The world of Eberron is a dynamic and exciting setting for Dungeons & Dragons. Originally published for D&D's Third Edition and upgraded to "3.5 Edition," the setting saw a pair of books published for the game's Fourth Edition as well. Currently for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition there is only a small rules update from Wizards of the Coast but fans eagerly await its approval for the [dmsguild.com DM's Guild] so that community-produced content can be produced freely.

For all of these rulesets and for anyone using Eberron in another rule system, here are all of the various projects that I've undertaken here at this site. I love this setting and appreciate the depth and immersion of the world. Consider this an homage to the brilliant worldbuilding of Keith Baker and others in Eberron and an expansion for people who want to try out all the many corners of this world.

  • Age of Monsters: What was life like in Khorvaire before humans came along? Find out here in an extensive timeline with maps and campaign options.
  • Cities of Khorvaire: Want some more detail for population centers in Eberron? Find pages and pages of it here.
  • Empires of Giants: Before the Age of Monsters came the Age of Giants, when colossal empires ruled Xen'drik and dominated other continents as well. Find out more of that history here.
  • Forgotten Peoples: Not every population has its own nation or even a seat at the table for the Treaty of Galifar. Find out about those interstitial peoples here.
  • Universal Sovereignty: Religion is a complicated topic in the Eberron setting… but not so much that we can't complicate it even more! Some new ideas, fringe cults, and wild theories can be found here.
  • The Wilds of Xen'drik: The empire of the giants may be dead and gone, but that's just the foundation of the great land of Xen'drik.
  • Aerenal Calendar: How do you track time when you can live for centuries and then exist for millennia as a deathless counselor? Find out here!
  • Airship Routes: A short little page about where airships go in Khorvaire to carry your player characters where they need to go.
  • Creoles in Eberron: Some linguistic complexity to make your campaign a little more exotic.
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