Dragon Cults

The religions covered under the umbrella of the "Dragon Cults" are disparate religions not really related to each other. All of them revere the Progenitor Wyrms and other draconic figures from the myths of Argonessen. They are found all over the planet and throughout societies because their gods, the Wyrms themselves, are in every place equally.

Siberyne Cult

A growing faith built on hope, the Siberyne Cult reveres the Dragon Above as a source of healing and strength.

The Faith

The Sibernte Cult was founded four decades ago by a halfling named Teah Seloir, a mystic from the ward of Rordan's Gate in Fairhaven. Trained in the faith of the Sovereign Host, Teah had her faith severely shaken after serving as a field medic for the Aundairian army on the front lines. Returning to Fairhaven, Teah tried to work through her feelings with druidic friends from western Aundair. She listened to their beliefs about the Dragon Between and the balance of life and death. Teah felt convinced there must be some greater purpose that could make sense of the terrors she had seen in battle. If Eberron was a force of balance, then maybe Siberys was the force of hope she'd been looking for.
In devoting herself to the Dragon Above, Teah studied all she could about the Draconic Prophecy. Unlike other scholars, the halfling mystic believed that the ancient legend of the dragons was a message and not a prophecy. Siberys writes the Prophecy and sets it in the world for mortals to discover and to create a world as it should have been before Khyber's betrayal. Changing her name to Teah Dragontongue, the halfling shared her beliefs and created a new faith which resonated powerfully with the war-torn nations of the world.

The World

Teah Dragontongue's religion grew rapidly in well-to-do circles of Fairhaven. The nobles were tired of war and liked the idea of doing good so circles of followers gathered in Nealford and the Chequer's Ward as well as Rordan's Gate to learn what they could of this message of hope. The immediate reaction from the state was concern, probably fueled by worry about Cults of the Dragon Below undermining Aundairian society. In a raid by agents of the Royal Eyes, Teah Dragontongue was accidentally killed. The faith lived on, however, and it was reforged with greater understanding of what the Siberyne Cult hopes to accomplish. During the last years of the war, the faith spread to other nearby cities such as Thaliost and it has grown even more since the signing of the Treaty of Thronehold.

The Believer

Members of the Siberyne Cult often have powers and items that provide them with radiant damage powers. Paragon paths such as blessed pslamist (Dragon 376) and radiant fist (Players Handbook 3) are common ways for non-divine classes to access new powers, as are the new feats listed below. Domains of the Siberyne Cult:

Light of Siberys [Divinity]
Prerequisite: Channel Divinity class feature, must follow the Siberyne Cult.
Benefit: You gain the Channel Divinity power Light of Siberys.


Pure Dragon Soul
Prerequisite: Sorcerer, Dragon Magic class feature.
Benefit: In addition to the damage type you chose with your Dragon Soul class feature, you gain resistance 5 to radiant damage. The resistance increases to 10 at 11th level and 15 at 21st level. Your arcane powers ignore any target's resistance to radiant damage.

Shining Consciousness
Benefit: Whenever you use a daily attack or utility power to deal radiant damage, you automatically save against one fear effect currently affecting you.

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