The central region of Karrnath, with it's rolling foothills and broad valleys, is known as the Hearthills and it is the primary agricultural region of the nation. Before the Last War, the Hearthills shared this title with the Odakyr region to the southwest. Both regions suffered from poor years during the beginning of the Last War, but while the Hearthills' drought was more or less natural, the Bonebrittle blight which destroyed corn crops in the Odakyr region came from a manifest zone tied to the plane of Mabar and this supernatural pestilence proved more resilient. Odakyr was never the same, but the Hearthills eventually recovered to give Karrnath a late boost in the conflict and today it is as strong a producer as ever.

The agriculture of the Hearthills may have recovered quickly, but faith in the crown still suffers in eastern Karrnath. The urban west is a far different place from the farmlands in the nation's center and feudal warlords there feel less inclined to follow the commands of King Kaius III. This region has become the political hotbed for the so-called Riversouls movement vexing officials in Vulyar, Teryk, and Vedykar.

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