Glimmering Through The Dream

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Bosk Shakaal

Played by: Pashalik_Mons

Bosk was born to the Kech Sharaat and raised in Darguun, back when it was still part of Cyre. The split came about when he was still a young boy. When he came of age, Bosk formed and led a small mercenary group that was active in the Last War. His incredible mind for tactics and strategy combined with Dhakaani military discipline made his band, the Steel Wyverns, an item in hot demand. The steel Wyverns took jobs mainly with House Deneith, and served primarily in Breland and Droaam.

After the Treaty of Thronehold, Bosk disbanded the Steel Wyverns on a positive note and settled in Sharn, where they had been stationed when the Treaty was signed. He knew much of Dhakaani history from his upbringing, but not enough, he felt, of the rest of Khorvaire. So Bosk used his knowledge of history and quick wits to become a professor at Morgrave University, where he teaches Goblinoid history and military history while brushing up on his Khorvairan lore. Naturally enough, he is friends with Mennin Tyne, with whom he works.

Bosk is an enthusiastic participant in Sharn's Last War Recreation Society.

Allies: Bosk has the following allies from his past.

  • The Steel Wyverns: Three of his old band, Kresh, Santuur and Gajra settled in Sharn along with their old captain. They currently work in Sharn's guards, and are some of Bosk's closest friends in Sharn.
  • Velaas: Bosk's father still lives in Darguun. He respects Bosk's decision to stay in Sharn, and believes his son may discover valuable information that will help the Kech Sharaat reclaim Khorvaire.
  • Korred: Korred is a Karrnathi scholar at the Rekkenmark Academy. He and Bosk met at a recent convention for Last War Recreators, where they hit it off. They stay in touch via post.
  • Sessus: Sessus is a male medusa Bosk often worked beside in Droaam, who is an agent of Sheshka, the Queen of Stone. He keeps an eye on Greywall, and often gleans valuable intel about the inner political workings of Droaam.

Eberk Droronath

Played by: EDTA

Life in Clan Droranath is one marked by conflict and altercations, even in the life of an heir to the clan itself. The right to rule was not his, unless his brothers fall before he does, and as a result Eberk was taught to hone his skills so that he might be a warlord amongst the barbarous clan, a useful tool to whoever would rule. He found some successes in this role in his youth with numerous victories being earned in the ever-raging conflict with the Jhorash'tar, although to be frank his skills as a leader were only average. He did little to distinguish himself from his siblings or even other generals for that matter. In combat, he gave in far too readily to the rage fostered by the clan and was unable to maintain composure of himself, let alone lead others into battle when consumed.

His life would have continued merely as another unremarkable son of the clan’s leader, below the notice of more ambitious siblings had a pivotal moment not occurred a few years back. One day as his squad was finishing a patrol of contested lands, a bolt of lightning stuck Eberk from a calm sky. To the surprise of the others, Eberk had survived the ordeal, albeit being quite wounded in the process. Wonders continued as the dwarf made a speedy recovery although the strike had left extensive scarring along his back and his hair white as snow. In the weeks that followed, the true oddities began as Eberk took command of his men once more.

Gone were his uncontrolled rages in the aftermath. Where before he would lose himself in fury and be as much a danger to ally as foe, now there was focus. This would have done a great deal in and of itself to elevate his prestige within the clan, if not for the rumors that were starting to circulate. Rumors of preternatural speed on his part began to circulate but were readily dismissed as oddities seen in the heat of battle. Then the rumors that his voice itself could rend and displace foes began, and it was clear that something had changed in Eberk. Clearly something had happened that had made him stronger and the dominant theory, at least outside his earshot, was that the Devourer had selected and bestowed a boon unto him. Eventually, much of the clan distanced themselves from Eberk, including men who had served and fought alongside him.

Probably the only warrior who stood by his side while this was going on was a longtime friend of his, Travak Stonefist. Travak’s family had long served under Clan Droranath, and Travak was no exception as he served with Eberk since the time that he had men to lead. As the two were close in age, they were childhood friends and they learned the first teachings of combat together and often served as sparring partners for one another. In truth, many of the victories that Eberk was able to get with his men were done in no small part by Travak himself, who was a born leader on the battlefield. As his men deserted him, Travak stepped into the role as their leader, something that Eberk holds no hard feeling for as he knows the role his childhood friend had in their battles together. They remained friends up until the time he left the Mror Holds.

