Kindred Of New York

The Big Apple is filled with many diverse creatures of varying allegiances, lineages, and loyalties. There are currently around ninety vampires in the five borroughs acknowledged by either the former Prince or the primogen council. This is a little dense, considering the usual tenants of the Camarilla and New York's population of about 8.36 million. The government has had to approve pre-existing populations of independent vampires who helped during the battle. Some Kindred estimate a significantly higher population as the populations of Setites, anarchs and even the lingering Sabbat are very difficult to know.
Here are but a few vampires to be cautious of.


The long-standing government of the vampire population of the world has continually lost ground in the New World since the 18th century. They have recently reclaimed New York City, however, and many hope that this victory will lead to more throughout the Americas.


  • Lauren Raynes: Though it might seem like an Assamite member of the Camarilla in New York might create stronger ties with the small group of independent assassins in the city, Lauren Raynes has no ties to any other Assamites. She is a well-known Camarilla agent, though, after helping to destroy the Monster two months ago.


  • Everett Thomas: This philosophical Brujah has taken on the position of myrmidon primus, war councilor, for the primogen. Although there are many similarities between the lanky Southerner and Theo Bell, the two reportedly do not get on at all. Everett has the unenviable position of ensuring the council's safety at their bi-weekly sessions.
  • Harding First: More of a headache for the Brujah than an asset, Harding arrived as an attaché to Everett Thomas who brought him from the West Coast. First has a long a sordid history, which he doesn't like to discuss, and frequently has run-ins with David Morgan as his missions for Thomas often tread on the scourge's territory.
  • Isabella Montale: A rebellious Brujah known to test the bounds of the Masquerade. She looks strikingly like the Assamite Lauren Raynes and enjoys making life difficult for her "sister."
  • Katherine Wiese: A moderate voice among the Kindred of New York, Katherine attends most Elysium functions but rarely makes any waves. She has beautiful, long chestnut hair and stunning green eyes but she keeps her lower face covered with a dark scarf, purportedly to cover up a deformity.
  • Marlena: This fiery woman once had ambitions to be Prince herself but she decided early on to throw her weight behind Carter Vanderweyden. Many say that the dark beauty with the eyepatch has been promised a high position should Carter prevail, but even her allies know this wouldn't hold her for long.
  • Mazz: The jocular 1920s gangster with a Cockney accent makes an unlikely harpy, but Mazz is the most well-known face in the city among the undead. While he can be quite charming, many caution against letting your guard down around this shrewd navigator of Kindred politics.
  • Theo Bell: The infamous Brujah justicar still spends most of his time in New York, though he is careful to stay free of the politics of the city. The brawny ex-slave is best steered clear of unless one has a very pressing need to talk to him.


  • Dr. Allan T. Woodstock: This English-born vampire is a rarity among the Gangrel: a sober and analytical mind. His experiments are revolutionary, though severe, and he had many private audiences with Calebros while the Nosferatu was on the throne. Woodstock is unpredictable still and would probably be scarcely tolerated by a reigning Prince except for the bloodthirsty alternative, not to mention the current circumstances.
  • Jezebelle: The majority of Gangrel in the New York area avoid the Camarilla and Sabbat alike, hunting freely through Long Island, New Jersey, and Westchester County. Jezebelle was once a voice speaking in favor of the Camarilla, but she reportedly feels that recognition of her part in the Battle of New York is lacking from the primogen council and she continues to pull her clan farther and farther from the Camarilla government.


  • Rufus Sykes: With his impressive tattoos and renegade attitude, no one would expect much politicking from Rufus Sykes. However, the vampire has a reputation among both the Camarilla neonates and the anarch gangs. Combined with his involvement in destroying the Monster, this reputation has worked well to dispel any rumors of Sabbat sympathy.


