Divine Races

The Divine Races were created by the Pesedjet in the ancient Mythic Age of Khemti. They were the heirs of the gods' creation and today they carry on this inheritance as the pharaohs of the lands of Khemti. Although they represent the hope of the Black Lands, proof that the gods once walked the earth and that they continue to watch the mortal realms, the Divine Races are also the downfall of both lands. The wastes of Desheret were created in the distant past, due to the failing of the First Races, but it is the failure of the line of pharaohs which led to its spread and claiming of the Black Lands as well. The Cataclysmic Wasting was visited upon Khemti by the Pesedjet after the selfish violence of the pharaoh Hemaka of the 6th Dynasty (as described in Chapter 1 of the Hamunaptra: Egyptian Adventures).
There are seven Divine Races: halflings, elves, dwarves, gnolls, half-elves, gnomes, and humans. They make up the majority populations of the Black Lands, although they share those lands today with other races after the invasion of the Jackal Lords which led to the 14th through 16th dynasties of Keshan Anpur (see again Hamunaptra: Egyptian Adventures). Because of their heritage, however, the Divine Races tend to think of themselves as the only true inhabitants of the Black Lands, though many have a more balanced view of the other races who inhabit them.

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