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The Breaking Point

This Wild Talents campaign takes place in the world of Progenitor where superpowers are contagious and empowered metahumans become world superpowers capable for derailing the world from history as we know it. The PCs are three of those metahumans, given powers when they try to stop three Russian sleeper agents escaping across the National Mall. Unfortunately for them, those Russian agents gain powers at the same time.

breaking-point-01.jpg breaking-point-02.jpg

Eclipse Phase

This is our second venture into the universe of Eclipse Phase, following the adventure The Devotees.

devotees-ep1.png devotees-ep2.png devotees-ep3.png

Cthulhu Invictus: Legacy of Arrius Lurco

What's worse than facing dread Cthulhu? Facing him with just a gladius.

cthulhu-invictus-ep0.png cthulhu-invictus-ep1.png


Using the same game engine as Wild Talents, this setting of superheroes in World War II allows for superpowered shenanigans and all the mid-century comic references you want.

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