Chapter Four: Guilds and Organizations

Morak's Crew

Sela's Path

In the tradition of Sela's Path, Lyrandar heirs are chosen by gods to lead mortals to greatness. Priests of the religion credit Arawai and Kol Koran with giving the Mark of the Storm to the first half-elves Lyran and Selavash, the Firstborn. Millenia ago these mortal heroes were given the power to ride the storm and bring healing rain to the elven refugees from the giants of Xen'drik. On dying Lyran and Selavash were raised up as demigods, so say the priests of Sela's Path, and they watch over their children still. Worship of the Tetrad, as the priests of the path call their patron gods and the two Firstborn, is commonplace in Stormhome and throughout House Lyrandar. It is also popular among half-elf communities throughout Khorvaire though many downplay the strong affirmation of House Lyrandar, especially those with strong connections to House Medani.
The following feats are intended for followers of Sela's Path.

Storm Front

The Tidesworn

The druids of the Tidesworn see something in House Lyrandar which most don't: an ancient and silent legacy of primal power. The number of sorcerers and artificers that the house employs as well as its reputation for changing the weather to suit its whims actually make it the enemy of many of the ultra-traditionalist sects in the Eldeen Reaches but the Tidesworn maintain that they would not be able to harness the weather like they do without the consent of Eberron's primal spirits.
Worship in Stormhome is already split between the Path of Selavash and the traditional Sovereign Host but the Tidesworn eschew both of these traditions for communion with nebulous spirits like the Great Current of the Oceans, the Deep Winds, and the Stormhawk, creatures that they see all around the island of Stormhome and beyond. Though many members of the group are Lyrandar heirs, the leader is not.
Ethis Deepwaters was formerly a low-ranking member of the Raincaller's Guild, an eager student of the Raincallers' arcane rituals for manipulating the weather. Though he was a skilled arcanist, Ethis struggled with the rituals and could never master the complex business of harnessing the winds. Not having a dragonmark, he despaired that he would never have the personal intuition that was required and nearly quit several times, until the fateful day when Ethis rode on an elemental galleon for the first time. As he watched the dragonmarked pilot work the ship through a storm he realized that the man did not have any more mastery with the elements than Ethis himself did. All Lyrandar heirs, Ethis realized, were wrestling with the elements rather than seeking to work within them. They had more of an understanding than the lay person to be sure but heirs to the Mark of Storms still insisted on fighting with the elements on most ocassions. Ethis sought a new way and traveled to the Eldeen Reaches to learn from the druids there.
He returned to Stormhome thirty years ago and quickly gathered followers which meet still in [[pinnacle#the-peak | the Peak]] park in Highwash. The gnarled, old spiritual leader does not participate any longer with the Raincallers, nor is he officially affiliated with House Lyrandar, but through his connections he hopes to move the house toward a more cooperative relationship with the primal spirits, so far with limited success. The validation of the Eldeen Reaches has made many in Khorvaire more receptive to druidic practices, however, and the influence of the Tidesworn may yet grow in Stormhome.
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Dragonmarked Houses

House Cannith

House Medani

House Orien

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