Fort Bones: The Grinding Keep

Fort Bones is located in the Odakyr region of Karrnath in east-central Khorvaire. It is built on a manifest zone tied to Mabar, the Shadowed Plane of Endless Night, and as such it has long been claimed by Seekers of the Blood of Vol who would use the manifest zone for necromantic power. Before the Last War, the tower built on this site belonged to a Seeker priest but the tower, like nearby Fort Zombie, was commandeered by Karrnathi command to launch attacks against Cyre. After an incident where the planar energies of the manifest zone damaged the surrounding lands, control returned to the original Seeker priest and under his command Karrnathi necromancers perfected the rites to create the improved Karrnathi undead soldiers. Raids were launched from the fort for many decades and it withstood counterattacks easily until the fateful Long Night in 990 YK when it was shattered by Valenar wizards and druids. The fortress has since been rebuilt and the cruel Captain Alinda Dorn vows to continue seeding its walls with the bones of Karrnath's enemies.

Further information about Fort Bones can be on pages 115-117 of Five Nations and in the Eye on Eberron article in Dungeon 195.


The garrison at Fort Bones is primarily made up of sturdy Karrnathi undead soldiers, powerful legions of skeletons, zombies, and worse which are fortified by the manifest zone to Mabar. Only a very few living soldiers man the keep and almost all of those are elite members of the Order of the Onyx Skull (see pace 54 of Forge of War) or another knightly order, or else they are part of the macabre order of Corpse Collectors led by the enigmatic Kind.

Captain of the Bones

The Kind


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