Forgotten Peoples

Many people of Eberron have won their nations but many more live amidst the victors without their own rulers. Their homelands are ruled by others and their customs threatened by the dominant cultures that surround them and many become part of the victorious peoples that rule them. Others live on, a nation without a country, and continue to live apart from the rest despite the limitations. They are the people forgotten by the masses, but not yet gone.

Peoples of Khorvaire

When humans first colonized Khorvaire, it was a patchwork of cultures in all the various lands. Over time, the myriad peoples were conquered and kingdoms were forged until they resolved into the Karrns, Cyrans, Brelish, Thranes, and Aundairians. These nations, called by other names before Galifar conquered them, were a mixture themselves but over time the peoples they included came together in custom and speech. Some stayed outside of this mixing, however, and remain seperate folk to this day.

Peoples of Sarlona

Peoples of Xen'drik

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