Matriarch Ward, Highwash

The Matriarch Ward is all business. While no one would mistake Stormhome for anything other than a city devoted to House Lyrandar, some parts of the city are fairly residential and resemble many Khorvairian cities. Not so with the Matriarch Ward which is the bustling nexus of the House of the Storm and those who live in this ward live and breathe according to its business needs. The highest-ranking officials in House Lyrandar live in this ward as do those who handle the house's spiritual needs and, more importantly, its gold coffers.
Population: Lyrandar officials and financiers, all of whom are half-elves usually with familial connections to the house. Most residents live in the ward only temporarily during their official tenure, although the priests of the Sela's Path bult are notable exceptions.
Character: Serious and business-like, though most visitors are treated courteously, in case they are coming to the Matriarch Ward to do business with House Lyrandar.
Businesses: Money lenders and shipping offices. The headquarters of the Windwrights Guild and Lyran's Gift are also located in this ward.
Key Personalities: Baroness Esravash d'Lyrandar, Master Hyzan d'Lyrandar of Lyran's Gift, Captain Koral d'Lyrandar of the Windwright's Guild, First Scion Qen'tal Terai d'Lyrandar of Sela's Path.

Lyran's Hall

The administration of House Lyrandar takes place in the white marble buildings of this district. Everyone who lives in Lyran's Hall is a Lyrandar official, usually of high rank, though the majority of buildings are offices and audience halls for house business. Most of the offices here are associated with the Windwright's Guild since the Raincaller's Guild is based in nearby Oreistall. Here Lyrandar heirs meet with officials from the Five Nations to establish transport contracts on elemental galleons and airships. A number of statues in stone and metal depict ships at full sail and some are enchanted to actually ripple in the wind. Despite the luxurious atmosphere, Lyran's Hall also feels a bit crowded. Before the advent of airships eight years ago, the Windwright's guild was not very centralized and the offices in this neighborhood only had to accommodate a handful of the contracts they do now. Visitors from all over Khorvaire and beyond come to Lyran's Hall to lobby for airship towers in their own towns and the House of the Storm is happy to negotiate with any locations who can get them more money. On top of this, the district is also home to the central offices of Lyran's Gift, though the arcanists of the house's magical research division also work closely with the gnomes of Naefylis. Clerk's of the Windwright's Guild and Lyran's Gift would love to expand their office space but generations of building in Stormhome have left them few directions to expand into.
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Selavash's Hall

The counterpart to Lyran's Hall, this is the spiritual center of House Lyrandar. The primary religion of residents of Stormhome is that of Sela's Path which combines the traditions of the Sovereign Host and the ancestor worship of the elves. Such a combination of human and elven traditions feels very comfortable to many half-elves and many who are not affiliated with House Lyrandar at all follow this faith. Worship of the Tetrad centers on the Dome of the Firstborn (see below) but shrines to ancestors, both in the Aereni and the Tairnadal traditions can be found in this district as well, some from immigrants and some from religious half-elves seeking their roots. Worship of the Sovereign Host, however, is mostly limited to Happan Upper even though the Host is celebrated as secondary deities by followers of Sela's Path.
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Stormhome Keep

Administrative rather than residential, Stormhome Keep is the central offices of House Lyrandar. The blocky structure is defensible, but this is a secondary concern to granting audiences to foreign officials, high-profile customers, and associates of the house. Some who come to Stormhome Keep are surprised at how little business actually goes on here but only important clientele are actually brought to meet such high-ranking Lyrandar officials who have offices here. Most of the business which House Lyrandar is known for, maritime transportation and weather control, are handled by the Windwright's Guild and Raincaller's Guild respectively. Cargo transport and selling elemental vessels to foreign powers are handled directly by House Lyrandar, but mostly these negotiations take place in Lyran's Hall.
Instead, the bulk of business in Stormhome Keep is record-keeping. Every cargo shipment ever carried by a Lyrandar vessel, every sea captain licensed with the house, every employee hired for design, sailing, or weather monitoring has a record kept somewhere in the keep's vaults. The librarians who handle the records are studious but very old papers can take some time to find and it's worth noting that House Lyrandar has been around for over a thousand years. Besides House Lyrandar there are many groups interested in the wealth of information within Stormhome Keep and not all of them are benevolent.

