Land Of The Civilized Kings


History of the Rockies

Once Colorado was home to the Anasazi, Utes, and Arapahos and some Uratha in the area still carry their blood, but definite histories start with French explorations in the late 17th century and its purchase by the United States in 1803. By 1850 the territory had its modern borders and it rapidly filled with military forts and settlers. Among these settlers were prospectors and a gold rush in 1858 prompted a flood of new residents and growing conflict with the native nations. For the next two decades, war with the Utes and Arapaho frightened many of the whites and forced the army to take action, which they did by moving the natives to reservations in 1881, destroying their culture and families. After this, the new settlers set about "civilizing" the land which included hunting the wolf packs of the area. The last recorded wolf was killed in 1943, though the Uratha maintained packs in secret, and only recently have wolves been re-introduced to Colorado.

With increased population came cities and railroads. This in turn led to fevered activity from the Spirit Hosts and also an influx of vampires. At the start of the twentieth century, the vampires of Denver united under a powerful vampire named Marianna who also bore a hatred of werewolves. Her people killed werewolves where they found them in the city and might have succeeded in wiping out the Uratha throughout Colorado if she had understood the nature of the Shadow. Instead, the Uratha killed Marianna and scattered her followers leading to many years of the normal conflicts for the Forsaken: fighting the Hosts, combatting the Pure, and shepherding spirits.

This came to an end in the 1960s when a powerful idigam named Gurdilag arrived in Denver. At first, the werewolves of the city did not understood what threatened them and elders chalked the spreading spiritual unrest to some sort of dissonance which led to aggressive spirits. They weren't entirely wrong. Gurdilag had a special weapon of its own devising: a spiritual disease which twisted and remade spirits in its own image. Worse, it also infected werewolves and some of the People became horrible minions of Gurdilag, adding to the horror of the battle. Forsaken and Pure alike fought the spreading cancer of Gurdilag and by the 1980s most of the idigam had been dealt with, though at the cost of many werewolves' lives.

This meant that there was a predominantly young population of werewolves in the city and power vacuums to be filled. The so-called Brethren Wars further thinned the werewolves' numbers in the rural areas of Colorado even while the final battles with Gurdilag continued in Denver, the heart of its territory. Sensing weakness, the Pure Tribes added more chaos to the situation by attacking in a surprisingly unified way throughout the Rocky Mountains, from Alberta to Arizona. They took several important loci and great swaths of territory while Gurdilag and the Brethren War continued to destroy the Forsaken of Colorado. Eventually, Luna's Tribes pushed back and retook many important sites, though the question of how the Pure Tribes moved in so unified a way remains unanswered

With the broader picture at least stabilized, the Forsaken Tribes of Colorado launched a massive assault on Gurdilag in Denver. Led by Max Roman, a battered veteran of Gurdilag's initial push with plenty of lore gathered on the idigam, the werewolves pushed in together. The plan might never have happened if Rachel Snow of the Storm Lords hadn't put her support behind Roman, but her support meant a unified front for the Tribes of Luna in Colorado. With surgical strikes and trips to the Shadow in search of Gurdilag's ban, the Forsaken shredded the idigam's forces and it was finally destroyed in a showdown with Snow's Echo of Thunder and Roman's Silver Syndicate.

Now Denver is firmly in the hands of the Forsaken and Max Roman is hoping to keep the People unified. His leadership during the War for Denver carries a lot of weight, but this time Rachel Snow is not with him. Cooperation is rapidly fading but many of the old enemies remain and new opportunists are arriving to take advantage of Colorado's empty spaces.

Supporting Cast

Jagged Sky

Auspice: Elodoth
Tribe: Iron Masters
Allegiances: Jagged Sky's Pack, Unified Denver

Rober Fiero, better known as Jagged Sky, is a firm supporter of Max Roman's vision for a unified Denver and is working hard to hold his tumultuous young pack together.


Auspice: Cahalith
Tribe: Blood Talons
Allegiances: Red Knives

A loner leading a pack of loners, Honcho has studiously kept out of the ideological divide between Max Roman and Rachel Snow, despite his pack having an agreement of mutual protection with Snow's Echoes of Thunder.

Iron Soul

Auspice: Elodoth
Tribe: Hunters in Darkness
Allegiances: Mountain's Proud Children, the Old Ways

Though his pack has little contact with the Uratha in Denver, the enigmatic Iron Soul has sent representatives to ensure Rachel Snow and anyone else asking that Mountain's Proud Children pack also opposes Max Roman's plans for a unified Denver.

Jack Kinneson

Auspice: Elodoth
Tribe: Bone Shadows
Allegiances: New Hope, Unified Denver

One of Roman's proteg├ęs, Kinneson was once a suburban teen living outside of Denver but now, as Shrike's Thorn, is the leader of a brash young pack making a name for itself.