  • Carter Vanderweyden: This contemplative aristocrat is the least-assuming candidate for Prince and so, many say, the strongest. Despite the affliction of the Children of Malkav, Vanderweyden seems responsible and calm though the Kindred of New York whisper about his unsettling trances.
  • David Morgan: The city's scourge is a quiet, reserved man, somewhat at odds with his positions. Though he rarely makes an appearance at Elysium, all the Kindred in New York have heard tales of his dramatic chases through the city to destroy the Thin-Blooded.
  • Kariana Vinette: This striking French woman holds the position of steward, equivalent to the Keeper of Elysium in the primogen council's chambers. In many ways, she holds more power than the actual Keeper since she holds the key to an audience with the council and many Kindred are jealous of her meteoric rise to such an influential place. No one doubts the promotion is due to her aid in finding and killing the creature which hunted Kindred through the city streets two months ago.


  • Alojsy Godlewski: A relatively young vampire to be considered an ancilla, Godlewski was Embraced in Soviet Poland fifty years ago. He is reclusive and suspicious, though this hardly sets him apart from other New York Nosferatu.
  • Calebros: The recently-resigned Prince of New York is completely absent from public life but not at all from public psyche. His strong leadership has made it so difficult for anyone to fill the expectations of the city's undead and the primogen council.
  • Gemini: This Nosferatu, bearing the unfortunately split visage with an ugly vertical scar across her face, is ironically the only influential Nosferatu who still attends Elysium. She must be there, though, as she still holds the position of Keeper of Elysium… at least until the next Prince arises.
  • Krid: An errand boy for other Sewer Rats in town, no one thinks much of this dull, neaderthal-like creature or where his loyalties ultimately lie.
  • Uncle Smelly: Though his actually name is Gerard Rafin, this Nosferatu prefers to go by his pedophile persona when out in public. Many thought he would make a bid for Prince when Calebros stepped down, or at least a seat on the primogen council, but the Uncle refuses to have anything to do with the government which he has openly called weak and "dangerously unfocused."


  • Angela Lugosi: This brutal "artist of flesh" has a reputation around Elysium for her fiery temper and her reclusiveness. Many in the city dislike her on principle, but Victoria Ash, the Toreador primogen, has supported her so far.
  • Mike "Flash" Jonz: A former rock star and rebel, Mike was taken into the Toreador for his creative spark. This is not enough for the ranks of the Kindred, however, and Mike's thirst for recognition has led him to seek powerful allies.
  • Qadir al-Asmai: The noble bearing and rich, formal voice of the Arabic sheriff are known and respected throughout the city. He played a central role in the Battle of New York, so that many in the city are willing to overlook his often-extreme arrogance.
  • Thomas Arturo: The celebrated Kindred architect has negotiated his fame among both mortals and the undead into a position as Harpy. Arturo is constantly trying to curry favor with one elder or another but for the moment he has firmly fixed himself to Victoria Ash's star and is never far from her side on nights of Elysium.
  • Valentine: The somewhat foppish Frenchman is a regular at Elysium and knows enough about everyone to be invaluable to the Kindred of New York. Though he has been cleared of charges leveled in the aftermath of the Battle of New York, Valentine's relationships with his clanmate Qadir al-Asmai is strained at best.
  • Victoria Ash: The stunningly beautiful elder Toreador was a primogen in New York before it was lost to the Sabbat. After the fall she moved west to Philadelphia, a transfer she makes no secret of considering an insulting compromise, but now she has returned to claim her seat once more.
  • Yvette: This dark and jealous vampire was once seen at every night of Elysium, playing haunting folk songs on her violin. She has not been seen in several months, however, and most assume her to be a victim of the Monster.


  • Aisling Sturbridge:
  • Eric McKnight: The ambitious warlock with a child's body has recently clawed his way upwards in the clan. His
  • Ephraim Wainwright: Better known as the Imp, Wainwright was killed several nights ago by an unknown assailant. The destruction of a powerful vampire have led to a number of conspiracy theories.
  • Eugenio Estevez: The Tremere primogen and one of the chantry regents for the city, Estevez has a lot going for him. The opinions of other warlocks in Elysium, however, are often critical and sometimes jealous.
  • James Hart: This Irish-born warlock has only recently arrived in the city from Massachusetts but was immediately ushered into the city's inner circles by virtue of being the childe of the Tremere justicar Anastasz di Zagreb.
  • Masika St. John: Famous among young vampires, Masika revolutionized the internet for Camarilla members and Tremere vampires in particular. She was sent to one of the New York chantries under Ephraim Wainwright, supposedly by a jealous elder, and her innovation languished under the oppressive management. With the death of the Imp, Aisling Sturbridge (an innovator and renegade herself) pushed hard for Masika's promotion and many warlocks are sure that she will become the next regent and change the culture of the Kindred in New York just as she did before.


