This adventuring group was hired by Daar Thirdsun on behalf of Armos Kamroth of Fallcrest to protect against the orc horde threatening the township. They were employed at the same time as the Five Pilgrims and traveled with that group and Daar from Graywall to Fallcrest. The Freeriders formed up almost a year ago ago in the Brelish border fortress of Orcbone to collect on bounties offered by the crown on raiders in the Lake Galifar region. After working together there the group headed west, where they made a name for themselves in the nation of Droaam dealing with a cabal of demon-worshipers in a trading outpost called Beacon. Since making their base of operations in Graywall, the Freeriders have become one of the better-known adventuring companies in the city.
The members of the group are:
Ragnum Dourstone: The leader and tactical captain of the Freeriders, this gray-haired Mror dwarf and battle-priest of Onatar is always professional. He is the very image of a hardened mercenary and abhors any use of his time which doesn't pertain to "the job" as a waste.
Sylen Leafrunner: A wanderer originally from the Eldeen Reaches, this elven woman is the peacemaker of the group and often has to step in to smooth things over with employers after Ragnum's gruff attitude. Despite this role, she is very quiet and spends much of her time lost in her own thoughts.
Megan Swiftblade: A stone-faced but pretty young woman from an eastern Brelish family. She talks little of her past, and the anger that flares at any mention of the war is a clear indication why.
Ghena Tenson: This stout Karrn is the magic-user for the group and prides herself on being the most learned of the Freeriders. Often, this pride deepens into something closer to arrogance but she is still a valuable member of the group.
Madrick Maelresson: The impish and, at times, devious gnomish scout of the Freeriders is a constant annoyance to Ragnum. He and the dwarf constantly butt heads and Sylen must step in to mediate and remind the dwarven leader that they need the gnome's tracking skills. Besides which, he would probably just follow them if they tried to leave Madrick behind.

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