Khiri-habi: Mages of Ancient Egypt

The Scroll Bearers are those Atlantean mages who function as part of the mummies’ cults. Because of their association with the powerful god-kings of the ancient Empire of Irem, a power predynastic nation, the Atlantean orders received preferential treatment and gained great power under the pharaohs of ancient Egypt.

Because of this association, Khiri-habi are frequently also prejudiced against foreign Atlantean mages who often use Greek as a common language besides High Speech. The Elemental Masteries have a large presence among the Awakened of Egypt, as do the Clavicularius and Bene Ashmedai Legacies from the east. The elementalists have a native tie to the region but the goetic mages are a foreign tradition and suspect as well.


When a soul Awakens, it is called to one of the lands in the Sekhet-Hetepet, the Supernal Realms magic where the Djedirty (Watchtowers) connect to the Fallen World.

  • Acanthus: Enchanters on the Path of Vines, Scions of the Djed Hed-Iaah (Tower of the Silver Moon) in the Ta-Pesesh, Land of Freedom and Abode of the Tricksters.
  • Mastigos: Warlocks on the Path of Scourging, Scions of the Djed Asbur-Nemmit (Tower of the Punishing Whip) in the Ta-User, Land of Strength and Abode of Demons.
  • Moros: Necromancers on the Path of Doom, Scions of the Djed Rudat-Hutkhai (Tower of the Cold Stone) in the Ta-Akhet, Land of the Blessed Dead and Abode of Shades
  • Obrimos: Theurges on the Path of the Mighty, Scions of the Djed Neferet Hetkhe-t (Tower of the Shining Gate) in the Ta-Heru, Horus’s Land and Abode of Angels.
  • Thyrsus: Shamans on the Path of Ecstasy, Scions of the Djed Heri-Shemait (Tower of Singing Voices) in the Ta-Ankh, Land of Life and Abode of Beasts

Magic and the Fivefold Soul

Mages have blended the Egyptian notion of the fivefold soul and the Atlantean theories about the magical Arcana. Each portion of the soul is associated with one of the Supernal Realms, and it is this portion of the soul that is Awakened. For the Khiri-habi, it isn’t some nebulous reason that calls one soul to one Watchtower and a second soul to another but the portion of the soul which is empowered during the Awakening.

  • Ab, the Heart-Soul: Horus’s Land (Aether) and the Arcana of Prime and Forces.
  • Ba, the Spirit-Soul: The Land of Strength (Pandemonium) and the Arcana of Mind and Space.
  • Ka, the Essence-Soul: The Land of Life (Primal Wild) and the Arcana of Spirit and Life
  • Ren, the Name-Soul: The Land of Freedom (Arcadia) and the Arcana of Fate and Time.
  • Sheut, the Shadow-Soul: The Land of the Blessed Dead (Stygia) and the Arcana of Death and Matter.


The leadership of the Khiri-habi, a council called the Hry-Habtut, meets every other year in the city of Iunu where the entrance can be found to the Shadow-fortress of Hekau-wer, the "Great Aracanium." There are seven members of the council, with each Hry-Habt responsible for part of the divine workings of Egypt and the Pah-Netery's authority.

  • Elam'nead (Guardians of the Veil): Experts on all matters spiritual, the Elam'nead served as an elite priesthood under the Arisen. Importantly, they were separate from the priests of the Deathless themselves but in the absence of a large-scale mummy presence in Ptolemaic Egypt the Guardians are the spiritual center of the Pah-Netery. Their order's headquarters is in the Upper Egyptian city of Swenett in the great temple of Geb found there.
  • Nimtat-hadi (Silver Ladder): In previous ages, the Nimtat-hadi served as advisers and right-hand officials to the Arisen. In the hierarchy of the Pah-Netery they continue this function for the leaders of the Asekh-sen and Udja-sen, though their council is heard less and less. In other areas, they serve a function similar to the Ptolemaic nomarchs, ruling as a representative of the divine in cities throughout Egypt. Their headquarters are in the Lower Egyptian city of Ney-ta-hut near Iunu in the city's Temple of Shu.
  • Sesar-pahet (Adamantine Arrow): Warriors and generals, the Sesar-pahet protect the Pah-Netery from their enemies. They patrol the deserts and mountains alongside the Udja-sen and guard the cities during the day while the Asekh-sen slumber. The Arrows are anything but subordinate, however, and disputes of honor are common between the Sesar-pahet and other members of the Pah-Netery. The order's headquarters are in the city of Ney-ta-hut in the Temple of Sekhmet near the Nimtat-hadi headquarters in the Temple of Shu. These two orders, near the commercial hubs in the delta region and the seat of the Ptolemies in Memphis, are coming to dominate the Khiri-habi.
  • Xemt-minu (Mysterium): The most closed-off order of the Khiri-habi are the Xemt-minu, the Watchers of Mystery. They are the experts on arcane items and spiritual threats among the Pah-Netery and they operate fairly autonomously to stop these. They are rumored to still have many of the Iremite rituals of the Arisen and know how to reach a number of the slumbering gods but if this is the case they are keeping it to themselves. The site of their headquarters is unknown, but is generally thought to be in the Temple of Renenutet in the city of Khmun.
  • Sediut (Apostates): Those who refuse to join the Orders are often even more dedicated to the Arisen. They learn new ways of looking at magic thanks to their independent mindset and are valued servants of the Deathless.
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