For Karrnath Timeline


After two years of peace, war has come to Karrnath. This is not an invasion, however, nor an offensive of the king’s undead legions. This conflict arose from within. Kaius, intent on pursuing and upholding the Treaty of Thronehold, has pushed his nobles too far. He is too self-assured at times, a trait some say is inherited from his grandfather, and one warlord has taken advantage of that. A secret cabal of warlords has formed that would rather see Karrnath as a feudal state, not held back by the plans of one man, and have forged an alliance with the Blood of Vol for mutual benefit. Now the Feudalists and the Royalists have come to actual arms, and Karrnath may not survive…

Chapter 1: The Defense of Trull Keep

The adventurers all came to Trull Rath for different reasons. Yoris d’Cannith came looking for work and a relief from the complex politics of his house, while Lt. Boyd Sahariah came for a relief from his past and a wanderlust that still seized him despite the hardships of the war. Lt. Jarrod Duskford came looking for answers, questioning his life as a knight of Vol while both Lt. Angbaz Kierhold and Sirlenya d’Phiarlin came in search of new lives and a fresh start from their mistakes. Lt. Falko Vedenin left behind a quiet life on a dairy farm, feeling hemmed in after traveling the continent during the war. For all of these reasons, and many they kept from each other, the part came together in the small farming estate by chance. They went to dinner at the local lord's keep, looking forward to a dinner with intriguing fellow travelers, but they barely started when the keep was attacked by soldiers trying to kill the Theon ir'Dousun. The adventurers jumped to the defense and fought the rebels off, capturing some and killing others. Questioning one later, the party learned that a local feudal lord was involved in the attack as well as priests of Vol and a local merchant named Alaezar Korven. Geolin Highpeak, the keep's captain of the guard, asked the party to investigate Korven's manor in town.

Chapter 2: The Rebellion Increases

Scrying the manor, the party realized that Korven and his rebellious allies were going to slip off in the night and they staged an ambush. Confronting the rebels in the town's cemetary, the party killed several and captured all of the rest except Alaezar Korven. The "merchant" turned out to be an undead creature in disguise and used a magic ring to escape.
Questioning the new prisoners, the party learned a new location: Moonhold Keep, a fortress up north. This is apparently the site of the Feudalist rebels' commanders. The party searched Korven Manor some more but found little to corroborate the story beyond an altar to Vol and a secret route out the back of the building.
The next morning the party met with General Halas ir'Erdei, brother to the First Warlord of Karrnath and an ambitious man in his own right. The general agreed that Moonhold was an excellent target and sent the party ahead to discern the situation.

Chapter 3: The Liberation of Aisling

On the way to Moonhold, the party was beset by a harsh blizzard, unseasonably early and hampering the army which would follow them. Whatever they found at Aisling, a small village near the keep and Boyd's hometown, they would have to face it alone.
The situation in the village was difficult, but not a problem for seasoned adventurers. A cadre of soldiers holding the town, holed up in the town meeting hall. Unfortunately, Boyd's cousin, Séah, had been killed by the soldiers and the shifter didn't take it well, rushing off to her cabin and killing two soldiers who tried to stop and question him. The villagers also volunteered, inspired by Séah's death or the oppressive rules of the Feudalists, which means that the party also has to watch them during the assault. Sirlenya d'Phiarlan volunteered to distract the guards in the ground floor of the meeting hall while the others slipped in to take the building. As soon as she leaves, however, a patrol is seen heading toward the meeting hall. The situation may seem routine to the adventurers, but careful planning will be needed to keep this from becoming a blood-bath.

Chapter 4: Assault on Moonhold Keep

With the help of the hilling farmer Jaan, the party steals into Moonhold Keep during the night. They find a passageway into the underground complex where the Feudalist commander, a necromancer named Kazerabet, is running some sort of experiments. The party fights its way through the complex, managing to keep its progress somewhat quiet and taking prisoner Heolin ir'Tebracht, the son of the rebellious warlord leading the Feudalist movement. In the end, they confront Kazerabet and learn that she is creating undead warforged servants to bolster the rebels' army as well as conspiring with Shirin d'Deneith and Talas d'Cannith. The necromancer is bested in a fiery battle and Talas is confronted and arrested once they get above ground. Shirin, on the other hand, is hiding somewhere in the Lhazaar Principalities and searching for a powerful item.

Chapter 5: Retrieving the Journal

Following clues gathered at Moonhold Keep, the party sets off from Korth in the Conqueror's Fortune which Halas ir'Erdei commisioned for them for the mission. Before they leave, Boyd, Falko, and Sirlenya tell the others that they intend on staying behind. Boyd feels responsibility still towards Aisling and Falko and Sirlenya decide to try to start a life together on Falko's family farm. Angbaz, Jarrod, and Yoris set off for Lhazaar on their own then, though they are quickly joined by Desidario Alessombra and count on the aid of Captain Nalmouk. They arrive first in Port Verge where they meet the half-orc Urig in a bar known as the Salt and blade. An agent long stationed in the pirate town, Urig has already gathered information and quickly steers the group in the direction of Vorgaard, seaside mansion of the reclusive Surkil ir'Vor.

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