Lariel Blackfeather


Name: Lariel Blackfeather
Race: Elf
Class: Druid 3
Alignment: Unaligned
Gender: Male
Height: 4'8" Weight: 150 lbs


The first thing that people notice is the great scar that dominates the right side of his face as if it was struck by a burning claw long ago. His hair is lank and dark, and his eyes are grey and flat, like the pallid corpse-like tincture of his skin. When his head is uncovered, which is rare, it can be seen that his right ear is missing, apparently burnt away when he gained his scar. He is dressed in a plain grey cloak, smudged and marked from much use, it covers light armor whose style sets it before the War though it is in good order.


Blood, it always comes back to blood. Those with the right blood rise to power, and those without are often ground underfoot. Blood is where power resides. These are dangerous beliefs to hold Lariel has learnt. Beliefs that will forever mark him, not just his face, the price he paid for escaping his blood, but his skin into which the mark will be forever branded. They were easy enough beliefs to gain as well, not so different at first to those his parents had raised him with all those years ago. Him the second son, the unmarked one. He still resented them for that, for denying him his heritage, the right of his blood. He was the son who was blessed to be close to the ancestors, but they would not hear his pleas. Of course now, sometimes when he is feeling less bitter he can accept they were right to deny him, but not then, then he had wanted vengeance for their unjust treatment. So it had been easy for him to fall into the Blood. They revered the undead, they recognized the power to be found in bloodlines, they understood and sheltered him, they helped him. It took him ten years to realize they used him, a realization that came as he was forced to flee his home for the murder of his parents at their urging. It took another 5 years to be free of them, though in truth he doesn't believe he ever will be. No they just haven't needed him since the War… that is more likely. So he lurks in the shadows of Driaam now, taking his little vengeance on the agents of the Blood of Vol as he can, ever hoping they never come looking for him and ask him to serve again, ever hoping that some day his parent's blood will wash free from his hands.

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