Auspice: Rahu
Tribe: Storm Lord
Allegiances: Black Moon Extreme

This young werewolf is the leader of the Black Moon Extreme pack/band who is as fearless as he is naieve and is determined to show his elders "how a 21st-century werewolf does things." He and his pack are still wild cards in the political divide between Max Roman and Rachel Snow.

Obadiah Pickering

Auspice: Ithaeur
Tribe: Bone Shadows
Allegiances: The Pickering Family, the Lodge of Death

The aging patriarch of the Midwest branch of the Pickering Family has yet to weigh in on the divided political landscape of Colorado's Uratha, claiming a wider concern as he oversees Pickering business from the Rockies to the Mississippi.

Max Roman

Auspice: Elodoth
Tribe: Iron Masters
Allegiances: Silver Syndicate, Unified Denver

The architect of the unified assault on Gurdilag in Denver, Roman would like to see this cooperation continue. He is powerful and charismatic, particularly among the younger packs which are frequently funded by the Silver Syndicate to encourage growth of the Forsaken population in Colorado, but he lacks the bravado and history to be a true battle leader.

Rachel Snow

Auspice: Elodoth
Tribe: Storm Lords
Allegiances: Echoes of Thunder, the Old Ways

A skilled warrior from a long line of Storm Lords, Snow kept up the fight against Gurdilag when many in Denver had given up. In the War for Denver, she threw her support behind Max Roman's plan and convinced the local tribes to agree but now she opposes his plans for continued cooperation. The confident leader understands the power of words and sees in Max Roman the makings of a tyrant in the works.

Local Packs

Black Moon Extreme

Dominant Tribe: Storm Lords
Alpha: Moriarty

This aggressive pack is united under the common cause of vampire-hunting, though its young members sometimes treat it more as a sport.

Echoes of Thunder

Dominant Tribe: Storm Lords
Alpha: Rachel Snow

This pack is rebuilding from the War for Denver but is strictly filling its ranks with Storm Lords.

Guardians of Mountain Pass

Dominant Tribe: Ivory Claws
Alpha: Unknown

This newer Pure tribe has taken control of an important locus in a pass through the Rockies and preys on Forsaken approaching it.

Howl to Mock the Dead

Dominant Tribe: Predator Kings
Alpha: Unknown

This Pure pack is targeting the Shadow of Smoke and Fire pack, isolating and killing members throughout the region.

Jagged Sky's Pack

Dominant Tribe: Iron Masters
Alpha: Jagged Sky

Firm supporters of Max Roman's vision of a unified Rocky Mountain region, these young werewolves range far and wide on their missions.

Mountain's Proud Children

Dominant Tribe: Hunters in Darkness
Alpha: Iron Soul

This wild pack controls the powerful locus known as Sakendar Isi, newly opened somewhat to other packs.

New Hope

Dominant Tribe: Iron Masters
Alpha: Jack "Shrike's Thorn" Kinneson

Another of Max Roman's projects, this young pack is wading straight into Denver politics and may be getting in over its head.

Pickering Family

Dominant Tribe: Bone Shadows
Alpha: Obadiah Pickering

This branch of the wide-spread Pickering Family controls family business throughout the Midwest.

The Red Knivesthe-red-knives]

Dominant Tribe:
Alpha: Honcho
This pack of Blood Talons is thought to be "survival nuts" by their human neighbors and their deadly-serious approach to guarding their territory supports this.

Scar Angels

Dominant Tribe: Blood Talons
Alpha: Jerry "Duke" Needham

A hard-core biker gang known for its brutality among human and Uratha alike.

Shadow of Smoke and Fire

Dominant Tribe: Hunters in Darkness
Alpha: Night's Call to Arms

This pack is in decline after the death of its Cahalith and is struggling to find its center once more.

Silver Syndicate

Dominant Tribe: Iron Masters
Alpha: Max Roman

With considerable influence and money, this pack supports several younger packs throughout the Rockies.

Three Sisters

Dominant Tribe: Bone Shadows
Alpha: Park Sun Ae

This trio of female Bone Shadows runs a Denver bookstore called Nevermore where they deal in occult books and spiritual matters.



The Mountains

The most impressive mountain range in North America cuts through the middle of Colorado and shapes its politics, geography, and Shadow.

  • The Foothills: The strip of slopes between the urban east and the higher mountains to the west is a good compromise territory for werewolves who want to remain close to the cities.
  • The Front Range: The eastern slope of the Rockies is the most accessible to Denver residents and thus its spirits are more passive than the rest of Colorado.
  • The Western Slope: The mountains west of the Continental Divide is still wide open for those who want to claim territory in Colorado.
  • Rocky Mountain National Park: A beautiful area of wilderness and striking views, this park is also home to the important locus of Sakendar Isi.

The Plains

  • San Luis Valley:


  • City Park:
  • Denver Botanical Gardens:
  • Denver Mountain Parks:
  • Cave of the Winds:

Colorado Springs

  • Garden of the Gods:


Fort Collins

Plot Hooks

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