For Karrnath!

What is This?

This campaign is set in the Eberron Campaign Setting in locations spanning the continent of Khorvaire. It uses the 3.5 Edition of the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game published by Wizards of the Coast. It takes place on the Real Adventures forums on the Wizards site.
The game originally started as a way for me to pursue plots that were only tangentially connected to the Red Hand of Eberron campaign (then called House of Mirrors) run on an independent site. It has since moved far beyond the "spin-off" storylines of that game into an entity of it's own. It centers around a group of adventurers pressed into the service (some reluctantly) of the kingdom of Karrnath. Civil war has gripped the nation and the heroes are pursuing the many hidden strings pulling at the various forces, hoping to stop the true instigators of the conflict before Karrnath is ripped to shreds.

Player Characters

Non-Player Characters

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