Matr Wine

A spicy red wine from Q'barra which is reserved as a delicacy in the Five Nations. The wine is made from the berries of the matr plant which is found only in the Q'barran jungle in high-altitude clearings. While the peninsula of Q'barra is generally tropical, the slopes of the Endworld Mountains can develop frost in the autumn and winter which kills many of the tropical plant species. Matr plants produce heat which quickly melts frost, however, and they impart this quality to their wine as well. Once fermentation has ceased, the chemical reactions of the berries' juice begins again and the wine naturally heats itself. Some in Q'barra take pride in the wine, but most of each year's production is shipped west to the Five Nations (particularly Aundair and Karrnath) or north to the Lhazaar Principalities where warming drink is especially prized.

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