In Very Truth Weighed

Menmaatre, First Prophet of New York, is organizing the Grand Conclave in Washington, D.C. with the help of his ally Bes-Mat of the Maa-Kep of Washington. The Maa-Kep have been instrumental in handling the logistics of Grand Conclave including venue, transport, and supplying the majority of the cultists to serve as staff. Menmaatre and another Arisen of the Mesen-Nebu named Tashakti have focused their extensive contacts to create the attendees list. The logic is simple, invite their allies and the movers and shakers who owe them, and the rest will follow.

This logic seems to have worked… a little too well. The Grand Conclave is drawing more mummies than Menmaatre could have hoped for and created security issues for Bes-Mat’s people. Aside from this, having so many powerful loners in one place is a recipe for disaster and the cracks are already forming.


Alexander "Isiratuu" Valtam

Character Sheet
Played By: savior indra
Cult Membership: The Night-Realm's Champions of Niri-Ellat

After centuries in torpor, the vampire who now calls himself Alexander Valtam has awoken and sought out his house's master. Confused, stripped of allies and weak of blood, Alexander wandered until he met one of the Deathless known as Niri-Ellat. He pledged himself to her service as a fellow immortal. He acted as an adviser and diplomat on behalf of the architect utilizing her empire to rebuild what he had lost in Damascus. While it was his divine right to rule, Alexander had developed something of a soft spot for Niri-Ellat, delaying his own search for answers to ensure that she was well prepared for the Grand Conclave.

Alexander is prudent. While he knows that his blood makes him superior to other Kindred and that he would one night restore the shadow empire his great grandsire had built, it would not do to meet Final Death before then. He had to be careful, he had to always stay one step ahead of his enemies and his friends. He does his best to keep the arrogance of the En in check; no small feat when symbiotic Alu urges him to greater heights of debauchery, and always consider the possible ramification of any action in a given situation. It is this cautious, analytic mindset along with his eidetic memory that has made him so valuable to Niri-Ellat.

Guadelupe "Corazone" Prentiss

Character Sheet
Played By: Lady Gray
Cult Membership: The Heralds of Ma'at krewe under Isqetek'fri

Corazone found her way into the cult of Isqetek'fri almost by accident. She was searching through the twilight network for information on Egyptian symbols she had found in the Underworld when she found mention of a Sin-Eater who had been looking into the Egyptian connection to the great below. Ever curious, she kept tugging at the thread, until she met Natsuki Ueda. She convinced Natsuki to take her under her wing,and now sees her as both a friend as well as a teacher. She worked hard for the krewe, doing her part to further their interests until they let her join. That was when she learnt about their leader, and about the arisen. It was the best thing to happen to her since the day she died.

She is open, social and witty, enjoying spending time with people and talking to them. She genuinely likes reading and researching, having a keen mind and a love of knowledge. She considers herself a good person, using her powers to help people with any ghostly problems they may have. She is also good at manipulating people to get what she wants.

John Wicks

Character Sheet
Played By: PureChance
Cult Membership: The Harriman Historical Society of Sekhimib

The enigmatic John Wicks, servant of Sekhimib of the Sesha-Hebsu, is a greying middle-aged man stands before you, remarkable only for his so discordantly nondescript nature. His posture is ramrod straight, his presentation impeccable. He wears a crisp black suit over a faintly striped waistcoat, in turn covering blindingly white starched shirt. A steely winged collar supports a perfectly symmetrical bow tie, though on a casual day this may be absent. His shoes provide a perfect black mirror to the world, not a single scuff. Hardly an outfit that blends in, even in amongst the bespoke suits that hurry back and forth in Washington. So why is it so difficult to remember anything else about the man? Why did you hardly seem to notice him standing in there in the queue across from you? Why even now do those memories that once seemed so certain, so crisp, seem to slip from your mind?

Lucina Fiore

Character Sheet
Played By: Annunaki
Cult Membership: None… yet.

Just this year, Lucina received a message from her Sire after centuries of silence, telling her to find the Arisen meeting in DC. Officially, she has come as a representative of the Invictus, trying to curry favor with the Arisen by serving as bodyguard to one of their number; unofficially, she seeks to learn more about her Bloodline's lost heritage.

Lucina may not look like your typical bodyguard, but she considers that one of her strengths. In public, she's well-spoken and demure, a pretty socialite with a somewhat archaic manner of speaking who usually lets other people take the lead. This is, for the most part, an act; the moment her sword is needed, her pleasant smile hardens, and she becomes single-minded in her role as a protector - whether it be protecting her charge in an attack, or hunting down a potential threat before it has a chance to strike.

She's not totally cold, though - she actually enjoys her work, and takes great pride in her position as a trusted guardian of her covenant and her bloodline's secrets. She is fascinated by the opportunity to discover more about the Khaitbit's origins while serving the Arisen.