Tower Grove

House Lyrandar's interests require significant capital to undertake without even including the recent edition of building costs for airship towers in cities across Khorvaire. The moneylenders of Tower Grove are what makes this all happen and only a fraction of them are directly associated with House Lyrandar. House Kundarak has offices here as well, though Lyrandar elders are understandably uncomfortable with a strong presence in their city. The independent moneylenders are usually licensed with House Kundarak but come from throughout the Five Nations as well as Aerenal and Sarlona. The banking houses that are scattered throughout the district finance cargo shipments overseen from House Lyrandar but a consortium also provided the initial loans for the testing and production of Lyrandar's elemental airships. The house is paying back the loans steadily, but the construction of new airship towers has set the pace behind what it could be.

Key Locations

  • Captain's Tower: Across Lyran's Hall from the Tempestspire (see below) the Captain's Tower is the base of operations for the Windwright's Guild. For generations, the tower has been a place from which captains licensed with the guild get their sailing orders and register their vessels. From the upper rooms of the tower one can see across Stormhome's waterfront and across the Bitter Sea even as far as Karrnath on a clear day. The head of the Windwrights, Captain Koral d'Lyrandar, spends much of his time in these upper reaches watching the ship traffic at the docks below.
  • Dome of the Firstborn: The cult of Sela's Path is unique to House Lyrandar and intimately entwined with the house's history. Shrines to the Tetrad exist throughout the city but the largest by far and the oldest is the Dome of the Firstborn in Selavash's Hall. Lyrandar priests maintain the lit incense and candles for the mythical founders of the house who are depicted on the surface of the dome in centuries-old mosaics. Selavash and Lyran stand against a windswept background, facing each other and looking down on those in the wide rotunda beneath. Even those who don't follow the Path sometimes come to the Dome to pray for safe passage on voyages. The church officials of the Sovereign Host on the mainland have firmly labeled Sela's Path as idolatry and a false religion, but for those about to trust their lives to the thin hull of ships traveling rough seas there are no powers not worth petitioning for protection.
  • Lyrandar Map Room: House Lyrandar maintains one of the world's most extensive cartographic libraries in Stormhome, rivaled only by the collections of House Orien at Passage and House Medani in Wroat. Before the house unveiled the elemental airship eight years ago, the library was principally taken up by coastal and sea charts, including Scions Sound, with inland areas a secondary concern. Now that windwright captains are flying throughout Khorvaire's interior, however, a new concern for detailed land charts has sent House Lyrandar on a massive spending spree to update its library, bringing it on par with the House of Passage.
  • The Tempestspire: The central offices of Lyran's Gift are located in this tower made of stark white limestone blocks. The tower looks surprisingly unimpressive to those on the outside, barely twenty yards across and only four stories tall. On the inside, however, hundreds of laboratories and vast storerooms can be found, defying the dimensions of the physical structures. During the construction of the tower, Lyrandar mages connected the space of the tower to the Astral Sea. The entrance and basic structure of the Tempestspire exist in the streets of Stormhome but the laboratories inside are on a spinning rock in the silvery realm of Siberys. Mages use the energies of the Astral Sea to manipulate magic beyond known limits, taking advantage of the timeless qualities there to enhance their experiments. Some in House Lyrandar are nervous about this portal to another plane existing in their cities but the leader of Lyran's Gift, Master Hyzan d'Lyrandar, has grand visions of what can be accomplished. Unlike some, Hyzan doesn't consider the name for the Astral Sea to be a metaphor and dreams of Lyrandar galleons one day plying it.
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