Population: 1,800
Social Class: Upper Class
Character: Shining halls
Key Personalities: Queen Aurala ir'Wynarn, Castellan Adele Fulirno
Watch: Detachment of the Aundairian military, quartered in the Courts of Justice.

Sometimes called "the City within the City," Fairhold is an impressive estate comprising dozens of large towers and buildings, any of which would be breathtakingly beautiful on it's own. Taken together, the palace is a shining centerpiece around which the rest of the city's bustling livelihood seems to orbit like the constellations around the polestar. Whatever is happening in Fairhaven or in the world at large, Fairhold stands firm and shining as an untouchable symbol to its people.

Courts of Justice

The military court of Aundair has been busy ever since the Last War ended, trying war criminals and deserters for their actions during the war. This is the only semi-public part of Fairhold (though visitors are thoroughly screened, of course) and it tends to encompass the popular image of Fairhold as a result. Wide chambers, powerful columns, throngs of nobles… All of it contributes to what the average citizen of Fairhaven pictures when they think of the royal residence. In truth, the Courts are built much more for the landed nobles who have special seats for every trial than for any member of the royal household. The exception, of course, is Lord Adal, First Warlord of the Realm and Minister of Magic as well as the Queen's brother. He and the Second Warlord, Lord Darro, are common sights around the Courts of Justice and both of them have allies among the military garrison in the Courts. The split between the three members of the Aundairian Triumvirate is always threatening to cause trouble for the crown but there's always a chance of it.

Crown's Hall

The audience chamber of Queen Aurala is as impressive as one might imagine. The massive Dragonhawk Throne is really a stylized sculpture in silver of a dragonhawk with its wings outstretched and curving around the monarch in their midst. The sapphire eyes of the dragonhawk glare out from over the head of Queen Aurala to stare down any coming before her. In contrast, the rest of the room is designed to be more magical and enchanting than imposing. Visitors reach the room by a series of confusing hallways such that when they reach Crown's Hall they are usually surprised by the sudden, bright expanse. A domed skylight overhead provides beams of sunlight (really an enchantment as the audience chamber is in the center of Fairhold) and the columns around are decorated with banners of Aundairian blue and silver. The combination of royal power and charm, as well as the clever queen herself, has undone many foreign emissaries.

Family Residence

The royal residence in Fairhold is remarkably simple compared to the rest of the castle. Wide, airy halls with only small portraits and elegant vases decorating them lead throughout this wing and small gardens offer peaceful retreats for the monarch and her consort and children. This calm is by design and Queen Aurala takes the peace of her family's residence very seriously. No official matters are discussed here and all formalities are dropped. The residence is a space for her family to by themselves, which just happens to be located within the bounds of Fairhold.

Knights Arcane Garrison

The Knights Arcane are the elite military units of the Aundairian military and they have bases of operation throughout the nation. The organization is not a knighthood itself, but rather a collection of knighthoods which bring Aundair's considerable arcane power to bear during wartime. The Arcane Guard is charged with protecting the royal family, using powerful evocations as well as defensive illusory magics. The Knights Phantom and the Sky Knights are both cavalry, though the Phantoms ride on magically summoned, tireless steeds while the Sky Knights soar high on dragonhawks. The Fairhaven Wands

Royal Collection of Aundair

This library, an extension of the University of Wynarn, is a scholar's dream. Detailed books dating back to the founding of Galifar are carefully organized and inscribed to be found easily through enchantment. While other libraries might have rare texts that the Collection does not and many are easier to access (the Royal Collection requires a letter of admittance from a Wynarn faculty member), it's the combination of resources and organization that make the Royal Collections sought after throughout the Five Nations.

Tower of Eyes

This round alabaster tower with its distinctive eyes carved into the top is the greatest office of clandestine affairs in Khorvaire, and possibly all of Eberron. The Royal Eyes of Aundair, led by Spymaster Thuel Racannoch, is the model by which other spy agencies in the Five Nations aim for. Their agents utilize both magic and stealth in their efforts and it is rumored that they have assets placed in every government in Khorvaire. All of that intelligence comes back to this towers and the masterminds who dwell within it. Aside from Racannoch, however, no one knows who those masterminds might be, including low-level agents of the Eyes. Other parts of Fairhold are difficult to access; the Tower of Eyes is impossible.

Fairhaven: City of Lights
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