Having become more of a liability within the clan, it was suggested in blunt terms that he leave the Mror Holds. This still remains one of the great shames of the dwarf’s life, and much of his time wandering was spent attempting to discover the nature of his change. His trials were to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is not champion or the like for the Devourer or any other malevolent force, less to ease thought within himself but instead to allow him to rejoin his family, his clan, and the land of his birth.

He has sought answers wherever he thought he could get them over the years, but it had never occurred to him that the scar on his back holds some significance as he focused his efforts and attention to the awakening of his talents. This changed when, out of options and finding low success on his own he traveled to Sharn in an attempt to find someone, anyone who had a clue as to what was happening with him. Out of options, he turned to the famed researchers of Morgrave University, who after some piecing together were able to deduce that at least some of his powers and the mark itself were consistent with the Dragonmark of Storms.

This news was, of course, a mixed blessing. Eberk was now (fairly) sure that his powers weren’t from the Devourer, but an aberrant dragonmark isn’t exactly a good thing, either. After all, he wasn’t of the bloodline of the true bearers of the mark, and wasn’t even of the Khoravar race, so news that he seems to be bearing a ‘true’ mark is deeply troubling to him. It also complicates matters of his desire to return to the Mror Holds as an unusual dragonmark isn’t really an acceptable answer for the reason he has his powers.

In exchange for his much sought-after answers, he has been on several expeditions for Morgrave University’s researchers over the years. It has only been a recent development that he has come to accept, at least on some level, that his desire to return home may never come to pass. Even though he has lived in and around Sharn for the last several years, he still doesn’t regard it to be his home. He still holds onto the small hope that if only he hones his skills, earns honor out in the world, and maybe find his place in the world that he may be able to return to the lands of his birth and stay there.


Eegen Baddenhobb

Played by: Grawln

Eegen Baddenhobb grew up in Zilargo in a relatively well off family with close ties to the Library of Korranberg. From an early age Eegen grew up in or around the library and given his natural talents for learning and magic, he received formal tutoring from many of the finest professors in Korranberg. He progressed well in his studies and was seen as a promising new student.

However, Eegen was always very sociable and willing to listen to the wildest theories provided their tellers were willing to buy him a drink or two. This likely lead him to his specialty in studying Dhakaani history and magical traditions, definately not subject matter usually of interst to gnomes or any fey.

Unfortunately, Eegen's penchant for sociability lead him start drinking too much, particularly in his later years at the library. His years at the libary finally ended after an unfortunate incident that obligated the bright gnome to leave Korranberg rather quickly. To this day, Eegen does not speak of the event and has avoided returning to Zilargo for many years.

Eventually, Eegen found himself in Fairhaven making a living fixing airships. He missed the scholarly life and yearned to join Wynarn University but fear of reprecussions from his Korranberg days kept him away. He stayed away until he met and became good friends with Professor Ash'tak who had similar interests as Eegen. The half-orc professor soon insisted he join his research team and Eegen was pleased to find himself back in the scholarly life. He soon was sent by Ashtak to Sharn to work with Mennin Tyne to help in the recovery of an old Dhakaani artifact, which is where this tale begins.

Personality: Eegen is pleasant, refined and outgoing, that is as long as he is sober. When he's had too much to drink, which is often, Eegen can become overly talkative, eager to verbally press others into debates about the ramifications of his latest research, be they interested in it or not. He almost always sides with the underdog and can be loyal to a fault.

He is extremely open minded almost radically so, frequently entertaining ideas or concepts that might be seen as radical, heretical or dangerous. In the end however, he always trusts logic to weed out good ideas from bad. There's been many a time where other's have heard him quote, "No matter how absured a theory may be, if all other explanations have been discarded as impossible than the remaining postulate, however improbable, must be the truth."

Appearance: Eegen is a pleasant looking gnome with pale skin and white hair. He takes great pride in his appearance, wearing finely tailored clothing and understated jewelry specifically chosen for each occasion.


