Forces Within Dvaarnava

Kakathi Monks

The monks of the Shathaen Kakish have been a founding pillar of Dvaarnava's community since the port was founded. They are a source of tradition and stability in a settlement that is, by Adaran standards, chaotic and revolutionary. While many in Dvaarnava appreciate this character, many see it as a dangerous facet of the community that threaten's both the port's security and the safety of Adar as a whole. Living in the shadow of monolithic Riedra, founding assets like the Kakathi Order are the only feeling of safety that they have. The order is dedicated to the Path of Light in the tradition of the



Traders' Council

If the Kakathi are the leaders of the traditional way of life in Dvaarnava, the Traders Council or "Thalalishi Kethar", is the leading force behind the new, modern outlook of the port. Their overall goal is deceptively simple: to improve trade in the Hidden Port and bring in more goods and more money for its inhabitants. Folded into this goal, however, are some troubling repercussions for those who want to uphold the traditions of Adaran society.

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