The Felkhani Chain

Cranech Nebula

Redcap Minefiend

Valesht Installation

Danteven System

The Danteven binary system has one young blue star and a captured red dwarf orbiting it at some distance. There is only one planet in the system, likely because the red dwarf cleared out the others when it came in at an unstable orbit, but the gas giant Danteven Prime has several habitable moons. Danteven Prime orbits fairly far out from its parent star so even though Danteven is an energetic blue sun the planet and its moons are frozen and icy. Though a few colonies have been built on the moons, most have been abandoned and only a prison colony remains.


The prison colony on the icy moon of Aphex is cold, forbidding, and isolated. This makes it a perfect place to send dangerous and unwanted criminals from the sector, though others in the Felkhani Chain are less than thrilled to have the facility so close to other systems. Few ships ever travel to Aphex and those that do must give proper clearance codes or be targetted by the colony's defense systems.


Criai is a large, frozen moon in orbit around Danteven Prime. Its gravity is just shy of Standard, and it has a somewhat thin but breatheable atmosphere. Most of the water vapor in the atmosphere has long since precipitated out as snow and ice, but while temperatures tend to be in the dangerously low ranges for most humanoids, it is nothing cold-weather gear cannot overcome.

Of note on Criai is the moon port known as Hesturr, abandoned some fifty years ago for reasons unknown. It is a decent-sized domed community potentially capable of supporting anywhere from 10,000 to 25,000 humanoids if the large-scale structural damage could be fixed. At this time, though, there is little incentive to do so.

Janteel System



Manticore Waste

The Ghostshell Wreck

Mar'qeth System

Mar'qeth Cloud



Mistral System

Mistral Prime

The planet Mistral Prime is a lonely world in the Rimward Barrens that was brought into the Empire 20 years ago.
According to the official imperial archives on Draconis Prime, Mistral was a world lost in conflict and ignorance until the arrival of the imperial delegation led by the black dragon, Lord Kavrenor. The sentient races of the planet warred against each other and themselves. The central kingdom, whose name has been obliterated from the records as easily and surely as its sovereignty, was constantly under threat from the orc tribes to the north and the dark kingdom of mages in the mountains to the west.

The imperial delegation landed in the capital city of Ghemenskol and presented the Last King with the imperial offer. The archives claim it is a sign of the ignorance and vanity of the Last King that, after a week of discussion and deliberation, he rejected the offer. He rejected the wonders of technology, the possibility of a limitless expansion of economy, and the gift of peace under a single imperial leader.

In the Empire's second offer, the city of Ghemenskol was razed to the ground in a single coordinated air strike, killing the Last King and the entire royal family. Viceroy Kavrenor had new Ghemenskol constructed in its place. Making use of high-tech construction materials and knowledge it quickly became the center of civilization on Mistral, the only location with proper landing sites for spacecraft and the center of all interplanetary trade.

After a few years of unsuccessful rebellions and retributions, the population settled into their place as part of the Dragon Empire. Twenty years later New Ghemenskol is the capital of Mistral and one of only two technologically advanced cities on the planet. Viceroy Kavrenor has settled into his own palace in the mountains, disdaining the day-to-day administration of government, content to watch his imperial elite run the planet and collect the profits.


Nimarell System

Primogen System

Primogen II

Primogen III

Primogen V

Rielak System

The Rielak system has not been colonized by the Empire, but it is a convenient jump point about midway between the Savell and Danteven systems. It is approximately eight light years from Savell.

Rielak Prime

Savell Sysetm

The Savell system is about eight light-years away from the Rielak system. The Rielak system has not been colonized by the Empire, but it is a convenient jump point about midway between the Savell and Danteven systems.


Halsafra is an airless, frozen moon in orbit around a gas giant in the outer reaches of the Savell system. The moon is ruled by House Altara, the white dragons, and is little more than a barren ball of ice and rock. It has two things going for it: Porta Anka, a modern spaceport that is a convenient stopover between several major systems in the sector, and a mining colony that harvests a wide variety of useful elements and resources from the ice and rock. Hydrogen for refueling fusion drives is also mined from the gas giant.

The spaceport is somewhat modest by the standards of the Core Worlds, but there are stores selling just about any kind of gear you might want and a well-regarded watering hole, the Lighthouse Tavern.

Baar Mek

Thordin System

The Thordin system has five orbital belts, with three planets, a comet, and a massive asteroid belt orbiting a massive red giant. The two inner gas giants are both small and devoid of their own moons, and the fourth belt holds a massive gas giant with ten of its own moons, but all are rocky and devoid of life. The last orbital belt holds only a large comet. Thordin's Belt occupies the third orbit and is home to the only permanently inhabited station in the system.

The Thordin asteroid is the largest and most mineral rich asteroid in the Thordin asteroid belt. It is an irregular rocky asteroid nearly 500 miles at its longest point, and 200 and 300 miles crosswise and perpendicular to that. It resembles an oblong double-sided arrowhead. It masses 100 billion tons, and its gravity is 0.1g (low). There is no atmosphere to speak of, and no known life forms are indigenous to it.

The Belt

The belt orbits the star at a rate giving it a solar year of about 700 standard days. Contrary to popular opinion, asteroids are quite distant from each other and pose little problem for piloting. All the asteroids in the belt have about the same velocity and vector, so it is easy for a pilot to set his vector to match theirs and then cruise in like they are sitting still. Occasionally asteroids do break off, or are knocked around by comets or other impacts, but this is the exception and they generally fall into the system gravity well before anyone notices.

The Dwarves

Thordin, the largest asteroid in the belt, was once the center of a long-term dwarven mining operation. The dwarves abandoned the base over fifty years ago, leaving behind a wealth of minerals and all of their permanent structures. No one knows what happened to the clan that mined the belt or why they left.

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