Orand Tairn

Played by: BendBarsLiftGates

Orand Tairn serves as Adjunct Professor of Comparative Language Studies at Morgrave University. Although he does devote a great deal of time to his research pursuits, his academic career has been frequently interrupted by field work. Most recently, these expeditions have involved extended travel in Droaam and Darguun, and on some occasions have resulted in political and legal incidents for the University on an international scale, although Professor Tairn has never been convicted of criminal wrongdoing. While he is a popular instructor with the student body, Professor Tairn's research contributions are sparse at best, and the committee has no choice but to determine that Professor Tairn's body of academic publication falls short of the standards set by this institution. Moreover, the committee questions Professor Tairn's connection to a Dakhaani artifact named the Ashen Crown. The connection between this object and the Emerald Claw terrorist organization has yet to be clarified, and the potential for this incident to damage the University's reputation is a concern. In considering future petitions for faculty appointment, the committee will diligently evaluate Professor Tairn's allocation of time between scholarly pursuits and reckless expeditions in search of antiquities of questionable legal status.

It is the decision of this committee not to award a full faculty position to Professor Tairn at this time.
Thalaen Canatar
Department Chair

Orand is a gifted scholar of linguistics and avid treasure hunter. He grew up on the streets of Sharn, but he soon realized that his knack for getting into trouble with the law would not take him nearly as far as he could with legitimate hard work and the right education. With his dedication and intellectual talent (and no small amount of charm), he quickly proved his abilities as a scholar and was hired on as a university researcher in the Department of Linguistics. In the last few years, though, Orand has leaned away from the cramped towers of the University complex and has spent ever more time in the field. There, his old roguish talents have proven invaluable at hunting down artifacts and uncovering knowledge locked away in Khorvaire's ancient dungeons.

What most don't know is that Orand Tairn is actually a changeling named Shem who has taken on the guise of a human from Wroat in order to shed his past. During his first semester at Morgrave University, Shem's older siblings Prax and Djae fell in with the Tyrants, selling dreamlily and roughing up customers of rival gangs. Although Shem had left behind his family's troubled relationship with the City Watch, Prax and Djae tried to pressure him into helping them avoid arrest. When they landed in jail, Shem disappeared and re-entered the school under a new identity. Few at Morgrave know his secret, but Orand could not have achieved his current level of success without the help of his trusted friend Mennin Tyne, in whom he has confided his true identity.


  • Prax, his older brother and Djae, his older sister. Currently in prison. Although they don't know his current alias, they could probably find Orand without difficulty if they tried.
  • Dalyn Neskus (human), a friend of Shem's from his early days at Morgrave, who currently teaches at the Arcane Congress, while performing research into dragonshards on the side as a consultant for House Orien. Dalyn knows Orand's true identity.
  • Haliar Santira (gnome), a colleague of Orand's who studies magical fauna at the Library of Korranberg. He owes Orand a favor ever since Orand translated an old collection of Xen'drik texts for him: The Nine Sojourns of Iojae, written by a stone giant warlord named Xachad-Al.

Vul Gan Shir

Played by: Belabras

Vul Gan Shir was born simply Vul, just another Half-Giant slave in Tal Esk. From the moment he could walk he was put to work in the service of his Riedran masters, and like some of the other Half-Giants, he quickly learned to despise his situation. Meeting in secret, he and the other dissatisfied slaves would practice the unarmed skills they observed the Inspired use in the hopes of turning such knowledge against it's source. Sadly, for all their brave plans and dedication, the rebels were constantly thwarted at every step by their Inspired overseers, and mere suspicion of seditious thoughts resulted in being given the most dangerous tasks. Nonetheless, Vul grew strong under the lash and waited for his chance.

He was 18 before fate gave him that opportunity. While working to repair a watch tower, a band of Beast Giants attacked from out of the Crystal Wastes. Vul was knocked unconscious almost immediately, and woke hours later to carnage and silence. Taking what supplies he could, the young Half-Giant seized his chance and set out into the wilderness. As he traveled further from the Hanbalani Atlas his mind became clearer and more focused.

Vul wandered the wastes for almost 10 months before discovering his first ruin. Walking through the shattered remains of Xen'drick's ancient civilization Vul felt a subtle pull guiding him deeper. That pull soon bore fruit, and the Half-Giant spent well over a year learning about the ways of his long lost fore bearers. The knowledge served as a catalyst, firing Vul's spirit and his hate for his old masters into a regained racial pride and a need to bring that knowledge to his still enslaved people. Taking the name Vul Gan Shir (Vul the keeper in old Giant), he began his journey back to Riedran territory.

