Chapter Two: Life in Stormhome

Levels, Wards, and Districts

City Architecture

Getting Where You're Going

Airship Travel

Unsurprisingly, there are a number of airship routes which connect to the island of Stormhome. Because there are obviously no lightning rail lines which connect to the island, airships are the only rapid transportation that travelers in a hurry have access to. The most commonly-used route connects to Thaliost, Flamekeep, and Fairhaven before returning to Stormhome. Airships ply this circular route in both directions so that someone can expect an airship once a day traveling either clockwise or counterclockwise to the next city in the rotation. Between Fairhaven and Stormhome there is also an direct route which means two airships daily between the City of Lights and the City of Escapes. Those traveling to Fairhaven will find other airships heading south to Wroat and Sharn among other southern locations. A third airship route connects to Korth and from there travelers can find airships, lightning rails, and other conveyances to destinations in the east.
Destination Travel Time Fare
Fairhaven (twice daily) 32 hours 640 gp
Flamekeep 43 hours 860 gp
Korth 30 hours 592 gp
Sharn 132 hours 2,640 gp
Thaliost 20 hours 400 gp
Wroat 110 hours 2,200 gp

Ocean Travel

For those who don't want to pay the extravagant prices of airship travel, the old-fashioned method of traveling to and from Stormhome remains. Lyrandar ships have plied the waters around Khorvaire for thousands of years and todays vessels and crews treat most water major routes like well-known friends. House Lyrandar's elementally-driven ships leave commonly from Stormhome to destinations in the Five Nations, though captains are generally reluctant to bring their vessels close to the dead-gray mists of the Mournland. Sailing vessels from the Five Nations, though, and the sleek Lazhaar rakers travel from Stormhome to pretty much anywhere a traveler might want to go, provided they have the coin to pay for the journey. Vessels docked at Stormhome are usually ocean-going vessels, however, and not equipped for travel up rivers, even those as deep as the waterways leading into Scions Sound. Some Lyrandar elemental ships are able to adjust their draft while in rivers, but usually a traveler will have to change vessels once they reach a certain port (like Daskaran heading up the Aundair River or Korth heading up the Karrnath) and will continue on from there. Prices and distances below take such journeys as if they were a single trip and can provide adventurers with reference points to plan their journeys.
Standard Vessel Lazhaar Vessel Elemental Vessel
Destination Travel Time Fare Travel Time Fare Travel Time Fare
Daskaran 18½ days 62 gp 16 days 77 gp 5 sp 13 days 465 gp
Fairhaven 28 days 94 gp 24½ days 117 gp 5 sp 19½ days 705 gp
Flamekeep 16 days 54 gp 14 days 67 gp 5 sp 11¼ days 405 gp
Korth 18 days 60 gp 15½ days 75 gp 12½ days 450 gp
Merylsward 16 days 54 gp 14 days 67 gp 5 sp 11 days 402 gp
Port Verge 58¼ days 196 gp 51 days 245 gp 40¾ days 1,470 gp
Sigilstar 23¾ days 80 gp 20¾ days 100 gp 16¾ days 600 gp
Thaliost/Rekkenmark 11¼ days 38 gp 10 days 47 gp 5 sp 8 days 285 gp
Varna 13 days 44 gp 11½ days 55 gp 9¼ days 330 gp
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