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The prehistory of the dragonborn kingdoms of eastern Khorvaire, before a written record is available, is known entirely through archaeological digs and the interpretation of oral legends from much later periods. It is generally divided into cultural periods, each named after the settlement where evidence of the group was first discovered. In many cases these groups developed directly into the city-state which came to command that site, though direct correlations aren't always accurate. Additionally, the same gradual development that characterizes the later kingdom periods is present throughout the entire prehistorical period, and individual "cultures" must not be interpreted as separate entities but as largely subjective divisions used to facilitate study of the entire period.

The Age of Princes

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A unified confederacy was founded -1025 EC (-17,000 YK) by King Jul'Naakud, leading to a series of dynasties that ruled over eastern Khorvaire for the next four millennia, and influenced dragonborn rulers for six millennia after that. Dragonborn culture flourished during this long period and remained distinct in its religion, arts, language and customs. The first rulers of a unified Arkhosia were not absolute kings like their successors, but instead had the loyalty of other kings throughout the region. There is some suggestion of regional blocs that opposed the central ruler but in general this period set the stage for the later kingdom periods by unifying dragonborn cultures into a single social unit.

The Passage

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As the Dhakaani Empire established itself, its first conflict was against the dragonborn tribes of the Talenta Plains and the Blade Desert. The nothern warriors of the plains had developed fortress-towns ringed with stone walls which could hold out against raiders but not against the aggressive armies of the Dhakaani. The nomads of the south were used to scattering and allowed themselves to be pushed farther and farther east by the goblin legions. By 250 EC the dragonborn were pressed together against the Endworld Mountains. They had banded together into one force but still came under attack. After making a last stand at the holy site of Krezent, the dragonborn retreated back over the Endworld Mountains and settled alongside their cousins, the lizardfolk tribes.

Founding of Arkhosia

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While the The dragonborn kingdom of Q'barra was founded around 900 EC (-15,100 YK) and encompassed most of modern Q'barra. The capital city of Ka'rhashan still exists today as a large dragonborn settlement but as the head of an impressive kingdom it was even larger and far richer with a magical heritage that came directly from their dragon patrons. During it's peak, the dragonborn commanded most of Eastern Khorvaire, from the Ironroot Mountains in the north, all of the eastern territory now within the Lhazaar Principalities, and down to the eastern half of modern-day Valenar. Many times, the dragonborn sought to reclaim their lost homelands in the Blade Desert and Talenta Plains but their long-lived rulers blessed with draconic magic took a long vision of this task.

As they traded with the goblins for grains and crafts in exchange for the mineral wealth of the mountains and rich fisheries of the northern seas. The initially tense trading relationship eventually thawed as both nations began to rely on imports from the other. During the millennia, Dhakaani crafts began to dwindle in Q'barra as they were replaced with the work of local artisans. The dragonborn came to be equal to goblin enchanters and then surpassed the Dhakaani so that Q'barran magic items were sold back to Dhakaan.

Fall of Arkhosia

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After a series of weakening rulers the dragonborn throne was taken in a coup by the Joo'nitas, a group of generals who no longer wanted to wait for the goblins to pull back their forces. As the Joo'nitas came to power, dragonborn agents fomented a slave rebellion in the Dhakaani Empire. Called the Servant's War this conflict so destabilized the goblins that the dragonborn armies were able to take over all of the Valenar peninsula and the Blade Desert. Fighting on two fronts, one at home and one in the east, the First Shuul'aagen Dynasty of the Dhakaani was nonetheless able to put down the slaves' army and keep the dragonborn from more gains. When Dhakaan proper was restored to peace, the goblins threw their entire army at the dragonborn, driving them back across the Endworlds and destroying many of the cities in northern Arkhosia. Dragonborn civilization eventually retreated back to the Q'barran peninsula, abandoning the northern reaches of their kingdom and descending into a period of barbarism.

The Kingdoms of Q'barra

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The Coming of Lazhaar

Lands of the Dragonborn Kingdoms

The Obsidian Kingdoms

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