Standard Races

All of the standard Dungeons & Dragons races have a place in the Dragon Empire.

  • Humans: The majority of imperial civilians are humans, though the planetary adaptations and interbreeding with other races makes them far different from the typical humans on a primitive world.
  • Drow: Distrustful and fiercely protective of their cult-worship and social systems, the drow are a constant source of unease for the government and citizens.
  • Dwarves: Miners and builders, the dwarves are responsible for a majority of the "in-progress" systems in the Dragon Empire, moving into an uninhabited planet and making something of it.
  • Elves: Explorers gripped with wanderlust and master mages, the elves are at the forefront of imperial society in search of interesting worlds.
  • Gnomes: Innovators of magic and technology, gnomes are responsible for many of the great leaps forward the empire has experienced.
  • Half-Elves: The children of adaptable humans and free-moving elves, half-elves form the backbone of trade and communication in the Dragon Dmpire, the object of envy and suspicion.
  • Half-Orcs: Strong and resourceful, half-orcs have made a great effort over the centuries to prove that they are more human than orc.
  • Halflings: Curious and friendly, halflings are a common sight in new colonies where their ability to adapt and smooth over differences is greatly prize.
  • Half-Dragons: The dragon rulers of the empire have numerous progeny, gifted individuals who are the typical choice for highly honored positions.
  • Derro: The half-mad derro are astonishingly adept at space, their strangely alien mindsets being eerily suited for star charts and navigation.
  • Goblinoids: Typically restricted to cheap labor or grunt infantry, goblinoids sometimes advance far in systems controlled by chromatic dragons.
  • Centaurs: These large creatures may not be the most comfortable in zero-G but their instinct to keep moving, explore, and claim makes them prone to a life with the diplomatic and military corps.
  • Gnoll: Raiders and pirates, gnolls also find work as mercenaries noted for their unscrupulous morals.
  • Kobold: These minor kin to dragons have long lobbied for a higher position in society but they are usually relegated to poorly-paid maintenance jobs.
  • Lizardfolk: This hardy race adapts surprisingly well to space though they are notorious for complaining about the cold.
  • Ogre: These large creatures are rarely found in space where their size makes rationing difficult, but they are often seen as effective shock troops on the ground.
  • Orc: Unlike their half-breed cousins, orcs haven't adpated into imperial society well and are stereotyped as stupid and tempermental.
  • Planetouched: Aasimar, tieflings, and genasi have a lot of popular rumor attached to them, but most just try to make their way as unassuming imperial civilians.

Dragonstar Races

  • Elem: These beings born of air, earth, water, and fire are even more alien than the strange genasi.
  • Eleti: These undead beings are not the frightening specters many folktales tell of but their appearance is hard to see past.
  • Ith-kon: Hailing from the strange Dark Zone that hangs above the galaxy, the tentacled ith-kon are bizarre, rare, and little-trusted.
  • Oruk: Bred for battle, the ogre-born oruks are strong and tough but their disposable design means they age badly.
  • Pershala:
  • Pevishan:

Racial Templates


Cent Dek Copper Piece Silver Piece Gold Piece
Credit (cr) = 100 10 100 10 1
Dek = 10 1 10 1 1/10
Cent = 1 1/10 1 1/10 1/100


The Dragon Empire relies on electronic currencies and buying for the most part, facilitated by datapads connecting to bank accounts or encoded credit chips in the civilized imperial worlds. On backwater economies, however, local currencies are still used. Most commonly this means gold, silver, and copper pieces with rarer metals or exotic substances occassionally being used instead. The chart to the side describes the credit and lesser denominations with their conversion to the "gold piece standard" used for exchange rates.

Dragonstar Equipment

In addition to the standard equipment and magic items available in a standard D&D campaign, characters in Dragonstar are able to purchase and utilize a number of technologically advanced items.
Sources: Starfarer's Handbook, Imperial Supply, Guide to the Galaxy, Smuggler's Run.

Purchase DC Item Cost Purchase DC Item Cost
2 25cr 27 75,000cr
3 60cr 28 100,000cr
4 100cr 29 137,500cr
5 150cr 30 175,000cr
6 200cr 31 250,000cr
7 275cr 32 325,000cr
8 350cr 33 450,000cr
9 450cr 34 600,000cr
10 600cr 35 750,000cr
11 750cr 36 1,000,000cr
12 1,000cr 37 1,375,000cr
13 1,375cr 38 1,750,000cr
14 1,750cr 39 2,500,000cr
15 2,500cr 40 3,250,000cr
16 3,250cr 41 4,500,000cr
17 4,500cr 42 6,000,000cr
18 6,000cr 43 7,500,000cr
19 7,500cr 44 10,000,000cr
20 10,000cr 45 13,750,000cr
21 13,750cr 46 17,500,000cr
22 17,500cr 47 25,000,000cr
23 25,000cr 48 32,500,000cr
24 32,500cr 49 45,000,000cr
25 45,000cr 50 60,000,000cr
26 60,000cr

d20 Modern and Future Equipment

The Felkhani Chain

See the Felkhani Chain page.

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