  • Hellene Panhard: The matronly look of this ancilla is at odds with the ruthlessness that she has shown in claiming the seat of Prince. Her sire, Michaela, may have lost New York to the Sabbat, but she was a Prince and she had vast resources that Panhard has claimed as her own.
  • Jan Pieterzoon: The well-known Dutch scholar of Kindred history has recently returned to his home-city of New York after its liberation. While he has remained aloof and removed from Kindred society, Pieterzoon's arrival means that Hellene Panhard is overshadowed as chief Ventrue in the city and it is whispered that the Matriarch is furious about it.



  • [[Joseph Myron]]: This neonate is realatively new to New York and operates in Camarilla circles under the direction of Sun Yang.
  • Sun Yang: This powerful, tactiturn Assamite serves as the clan's ambassador to the Camrailla primogen. His haven is located somewhere in Chinatown, a neighborhood which is fully allied with him.



  • Elie Sansaricq: The classic stereotype of a Setite, Sansaricq is the most powerful Snake in New York. He consolidated the clan before the Battle of New York, some say with the support of the Camarilla. Whether or not this rumor is true, the Setite's help in the battle never would have come without the iron direction of Sansaricq.
  • Tachidi: Known as "the Greek" among other Setites or "the Transhumanist" in the broader Kindred world, the man known as Tachidi is perhaps the only cooperative Snake in the city. Whatever bribes were offered to vampires like Sansaricq before the battle they seem to have no hold now. Tachidi commonly speaks with the primogen council, however, and seeks to preserve alliance which existed briefly during the fight. Kindred scholars often compare him to a figure called "Khay'tall" from the ancient past, though this means next to nothing to the layman.


  • Reisende: The number of people who have heard this name is extremely small. If anyone knows anything more about this figure, they haven't come forward.


  • Boss Callihan: The large, bear-like leader of the anarchs is clearly a man with plans and they mostly involve his own standing. During the Battle of New York he kept his anarch forces neutral, probably to attempt to come out on top whoever won.
  • Gerald Kincaid: The so-called "wetworker" or fixer of the anarchs in New York, this man is the one to get his hands dirty when Boss Callihan or others need something done.
  • Lucrece: Callihan's second-in-command is an accomplished witch and the acknowledged intellectual base of the New York anarchs. Some European vampires are familiar with her writings on the need to evolution of thought in Kindred society which were circulated in her native England at the end of last century.
  • Owen Hammond: This young Lasombra neonate joined the anarchs after his Embrace by a Sabbat pack. He has since relocated to Morningside Heights, though he still maintains ties to the anarch packs on Staten Island.


Clan Population Major Territories Allegiances
Assamite 6 Flushing and Jamaica in Queens, Chinatown in Manhattan. Nearly all are Independent
Brujah 10 Greenwich Village in Manhattan, Belmont in the Bronx, Coney Island in Brooklyn Camarilla and anarchs
Gangrel 9 Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx1 Ostensibly Camarilla
Giovanni 8 Southeastern Queens around JFK Airport Independent
Lasombra 52 Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn2 Nearly all are Sabbat
Malkavian 11 Flushing in Queens, Staten Island Camarilla
Nosferatu 9 Washington Heights and East Harlem in Manhattan Camarilla
Ravnos 3 None Independent
Setite 83 South Bronx, Morningside Park in Manhattan All are Independent, loyal to the Setite leadership.
Toreador 10 Midtown East and the West Village in Manhattan, Cobble Hill in Brooklyn Camarilla
Tremere 11 Upper East Side and Marcus Garvey in Manhattan Camarilla
Tzimisce 42 Astoria in Queens2 Sabbat
Ventrue 9 Financial District in Manhattan, Belmont in the Bronx, Cobble Hill in Brooklyn Camarilla
1 Though the park is officially Gangrel territory none of them make permanent homes there.
2 Numbers estimated from skirmishes.
3 This number may be as many as three times higher than the Setites claim.

PDF Map of New York City by Neighborhood.

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