A two year long struggle followed, as Vul Gan Shir would repeatedly sneak into Tal Esk and Dar Qat to meet with the Half-Giant slaves there, freeing those he could and preaching to the others of their proud history. His ability to evade or deceive Riedran forces became legendary, as did his prowess in combat, but it simply couldn't last. Once Vul's actions became enough of an irritant to the Inspired and their hidden masters it was only a matter of days for them to track down the Half-Giant revolutionary via the dreams of his people. Captured, humiliated and displayed for all other slaves to see, Vul was sent to the Menechatarun desert to work in crystal mines and die there slowly as all other slaves had. However, on the way there it seemed fate would smile on Vul once again.

An off course air ship, damaged after a battle with flying monsters, slammed into the caravan. The resulting crash was disastrous. Breaking free in the confusion, Vul joined forces with survivors from the ship to fight the Inspired lord and his the Rierdran forces. The battle was close, but together they managed to defeat the wounded tyrant. Unable to overcome the power of the Inspired lords on his on, and only now coming to realize their full power, Vul knew he couldn't return to his guerrilla war. Instead, he traveled with the outlanders back to their city far in the north. The trip was punishing, but along the way he grew to think of these strange northerners as friends.

Stormreach was a real eye opener. The wonders these outlanders possessed rivaled the miracles of the Inspired. Joining his new friends, field researchers from Morgrave University, he traveled to Khorvaire and took up the adventurers life. For the past 6 years Sharn has been his home, though he spends more time traveling for the university than in the city of spires. However, always in the back of his mind he keeps hoping to discover some avenue to power, some way to way to take up the fight against Rierdra once more and free his people at last.

Personality: Vul Gan Shir has had a hard life, but chooses to focus on the gifts fate has given him rather than the darkness, and he is always looking for allies against Riedra. He is open and friendly with non-Riedrans, especially Kalashtar (whom he has seen very rarely), and is utterly distrustful and cold toward his people's oppressors. He was a proud man, arrogant even, before his utter defeat by the Inspired. Served a healthy helping of humility, he has spent the time since then trying to prove himself capable once again.

Appearance: Years as a slave, surviving in the waste, and as a rebel leader have taught Vul one lesson over and over again: the one weapon he can totally rely on is himself, all other things are transitory. As a result his body is in pinnacle form even for his already powerful race, and he has incorporated what magic and power he has found over the years to add to that effect. His clothing and equipment are chosen for effectiveness over appearance.

Allies and Enemies

Professor Ash'tek

Goals: Researching archeology of orcish sites and promote a popular respect for orcish culture during the Age of Monsters.

This half-orc professor at the University of Wynarn in Fairhaven is an avid scholar known for innovative and controversial theories. He makes no secret of his desire to see orcish history more respected and is a very active field researcher leading expeditions throughout northern Khorvaire to arcehological sites. He has made several such trips with Eegen Baddenhobb and Garrin Jysfear, though he often leaves Garrin to take care of classes while he is away. After the party's expedition to Ashurta's Tomb, Ash'tek and Eegen went to the Eldritch Groves in western Aundair to investigate orcish ruins where they had a dramatic encounter.



Aliases: Dannae (Aereni noblewoman).
Goals: To steal the Ashen Crown for the Emerald Claw.

Demise was one of the three parties seeking the Ashen Crown, a necromancer of the Emerald Claw and a heartless foe. She attempted to steal Ashurta's blade from the party of scholars who retrieved it from the Cogs and when that failed spied on the scholars until they had gathered more pieces and then stole all of them in Graywall with the help of the traitor Tikulti. She then returned to Ashurta's tomb to reassemble the Crown but was interrupted and killed by the adventurer-scholars.

Garrin Jysfear

Goals: Helping with Ash'tek's research and making a name for himself.

Garrin is Professor Ash'tek's assistant at the University of Wynarn in Fairhaven and a friend of Eegen's. He is an eager researcher and able scholar, taking over Ash'tek's classes and research during the half-orc's absences.


Professor Gydd Nepheret

Goals: Studying Dhakaani history and avoiding danger.

Professor Nepheret was caught up in the events surrounding the Ashen Crown after the party was sent to talk to her by Professor Tyne about Ashurta's blade when it was found in Undersharn. After the adventurer-scholars left, the professor was attacked by the Emerald Claw and killed, then reanimated as a dreadclaw under Demise's control as a walking repository of historical knowledge. After the necromancer's death, Gydd was resurrected by the Ashen Crown. She took a six-month leave of absence after the experience before returning to teach at Morgrave University.


