A drow resident of Graywall who owns the Pickled Imp in the Bloodstone district. When Jix'in arrived from Xen'drik is a mystery but he traveled throughout Droaam before settling in Graywall. While in Orcbone, a garrison town along in the pass between the Graywall and Byeshk Mountains, along what is now the western border of Breland, Jix'in fathered a half-drow daughter named Anna.
The cult which Gelirr belongs to has abducted Anna to force Jix'in into cooperation, presumably holding her at Thrul Maac if they haven't killed her already. Jix'in helped the Bitter Hand to find the ruins of Thrul Maac where Gelirr was headed, even though he himself received the Oath Mark as a promise of death if he did not add the Jackal Lord's servants.

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