The title taken by the alliance of warlords unified by Rolund ir'Tebracht in rebellion against Kaius III. Philosophically, the movement is concerned with regional autonomy and many of ir'Tebracht's supporters, including the soldiers who joined the rebellion, sided with the Feudalists because of a perception that the king was out of touch with the country's needs and uncaring about the common people. Such a sentiment is particularly strong in eastern Karrnath where the lack of big cities has lead to a more local outlook.
After launching surprise raids on several rath towns including Trull Rath, the movement quickly gathered martial support in just a few days. Some military forts were also taken, or defected on their own, including the garrison at Atur and the southern forts. Notably, however, Fort Bones remained in the hands of the Royalist faction, as did the large western cities. The Feudalist movement was dealt a powerful blow when a group of conscripted mercenaries infiltrated and defeated Moonhold Keep, killing the Feudalist commander Kazerabet.

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