Druid Faiths

Druidic worship surrounds Eberron, the Dragon Between, the Progenitor Wyrm who trapped Khyber in its coils. The earliest recorded practice of druidic magic by mortals occurred among the orcs of Khorvaire who were taught primal secrets by Vvaraak the ancient black dragon. The Eldeen Reaches is home to the largest population of druidic worshipers in Khorvaire, but other societies exist around the world on the fringes of society. Unlike other religions, druidic faiths almost exclusively use primal magic rather than divine magic, though they follow the many different expressions of this power source and barbarians, wardens, and seekers are just as common in most traditions as druids and shamans.

The Kurmaac

Those who consider the goblins of Khorvaire to be a simple, predictable race are dangerously underestimating their resources. An excellent example of this is are the goblin primal worshipers of the Kurmaac tribe.
See Also: The Kurmaac were originally described in Dragon 356, pages 76-80.

The Faith

The origins of the Kurmaac lie in the fallen Dhakaani Empire where they were a minor religion. In the later centuries of the empire, orcish immigrants exposed many Dhakaani communities to their druidic faith and they won some goblinoid converts. Orcish mysticism was combined with Dhakaani dhakaani-empire to form a new expression of druidic practices that was more animistic in its approach to the Dragon Between. They worshiped localized spirits as the guardians of the sleeping Eberron, notably the Gathering Stone in modern Darguun which remains a holy site to this day. They were called the Kurmaac Ghaal, or "the Standing Stones," because of this ritualistic attachment to wilderness locations.
During the Daelkyr Wars which ultimately doomed Dhakaani society, the Kurmaac goblins fought alongside the Gatekeeper druids to stop the daelkyr forces and many of their sites were corrupted or destroyed. Though the threat was eventually turned back, the Kurmaac tribes were embittered and withdrew from mainstream society. As Dhakaani authority began to crumble, the goblinoid druids headed west into the newly-independent lands. They later were driven underground or into the mountains by human conquests of Khorvaire, only to re-emerge with the liberation of Darguun in during the Last War.

The World

Today, the Kurmaac are a loose affiliation of goblin primal worshipers primarily located in Darguun. They protect and maintain the sacred Gathering Stone as a meeting place for all goblin tribes. Though they are restricted to no bloodline, the Kurmaac goblins come largely from the Ghaal'dar tribes and are often at odds with the dominant Rhukaan Taash, the tribe of Lhesh Haruuc ruler of the nation of Darguun. The Lhesh has afforded the Kurmaac some special protection under Darguun law in order to earn their respect, but they are much closer to the Kech Volaar, a tribe of Dhakaani traditionalists.

The Believer

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