Demon Lords: Kings of the Waste

Baphomet, Prince of Beasts, demon prince of beasts and vengeance. (also the monster power of minotaurs)
Dagon, demon prince and patron of the deep sea.
Demogorgon, self-proclaimed "Prince of Demons".
Eltab, demon prince of hatred and retribution.
Fraz-Urb'luu, demon prince and patron of illusionists and tricksters.
Graz'zt, demon prince and patron of rulers by force.
Juiblex, demon prince and patron of oozes and slimes.
Kostchtchie, demon prince of the 23rd layer of The Abyss, the Ice Wastes; patron of evil frost giants.
Lolth, demon princess of spiders, evil, darkness, chaos and assassins. (also a core power and the monster power of Drow)
Malcanthet, demon queen of the succubi and patron of the hedonistic and lustful.
Obox-ob, demon prince and patron of vermin.
Orcus, demon prince of the 113th layer of The Abyss, Thanatos and patron of the undead.
Pale Night, demon princess and theorized mother of the demon lords.
Pazuzu, demon prince of the 503rd layer of the Abyss.
Sess'Innek, demon prince of civilization and dominion. (also the monster power of dark nagas and lizard kings)
Vaprak, demon prince of combat and greed. (also the monster power of ogres and trolls)
Yeenoghu, demon prince and patron of gnolls.
Zuggtmoy, demon princess and "Lady of the Fungi".

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