Captain Saj Kalaes

Goals: Security and superiority of Breland, replacement of the Lhesh Haruuc with a calmer globinoid faction.

Kalaes works for the King's Citadel of Breland, a spy network which defends the nation from external and internal threats. He contacted the party soon after their trip to Ashurta's tomb in Undersharn and asked them to work with the Kech Volaar to improve relations with this moderate goblinoid movement within Darguun. Kalaes hoped that Breland could help the Kech Volaar gain prominence in the goblinoid nation and siphon power from the volatile tribes under Lhesh Haruuc. Tikulti was an agent of the Citadel's, placed there by Kalaes, before they knew he was secretly working for the Emerald Claw.



Aliases: Mokor (hobgoblin member of the Kech Volaar).
Goals: Self-interest and gold.

Tikulti posed as a spy among the Kech Volaar expedition in search of the Ashen Crown. He ostensibly worked for the King's Citadel reporting to Captain Kalaes as the group traveled from Darguun then to the party once they intercepted the goblinoid party in Droaam. He revealed himself to be a double-agent of the Emerald Claw in Graywall after the rest of the Crown pieces were recovered, stole the pieces, and brought them back to Demise in Sharn. He was present when she was killed in Ashurta's tomb but escaped the party during the fight.


Professor Mennin Tyne

Goals: To uncover the truth about the Ashen Crown and the Kuul Kol'daan.

Professor Mennin Tyne of Morgrave University is the reason for the search for the Ashen Crown in the first place. He sent the party into Undersharn on a hunch and hoped they would bring back Dhakaani-era artifacts to help in his archeological studies. He was overjoyed by the recovery of the Crown but dismayed at the pain involved in its finding. He has spent time studying the artifact and Ashurta's tomb and has made some interesting and disturbing discoveries.

He has working relationships with Gydd Nepheret, also of Morgrave, and Professor Ash'tek of the Unversity of Wynarn in Fairhaven.



The Ashen Crown

The Ashen Crown is an ancient relic, created by the Keepers of the Past of the Valaes Tairn, then taken by the Dhakaani during the wars that drove the elves back to Aerenal. As crafted by the elves, the Liryana'tani (Crown of Remembrance) was used to return great warriors to life, and to maintain a connection to the ancient heroes of Xen'drik.

When the Crown was claimed by the Dhakaani, goblin mages subtly reshaped its power to create Arkantaash. As the Ashen Crown, the artifact reflected the goblins' reverence for ancestors and history. Although the Crown retains a connection to both races, it prefers neither. In fact, its powers can be used by anyone who lives up to its desires. Doing so usually requires daring action and explorations of historic significance. Possession of the entire Crown is appropriate for characters in the middle ofthe heroic tier and upward. In its sundered form, the Ashen Crown consists of the following separate artifacts:

  • Karruuk's Circlet: A magic circlet to which the other magic items are attached.
  • Ashurta's Blade: A byeshk blade, magically shapeable, which serves as the Crown's front ornament.
  • Zaarani's Solitaire: A magic solitaire set next to the byeshk blade.
  • Lurtaan's Cord: A crystalline silver orb opposite the solitaire.
  • Murkoorak's Orb: A braided cord of mithral and gold wraps tightly around the Crown's circlet.

Arkantaash was sundered shortly before the fall of Dhakaan. Legendary goblin heroes wielded the pieces, and each part now bears the name of its last wielder. When the
goblin empire fell, the Crown fragments were lost with it for five thousand years until recently recovered in the Cogs below Sharn.


The Kuul Kol'daan

This rod is named in a carving found in Ashurta's tomb as a weapon used to defeat the daelkyr lord Miska. It failed and was shattered into seven fragments in the ensuing battle. Though Miska was later imprisoned, orcish prophecy states that it will never be killed permanently until the rod is reunited and wielded against the daelkyr lord.

The Mise-Kah Carving

Professor Mennin Tyne discovered this wall carving behind a false wall in Ashurta's tomb in Undersharn. The false wall was added significantly after the tomb's creation, for unknown reasons, and seems intended to cover up the carving behind it which depicts a dramatic battle between Ashurta and a number of orcish ritualists facing off against the daelkyr lord Mise-Kah (or Miska).
The party's current state of understanding can be found here.

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