each other, which is a dangerous thing in a place as hazardous as the TQZ, but they all have the best interests of Firewall and transhumanity at heart.




Snorri Guthmansson

Character Thread
Played By: Elround4
Current Morph: Olympian
Rep Networks: @-rep 50, i-rep 20, r-rep 30

A transplant from the outer system, Snorri cut his Firewall teeth under the tutelage of the (in)famous computer archeologist Tara Yu. After his training under Ms. Yu, Snorri relocated to Mars to pursue both his Firewall involvement and his gatecrashing career. He was drafted onto the team for the latter, being the expert on exoplanets and alien tech for the mission. According to the proxies, though, Firewall has only a general idea of what Zameena al-Mareekh took back through the Discord Gate so Snorri will have to think on his feet considerably to survive all this.


Isra Khoury

Character Thread
Played By: jolinaxas
Current Morph: Crasher
Muse: Yusuf, charming Muslim teenage heart-throb.
Rep Networks: @-rep 60, g-rep 50, c-rep 20, i-rep 20

Another transplant from the Titanian system, Isra came much more recently than Snorri. Very recently, in fact: Isra arrived specifically more this mission. A sentinel in the Saturnian system with links to the Muslim diaspora, Isra was called in when Dr. al-Mareekh showed up on the habitat of Salah. From there, Isra followed the trail to Mars where the local sentinels were already assembling to head into the TQZ. This mission will bring her with the greatest tragedy to the Muslim community since the loss of Mecca to nuclear war. She might be a secular Muslim, but Isra is likely to feel as though she's walking among ghosts out here in the outback.


Dora Medoza

Character Thread
Played By: Starhawk
Current Morph: Theseus
Muse: Tarot, old-fashioned tarot reader reminding Dora of her destiny.
Rep Networks: @-rep 60, i-rep 40

Recruited from a traveling Scum barge for her hacking skills, Dora has made a name for herself among Martian sentinels. She is serious but irreverent, quiet but ambitious… a little bit of everything, really. She was pulled onto the team to be the pointperson on all information security concerns and as such she holds the mesh inserts of the whole team in her hand. Her style suggests a Scum background, which means almost nothing, given the enormous variation within the scum faction.


Massimo Rossi

Character Thread
Played By: TheObsoleteMan
Current Morph: Flat
Muse: Helper AI, a generic, cheap program in Massimo's ecto used for parsing the stream of data around him.
Rep Networks: c-rep 50, e-rep 30, g-rep 20

One of the few Jovian sentinels working on Mars, Massimo has a reputation for being a religious weirdo. Objective observers will probably be forced to admit that he's not really a fanatic or even overly preachy, but compared to other Martian Catholics and especially compared to your average Firewall sentinel he's definitely a traditionalist. He won't even egocast or get a cortical stack, two things which are going to make things rough for him in the TQZ.


Reed West

Character Thread
Played By: RMB
Current Morph: Olympian
Muse: Red, hard-bitten cowboy with a low, gravelly voice.
Rep Networks: @-rep 80, c-rep 40, e-rep 40, f-rep 30, g-rep 60

A classic "Martian cowboy," Reed is equally at home in the cities or the outback of Mars. It's mostly the outback that have called him to this mission, though, and his keen senses. On this mission, Jake is quick to tell Reed, he's to shoot first and pull the stack later. It's nice to be appreciated and all, but if Reed's the heavy hitter on this team somebody's checked the wrong box up in Firewall HQ.



Character Thread
Played By: TheFred
Current Morph: Neo-Avian
Muse: Poe, a miserable-sounding fellow with a penchant for poetry.
Rep Networks: r-rep 70, i-rep 80

A one-man mercenary team, Nevermore is a scout, spy and infiltrator. Able to zoom in on his targets from up high and ghost through the skies unseen, he prefers to make remote strikes with his squad of jammed bots, or remote-controlled weaponry. He plays battlefields like a game of chess, hovering above and sending down his moves to the pieces below.


