Karrnathi Civil War

In the fall of the year 998 YK, western Khorvaire is awash with rumors of urest in Karrnath. There had long been political tension between Kaius and the warlords, ever since the Treaty of Thronehold in fact, and many have expected some sort of political head as a result. Merchants around Korth began stockpiling crops, anticipating the warlords in western Karrnath cutting off farm goods to force the king to listen to them. The Blood of Vol had also been at odds with the Iron Crown of Karrnath and some people passed on rumors of the priesthood reclaiming legions of undead, claiming they belong only to the priesthood.
Late in Aryth the Feudalist forces struck, attempting to take control of several settlements in western Karrnath including Trull Rath and Aisling.

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