Dvaarnava: The Hidden Port

The land of Adar in Sarlona is a closed state, walled off against the threat of powerful Riedran forces to the north. Travel by land involves crossing lines of armed soldiers on both sides, while travel by sea means finding a way past the forbidding cliffs that line Adar's coasts and drive the ocean into a fury. The largest exception to this is the natural harbor of Dvaarnava, one of the only available to the Adarans and the port by which many refugees leave every year for the more hospitable lands of Khorvaire. Dvaarnava, the Hidden Port, is a complex melange of forces that get along in the face of the Riedran threat when they might otherwise be at each other's throats. Any power group in Adar wants a presence in the nation's most important port but they don't have to get along.
Ruled by kalashtar monks, who keep the peace and guide the city's future, Dvaarnava is also one of the most outward-thinking of Adar's cities and its Traders' Council often challenges the traditions that have kept the city safe for centuries. Added to this are the dromite traders with their own agenda and the primalist Haztaraini who value their older traditions over the interests of the kalashtar elite. Adventurers in Dvaarnava might benefit from the silent strife to play potential employers against each other or they may be called upon to keep the peace when the situation boils over. It is important to remember, however, that all of this takes place against the backdrop of Adar's struggle against Riedra and the ships that carry kalashtar to and occasionally from Khorvaire. These forces contribute in unseen ways to the chaotic political landscape and visitors should keep on their toes before they wind up at the bottom of the Karatha.

Levels of Dvaarnava

The Hidden Port is divided into different levels, the lower Shashala near the water and the upper caverns of the Kajashi. These are not formal divisions, but the natural geology of the city's caverns create a logical separation and the economic division between the traders of the Shashala and the powerful priests and arcanists of the Kajashi underscores it. There is little animosity between residents of the two levels, or rather what animosities simmer in Dvaarnava are not so simple as spatial divides.

Dvaarnava by the Numbers

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