Dr. Zameena al-Mareekh

Once upon a time, Dr. Zameena al-Mareekh was a respected gatecrashing techno-archaeologist. Once upon a time, she works for a prosperous Extropian company called Proactionary. In that far off time she dwelt on a far off world called Giza where strange alien devices promised to hold unthinkable secrets. When the doctor at stole some of the secret she was forced to flee through arcane gates, sending her soul home to her family. They protected her, and left together for the wilds to think what the secrets might mean, and how they might be turned into powerful truths.

Whether Dr. al-Mareekh thinks about this fairy tale anymore, is anyone's guess. Now she's trapped in the living hell of the TQZ, probably dead and possibly infected. She still has those secrets, though, and Firewall is not about to let her keep them.

Jake Carter

Jake is a terraforming line technician, Barsoomian sympathizer, and proxy for the Martian outback. Coming from a clan of Korean agridome workers— most of whom died in the Fall—he’s redneck to the core, with ties to both the smuggling rings and the Rangers. At the same time, his politics ally him with the outer system wing of Firewall. He’s more hands-on than most proxies, not shying from fieldwork or meeting agents in person. He's a regular proxy contact for Reed, Vastian, and Dora, as well as the initial on-planet proxy contact for Isra.

Das Frettchen

Das Frettchen is a wealthy, hyper-aged Fall survivor who worked for old Earth intelligence agencies before amassing a fortune in insurance. Semiretired, he’s not quite an oligarch himself, but moves in the same circles, making Valles-New Shanghai his natural sphere of influence. If not for a deep libertarian streak and some very old-fashioned school ties to other Firewall founders, he’d probably be working with Ozma. He avoids fieldwork but, on the rare occasions he sullies his hands, is brutally efficient and leaves no traces. He's a regular proxy contact for Snorri, Uma, Li, and Massimo.

Ushma "Uma" Gavaskar

Uma is one of the Lost, and she wants nothing more than to get revenge for that fact. This isn't her first time dealing with TITANs, and hopefully it won't be her last. Though most sentinels have heard about asyncs, there's not much they can do to counter them unless they're an async too. Uma is along as another counter hacker, though her purview is the minds of her teammates, rather than their mesh inserts.

Li Miulin

The first sentinel to respond to Days Fretchen's message, Li tracked down the al-Mareekh family before they set out for the outback. She hasn't checked in for some time, so it's hoped she found a way on board the Hegira and remains on board. More likely, though, she died while on mission, and her cortical stack is all the impact she can still offer Firewall.


There's some preparation you can do for surviving the TQZ, but you really have to go there to get the sort of experience that's worth anything. Vastian has been there. A lot. The neo-octopus has opted for a utilitarian novacrab morph and he's on board to make sure that the team gets in, that they get back out, and that, for the love of God, they don't touch anything!


  • The Hegira: The al-Mareekh family's airship which Dr. Zameena and her relatives used to run the blockade around the TQZ. It's currently moored at Qurain.
  • Qurain: Once a major cultural center for the Sunni Muslim community before the TQZ was created, now the fortress is abandoned in the middle of the zone. City Map.
    • Sentry Mensa: This smaller mensa to the north of the main one contains a crash site of some sort which was being picked over by scavengers in strange vacsuits.
    • Main Building: The party entered this part of the city first and parked their buggies. They broke into three teams to fan out and check rooms.
  • Noctis-Qianjiao: A city on the western end of the Valles Marineris, a half-day's drive from the TQZ. This is where Proxy Carter and Proxy Das Frettchen meet with the group.
  • San Benito: The small hydroponics community northwest of the Zone where the party left in their buggies to infiltrate in.

Mission Objectives

  • Successfully enter the TITAN Quarantine Zone and proceed to Qurain.
  • Retrieve exoplanet research data from Dr. al-Mareekh.
  • Neutralize other forces in area. {Secondary}
  • Retrieve stack of Dr. Zameena al-Mareekh for questioning. {Secondary}
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