Name: Manthie
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Warlock 3
Alignment: Unaligned
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2 Weight: 175 lbs


Manthie is a serious-looking half elf in dark leather armor with an Aberrant dragonmark across his angry face.


Manthie is the offspring from the romance of a Lyrandar heir and a Medani. Rejected from their Houses, and society as a whole, because he was displaying an Aberrant Mark on half his face, the half-elf entered Droaam because he didn't feel like a freak there.
The angry young Khorovar was trying to build a "standard life" for himself in Droaam, like merchant or somesuch, when his home was attacked by Breland. He understood this as the Medani trying to off him at last and took it as insult upon injury. He wanted to exact revenge against the invaders, but he knew not how to do it. In his time of need, his scar proved a boon, as he had been noticed by a Cult of the Dragon Below. When they heard of his plea, they gladly engaged him, and filled him with all the knowledge he desired. Manthie proved a very gifted student, and eager to learn.
When he had finished his initiation, the half-elf soon discovered that he was indeed able to wreak havoc, and he joined the "regular" Droaam army to kick Breland out and spite them. Then, when the War ended, he just couldn't go back to his normal life. He had seen first-hand the intolerance of the main countries, of the main Houses, and felt a burning desire to burn their whole world to ashes, and have them face their own hypocrisy while breathing their last breath.
Now, he's a part of the Bitter Hand, which he considers an extension of the army, but he's trying to move on his own bloody and offensive political agenda. Anything he can do to further his cause, he'll do.

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