Eliam's Journal

The journal of Eliam ir'Veldras holds important clues to the location of Jheamast's tomb on the island of Trebaz Sinara and the mysterious Dragonseye sought by Shirin d'Deneith and his allies in the Blood of Vol. Some important passages include:

12th of Barrakas, 978
We made port last night in Port Verge, though it looks much more welcoming after the terrors of the Island. I had a long, uncomfortable meeting with Damog Hellscurvy who was… upset at the loss of the Sea Wyverns' ship and even more so at the lack of any treasure as promised. The good captain refuses to supply another navigator this season and all of my family's weighty resources won't change that. This is not the worst, though…
Returning to the inn, I found Thraxis in my room. The shifty gnome was burning something in a bowl on the table and when I saw this very journal in front of him I discerned what was going on. The scoundrel had torn out and destroyed the maps from the area around Jheamast's tomb! The very reason we had suffered through that accursed place! The information is not to lost forever: with his arcane formulae the devil had managed to reprint it on his skin. This silver lining proved too thin for me, though, and harsh words were exchanged. Shouting insults and the bottled up anger of a full month at sea…
He has stormed out, now. I know things must be patched up in the morning, if only to allow me access to the notes (my own notes!) again, but for the moment I cannot see forgiving that cretin.

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