First Races

According to the First Races, they were created by the goddesses Nekhbet and Wadjet in the distant beginnings of the Mythic Age. While the other gods experimented with making divine progeny and filling the heavens, these two goddesses were concerned with the world that they watched over and wished to populate it with worthy children. They created the Nekhiret as keepers of the world's lore and the Wadji as defenders of the land. In the twin kingdoms of Bael'Turath and Arkhosia, they built mighty works in the names of their patron goddesses.
Without the wisdom of their fellow gods, however, Nekhbet and Wadjet created flawed vessels who soon squandered the gifts they had been given. The tieflings grew overly proud, shutting out the the world they had been created to study to bask in their own wisdom. The dragonborn became obsessed with their own strength and lusted after more enemies to combat, seeking to consume the world like locusts. The two goddesses destroyed their creation's kingdoms and swallowed their lands in the wastes of Desheret. The First Races were scattered and lived meager nomadic lives as the Divine Races were created in the fertile Black Lands.
Nekhbet and Wadjet faded away in sorrow at their children's failings and today exist only as carved statues and bas reliefs in the desert sands. Some say they live in the celestial realms too, waiting for the First Races to redeem themselves and offer true worship once more.

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