Fairhaven: City of Lights

The city of Fairhaven is the capital of Aundair, but it is so much more than that. Before the Last War, the city had a complex reputation as a place of knowledge, magic, secrets, riches, and trade. Named for the brilliant crystalline lamps which line its glittering streets, the City of Lights was the first to introduce these innovations and other magical wonders dreamed up by the mages at Arcanix. Today, this reputation for inquisitiveness and trade has been twisted into a reputation for secrets and smuggling, but there are many who remember the place Fairhaven once held for the people of Khorvaire and, now that peace has arrived, the place it may hold again.
If Fairhaven is to become once more the place of learning and freedom that it held before the war, however, it needs strong heroes to defend it and to foil those that would threaten the peace of the Five Nations. There are plenty arrayed against peace, from Eldeen separatists and cunning street gangs to Liotian liberators and kalashtar terrorists. Morality may be more grey in Fairhaven, but the definition of a hero is still very clear and there are many with the gold to pay handsomely for a job well done.

Fairhaven at a Glance

Population Mix: The 92,500 people who call Fairhaven home are largely human and half-elves with some gnomes and elves as well. Though this is the population mix of most of the city, some areas have drastically different populations. The Grangehall Ward is mostly shifters and goblinoids which at least equal the human population of that ward, though numbers are uncertain in the tangled streets of the Warren and Kaeltusk. The Whiteroof Ward has a larger than average population of half-elves while Rordan's Gate has a riot of different races from all over Eberron.

Government: Because it is both the capital city of Aundair and a large metropolitan area, Fairhaven has a tiered governmental system. The ultimate power in the city, as in the rest of the nation, is Queen Aurala but she does not deal directly with local matters except in emergency situations. The daily head of the city is the Lord Governor Aurad ir'Wynarn, cousin to the queen and the head of the city's bureaucracy. He is served by an army of city officials, the Fairhaven Watch, and with the permission of the queen even divisions of the Army of Aundair.


Commerce: Trade in Fairhaven is focused on three main areas, Rordan's Gate, the Eastway Ward, and the Whiteroof Ward. Trade goods come in along the roads to Fairhaven, from the fertile farmlands of central Aundair or the timber forests and mountain mines of the north, and enter through the gates on the east and west of the city. From there what isn't used in the city itself is brought to the city docks in the Whiteroof Ward where they can be loaded onto barges bound for Scions Sound and trading points beyond.

Defenses: Fairhaven is surrounded by a thick, strong wall built in several stages over the many centuries that Fairhaven has grown. The only points of entry to the city are Rordan's Gate and the Eastgate, as well as the docks of the Whiteroof Ward along the river. Defense in the city is centered on the garrisons which stand around the central point of Fairhold like points on a star. These garrisons house the Fairhaven Watch as well as some Aundairian soldiers in Fairhold itself and the dragonhawk calvary division in Vaucote. The city's defenses have never been seriously tested, not even during the Last War, but the strength of its defenses are surely a contributor to this record.

The Wards of Fairhaven

Fairhaven is divided into twelve wards, roughly equal in size and population, as well as the dark tunnels of Brickenhall and the bright towers of Fairhold.
Besalle’s Ward was once the home of the enormous marketplace of Besalle, the market was torched by saboteurs during the Last War. Though the market is gone, the ward retains the name and the business districts are even larger than they were at the start of the conflict. It stands to the east of the Chalice Center, against the northern wall. The north central Chequers’ Ward, dominated by bankers and clerks, is also the location of the Distant Exchange. Unlike the clerks of Besalle’s Ward, these businesses cater to the aristocrats of the other central neighborhoods. The heavily-trafficked boulevard heading northeast out of the city through the Eastway Ward is still an important trade route and the neighborhoods around it include many of the warehouse districts and trade houses of the city. The residential areas of the ward have many foreigner neighborhoods, but are not entirely free of the criminal element from nearby Marble Halls. The highest part of the city, aside from Fairhold, is Pine Hill which rears itself up against the north wall to the east of the main boulevard. The area is a popular tavern spot among middle-class citizens of Besalle’s Ward and the Eastway Ward.

The southern Knowledge Ward centered around the University of Wynarn is the seat of academia in Fairhaven. The surrounding neighborhoods cater to students and to the arcane elite who work in and around the university. Specialty shops which provide high-end services can also be found here. The ward of Five Domes, immediately to the west of the Knowledge Ward, is named after the five large, domed structure which dominate its streets. All of these buildings are cultural centers which contribute to the cosmopolitan feel of the ward. Five Domes is renowned as a center for the arts and also for dissident groups from both the university and the Grangehall Ward.


The Marble Halls ward was once a business district but is now a collection of working-class neighborhoods. Not every area of the ward is dangerous, but most citizens of Fairhaven view the entire ward as a collection of seedy neighborhoods and criminal dens. The most wealthy and fashionable districts of Fairhaven can be found in the Nealford Ward, many of them walled apart from the rest of the city. A rivalry exists between wealthy neighborhoods here and in the Sovereign Ward. Almost an extension of the farm fields which surround the walls, the Grangehall Ward is attached to the southwest corner of the city. The ideological counterpart to Nealford Ward, this is the home to many shifters, half-orcs, and even a few notable druids.

The Sovereign Ward is named for the impressive cathedrals found along its main avenues. It is also a fairly affluent ward and is home to many of the city’s aristocracy, as well as the most common destination for visitors. Long a district of laborers and warehouses, the Whiteroof Ward is none-the-less clean and friendly. Despite its lower-class population, the Whiteroof Ward has the atmosphere of a business district. Rordan’s Gate ward is found against the west wall of the city surrounding the lightning rail station and the Chalice Center. It is named after a long-dead heir to the Galifar throne who renovated the then-aging business district and petitioned House Orien for one of the first lightning rails in western Khorvaire.

City of Lights

Fairhaven is certainly not the only city in Khorvaire to use magical artifice to light its streets, but it was the first and, arguably, it is the most brightly lit of all. Everburning lanterns light the streets, renewed each evening by artificers of the Lightwarders guild. Patrols of the Watch all carry devices known as patrol lanterns which allow the patrol to see at night without drawing attention to themselves as well. Private light sources also fill the night and most upper- or middle-class residences are outlined with magical lights after sunset. Besides creating a magical look to the city, the omnipresent lanterns throughout Fairhaven project a sense of stability and power. Visitors are shown that the crown of Aundair is always present and watching and is able to fill the city with its authority. To the residents of Fairhaven, the lanterns along the streets or in the hands of Watch patrolmen are a reminder of the protection and authority that extends into their lives from the shining walls of Fairhold.

Fairhaven: City of Lights
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