Eclipse Phase Campaigns

When a Firewall team is called in to investigate the murder of one of their own, the mission turns into a rabbit hole that drags them in and quickly becomes personal. As the situation devolves and enemies are found hiding in every shadow, the hunters quickly turn into the hunted.


In the outback of Mars, the working class and native clans make plans to see a free and self-governing Mars. In the board rooms of the Planetary Consortium, immortal oligarchs plan their destruction. Seeing the hammer coming and getting out of the way is hard enough, without also having to see through feints inside of feints.


Dr. Zameena al-Mareekh is causing a lot of headaches. It would be an annoyance for Firewall if she had simply come across extraterrestrial data of an unknown origin. The fact that it came from a mysterious alien communications network on a distant exoplanet makes it worse. The further fact that she fled with the data in hand when Go-nin tried to shut her down makes it worse and complicated.

The idea that she has the data in the middle of the TITAN Quarantine Zone, one of the most dangerous beds of exsurgent activity in the system, means things just reached priority-one status.

A team of hastily-gathered sentinels is pulled together in Olympus to deal with the situation. They don't know each other, which is a dangerous thing in a place as hazardous as the TQZ, but they all have the best interests of Firewall and transhumanity at heart.



It's easy to forget in the deep oceans of Europa that the icy moon hangs between massive forces waiting to crush it: some of them physical and some of them political. When most of the population is happily isolated it falls to one group to keep it all from failing. Will they be enough? Could anything be?

Discontinued Games


Four colleagues wake up one morning to the end of the world. After evacuating to Titan and forging new lives over ten years, they are pulled back into a strange situation which will test their confidence in reality.


Fame and treasure lie beyond the Pandora gates for those brave enough to take it and a long-term gatehopping mission is one of the ways to strike it rich. And also the best way to never be heard from again.

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