Nakhtmin Hakor

Character Sheet
Played By: DragonBarbarian
Guild: Tef-Aabhi

A relatively large man, at 6'4 and 275 pounds, his hair is stark black and he possess hazel eyes. With a massive an intimidating frame, he was a giant among men during his time, when the average height and weight was approximately 5-1'5'3 and 90-135 pounds. In the modern age he is now significantly smaller in comparison, but is still very large compared to your average man. Despite his immense strength and speed, he is somewhat lacking in long term stamina, as he exerts himself significantly, often wildly. Being turned into a mummy, he was promised eternal endurance, which was desirable given his general lack of long term conditioning. As well, the magical powers and attachment to a judge to forever fulfill their decree inspired him immensely, to eternally spread truth and justice throughout the ages. He often felt he never had enough time to transform the empire into his ideal vision.

The organization he works for, the Enterprise the resurrected him, uses him as a bodyguard, international salesman due to his linguistic training, to read ancient texts in order to make money, and generally for philosophy and guidance. Being a 6000 year old General, he has much to offer in the ways philosophy in terms of how to treat people, administrative skills, judgement, and general combat tactics that can be applied to the workplace (such as modified versions of the art of war). Capable of going into deep and dangerous territory, due to his raw skill, general durability, and lack of a basic paper trail, he's generally the go to guy when it comes to approaching contacts in hostile territories. His management and investment firm also has a habit of collecting curio relics, some of which need deciphering, which is where he came from. While they are relatively devoted followers, not revealing this information to the general public, they are generally occupied and busy with their day to day operations.

Esi Iseret

Character Sheet
Played By: Fannore
Cult Membership: The Dark Angels Gang of Hetepheres

Sure, she remembers only too well the cool and gentle touch of the priestess, caressing her heated skin. How the earthy smells of rock, mud and stone had mingled with the incense. How the odd mixture had made her nose tingle as she breathed in what she believed to be a sacred air. How hard and cold the stone altar had been at first - how sharp the pain of the priestess' dagger. But it had all blurred and faded into a more kind and forgiving darkness in the end, life slowly leaving her as her body was drained of its blood.

Currently, Esi inhabits the former body of Kaitlin Hammond, a (former) cultist from Hetepheres own cult. The woman sacrificed herself hoping that she would not only be fulfilling the request of the Death Goddess - but also, in hopes of continuing to serve her in another form. Kaitlin was a woman in her mid-twenties. She has a slender built with athletic hints and of slightly below-average length. Her shoulder-length sandy blonde hair frames a soft face. Her eyes are almond shaped and in terms of color, they are an odd mixture of green and grey.


Character Sheet
Played By: Thot
Guild: Sesha-Hebsu

Khaat-Mut is a mummy of torn loyalties. While obedient to his judge, it is less because of a sense of justice, and more because of fear, and because he can indulge in his two vices: delving in arcane lore, and being adored. He is convinced he is a man of superior intellect, with a fate like no other, and that it gives him rights and privileges over his lessers, that should adore him. At the same time, he recognizes that this is still in the future, and that he must bide his time meanwhile. He treats his servants as well as they perform, with some sort of carelessnes and justice.

In short, he is overconfident, selfish, brilliant, and relentless.


Character Sheet
Played By: Doink, z3r0gamer
Cult Membership: The Fraternity of the Sealed Ledger of Khaat-Mut

I was born Euthymius Malsamon, in the year 534, in the greatest city in the world—Constantinople. You wouldn't know, of course, what happened soon after, the plague that struck that fair city, filling its streets with death. I Awakened in the midst of that, as my family perished, the pure fire of the Supernal realms burning away the sickness that yet clung to my body, preserving me. I left the city soon after, aghast at the unfairness of it all. Why did the watchtower save me? I resolved to make that the focus of study, and with some help from the Diamond Orders of the city (yes, I was once of the Mysterium, though it has been centuries) I made my way to Egypt, to study under a "Master" there.

I was a fool to trust them. My apprenticeship was less for my benefit than his; I was less a student than I was a test subject. It was his… unorthodox experiments into the ghosts of former Awakened Mages that ended with the severance of my true soul from my body. I fled, feeling my connection to the Supernal weakening, my will to live draining from my body as I wandered the streets of Thebes. I felt myself drawn towards the Necropolis, and lacking any will to resist the sudden urge I followed it, making my way into the fields of the dead… and there, once again, I was given new life among the dead. Amid the tombs I met the man I would call my true Teacher. I will not speak of his name, only say that he, among all Mages saw my true potential. He took me in, told me the truth of the Dragon's betrayal, and of the Nameless Father that came before; of the Judges and the Empire that rules before Atlantis broke the world; of the true arts of the Soul. He took me to the edge of the Tellurian and showed me the Watchtower of Silver that rises from the Ocean Oroboros, and as I baptized myself in its dark water it sang to me and took my name for itself, filling me with its dark and liberating purpose in place of what I once called my Soul.

William Heath

Character Sheet
Played By: fetfet
Cult Membership: None… yet.

