Eve of Judgement


The meret that awoke in the Dona Marta favela have no memory of each other upon waking in the strange basement with their cults around them. They are thrust together by circumstance, though, and must work together to understand the dangerous time that they were Called back to.


Associated Catholic Charities

Associated Catholic Charities is a local, nonprofit organization, dedicated to helping those in need, and spreading the Word of God. Officially, it was founded by a man of Arab descent named Ahmad Hassan Otep who had fled the Middle East five centuries ago in order to openly practice his faith.

  • Rodrigo Silveira: The current head of ACC, a light-skinned man with a cultured attitude and a surprising grasp of Iremite Egyptian. He dresses well for every situation and considers himself the honored second in command of the powerful Arisen Amenhotep.


The Blood Cult

  • Maria Luisa Arreiano: A beautiful mocha-skinned woman who rules the cult in Hetepheres' absence. She strives to be the very image of her goddess, perhaps hoping to become Arisen herself through emulation.

Shedhartu Khoutheme

Rio Sangha Sect

This sect of Buddhists was one of the first to arrive in Brazil, coming over in 1908 along with their immortal Buddha, Shedhartu.

  • Hebito: The sect's leader, a half-Japanese, half-black Buddhist mystic. He was named in honor of the image of Shedhartu's decree (hebi snake and to person). He speaks Iremite Egyptian very haltlingly and cannot understand complicated statements in the language.





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