Known as Kelson the Rat, this one-time agent of the Daughters of Sora Kell in Graywall betrayed the Bitter Hand to the gnoll priest Gelirr at the Pickled Imp. He tricked Elwist into coming to the bar before her real contact showed up and then ambushed her with Gelirr, two shifter mercenaries, and three halflings who turned out to be wererats like Kelson himself. It is unknown whether Kelson has become a member of the cult of the Jackal Lord or whether his betrayal was for purely selfish reasons, but Kelson escaped into a sewer tunnel as soon as the fight was over.
According to Jix'in, Kelson is likely hiding in the makeshift tunnels under the Skin Factory neighborhood of butchers' shops in the Bloodstone district of Graywall. There is no doubt he knows more about what is happening at Thrul Maac but finding him in the labyrinth of Dhakaani tunnels underneath the city will be difficult at best.

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