One fateful night, William woke in the middle of the night, wracked with pain and emotion as the idea bubbled in his skull. Unable to find a proper writing utensil, he began to scratch at the walls, tearing and screaming, trying to find words to describe this emotion. In his rage, he tore open the window, the glass shattering as he did so. When he saw the moon, it lit something inside him, and he finally found the words. He screamed them to the heavens, and heard the howl of a wolf come from his own throat. The rest of that night was a blur. Other Uratha soon found William, and he joined their pack in Trinidad, Northeast Washington. He's come to understand his place in Uratha society a bit better since then, and tries to focus on clarity of idea rather than immediacy.

Recently, William had a dream that expressed itself uncharacteristically well. In this dream, he stood on hot sand in a desert night, and Death Wolf herself, Kamduis-Ur, came to him. She told him that death was coming to Washington, DC, and that he was to prepare the Uratha for it. William doesn't know what it means to prepare for death, but he intends to find out, hopefully before it is too late.



The power structure of the D.C. nome is headed by a single meret—the Khent-henu (“First Chorus”). Their name is a declaration to the world—they sing with one voice, one power, one Descent. They are indeed unified, as befits a group guided by a prophetic Mason and holding fast to the belief that it was the first true meret of mummies. Guildmasters all, the Arisen of First Chorus have forged a vision of a bold, new Irem, a city shining bright on the river. They are exemplars of the five guilds, of how the Shan’iatu’s paradigm stands eternally strong. The members of the First Chorus are Seb-Hetchet, the White Jackal of the Tef-Aabhi and founder of the Washington nome (currently missing); Tarikh-Sethos, the River of Gold of the Mesen-Nebu; Ur-Qeb, the Conquering Quill of the Sesha-Hebsu; Oba-Heshef, a Second Prophet of the Su-Menent; and Sabola, the High Master of the Maa-Kep (also missing).

On paper, the Khent-henu are the unquestioned masters of the D.C. nome, but the world isn’t papyrus alone. The Twice-Arisen Maa-Kep Sedge himself is Master of Envoys for his guild, and he is a honey-tongued diplomatic genius. A newly-formed meret which includes Sedge, the Heq-Khasut (“Shepherd Kings”), seeks dominance over the mortal realm, pursuing a parallel but ultimately divergent vision of Irem. This meret sees involvement in the mortal realm as necessary tool in this new world and Bes-Mat, also a member, has used the Su-Menent Grand Conclave as a stage to promote this message.


Click image above for a larger image of the Washington D.C. Nome

Interactive Map

  • Logan Circle: An historic district in the Northwest quadrant of Washington, D.C, where Highway 1 turns south. The primarily residential neighborhood includes two historic districts, properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and sites designated D.C. Historic Landmarks.
    • The Pennscott Building: From the outside, the Pennscott doesn’t look like much. Heavy plastic sheets drape its exterior, though it’s more to hide the Grand Conclave than to protect any actual construction work. Inside, the hotel has been nearly restored to her grand state, glaze panels for the doorways, bay windows, mahogany trimmings and furniture, intricate scrolling friezes and cornices near the plaster ceilings, wood paneled walls, and soft lights to lend an air of dignity while giant ferns hide the places where there’s work to be done.
  • Anacostia: A neighborhood located at the intersection of Good Hope Road and Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue, east of the Anacostia River and 295.
    • Hetepheres' Cult Headquarters: A Victorian-era house off of MLK Ave that serves as headquarters for the cult. In the basement is a finely-wrought tomb for the satu of Hetepheres to rest between her wakeful Descents but the upstairs looks like a tattered and tawdry house of drugs and prostitution. Things are much more complicated than that, of course, but as far as most of the city was concerned that is all it houses.

Plot Points

  • The PCs are all at the Grand Conclave of the Su-Menent, the priestly Guild of the Arisen.
    • The purpose stated on your invitations is merely to gather everyone together to discuss things, but it’s become apparent that the three organizers of the event have some ulterior motives.
    • Bes-Mat , Menmaatre, and Tashakti all want to take the Arisen in a more modern direction.
    • Their announcement of this purpose has caused a rift in the Arisen in attendance between conservatives who want to keep to the old ways and ignore the changing modern world and progressives who want to change with the new age even if that means reassessing what the will of the Judges is.
  • Udjat of the Tef-Aabhi has some plan to shock the community back into conservativism with the presentation of a mummy twisted into a Shuankhsen, a creature of Ammut the Devourer. This plot seems to have gotten away from him, though.
    • Udjat has a small group of conservative Arisen behind him, including the iron lady Surq-Abasi.
    • This conservative clique is opposed to the Bennu Initiative.
    • When Udjat arranged for the Shuankhsen that once was Sacmis, she broke loose and attacked several people before being brought down by Nakhtmin Hakor. Bes-Mat suspects that Surq-Abasi is behind this violence.
  • Taweret has a book of great power that describes a philosophy where the Judges and the Shan’iatu are minor players. It is a dangerous book so he only has shared it with a few, including Khaat-Mut.
    • The book is also known to Su-Thoth who is able to answer some questions about it.
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