Elwist Missinal


Name: Elwist Missinal
Race: Drow
Class: Bard 3
Alignment: Unaligned
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6" Weight: 137 lbs Age: 51


Elwist has spent most of her life learning to hide in plain sight, making herself useful to those who hold power over her or avoiding their notice as best she can. While her limp makes stealth difficult, she has learned to wield her voice to great effect, flaying the wills of those who she does not see as a threat and using honeyed words to cajole those who are.
Having spent most of her life as a slave, Elwist has honed an instinctive understanding of hierarchy to a fine instrument. She knows that she is property, though she has more freedom in her movement than many freeholders. Accepting that, she has made a life for herself amongst the monstrous races of Droaam and serves at the will of her mistress.
Looking young, even for an elf, this girl has a waifish appearance, thin almost to the point of looking starved. Shining white hair, cropped short, frames ebon skin and violet eyes that move continuously, providing an alert though vulnerable cast to her features.


Elwist was born along the northern edge of Xen'drik, in the shadow of Stormreach. Her family was larger than most and grew larger by the year as it absorbed additional drow communities, largely due to the leadership of her mother. Unfortunately for Elwist, her mother's troubles bearing children had led her to dally with humans and bear a half-drow child several years before the birth of her first trueborn daughter.
Lystra, the child born of the union, rapidly grew in strength and influence with her mother and saw Elwist as an obstacle to assuming power within the tribe. It was when Elwist was 11, and her sister 16 and on the cusp of becoming a powerful priestess of Vulkoor that the young drow's life was shattered. Perhaps due to her mixed heritage, Lystra lacked the fierce familial loyalty that most drow exhibit. Finding herself with the opportunity, the half-drow attacked her younger sister and left her almost crippled. Afterwards, rather than finishing the job, the young priestess traveled to the port of Stormreach and sold her only sister into slavery— on the condition that she be taken away from Xen'drik forever.
The slavers, having not a moral between them, took the child with them to the north and it is perhaps as well for Elwist that she was nearly delirious during the majority of the trip. By the time the ship had reached the northern lands, Elwist's injuries had mostly healed, leaving only a lame leg that left her with a limp. The rest of Elwist's childhood was brutal— passed between the houses of decadent nobles in western Breland, she grew to despise the humans. By 966, when she was just beginning adolescence she had begun to learn to maneuver herself verbally to avoid the worst though and the monster attacks were beginning to become more prevalent.
It was in 977, just 10 years before the founding of Droaam, that Elwist Missinal found herself sold one last time. An older human woman by appearance, it was only after the young drow had been taken far from human lands that her new mistress was revealed to be a green hag by the name of Sora Katra. That purchase marked a second turning point in Elwist's life— a new direction, new freedoms (though not freedom), and more purpose.
For over 20 years since that purchase, Elwist has served as eyes and ears for Sora Katra within Droaam and while she dreams of freedom, those desires are hidden even from her conscious mind; veiled by desires of vengeance for half-remembered slights and more than three times as many years in bondage as she lived free in the wilds of Xen'drik.

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