Vampires of In Very Truth Weighed

Most vampires in D.C. know mortals of national importance, and a few elders, such as Helena Taylor the Tremere lobbyist, rely on these relationships for protection. If something happens to the friends of a government official, no matter which Covenant is involved, the Masquerade itself is placed in danger. Kindred call this type of socializing “keeping one’s finger on the button.”

On the other hand, the Kindred of Washington D.C. are generally xenophobic, a sentiment attributed to a great degree to Prince Marcus Vitel’s penchant for fanning the flames of paranoia about the group VII. Unannounced visitors are almost always dragged before Prince Vitel or simply removed from the city. Even those D.C. Kindred who don’t believe all the Prince’s claims about threats in the dark have a siege mentality. Hunters (including mages, government agencies, the Inquisition, and packs of werewolves) prowl the streets of Washington.

Additionally, the vampries of Washington play more intense political games than the Kindred in almost any other North American city. Nearly every vampire supports as many ghouls as possible. Those with Dominate cleverly plant long-term suggestions in mortals so they can spread their influence in unseen ways. Perception is everything to the Kindred of Washington, and those who don’t believe in prestation shouldn’t bother entering Elysium. Word of any breach of etiquette will spread swiftly, as communication between D.C.’s resident undead is remarkably good.

Timeline for the District

1968: Amid the race riots and Civil Rights marches following Martin Luther King Jr's assassination, a nest of Belial vampires rampaged through the courts of Elysium and the havens of many vampire elders. The Prince of the city, a Sanctified Daeva named Marissa, met them head on but was killed in the resulting fight. The next evening, Marcus Vitel announced himself the new Prince of the city, relying on a power base he had been gathering for decades.
1970: Vitel finishes his pogrom of removing all "traitors" from the city who allowed the demon-worshippers to attack the city and destabilize it.
1972: The Prince announces Elysium expanded to several new areas around the city, making room for a considerable number of vampires. He also protected members of the Senate, Cabinet, and officials in the House of Representatives from direct "tampering," meaning mental Disciplines.
1980: Vampires come to Washington for the stability and the opportunities. This triggers battles with the local werewolf packs that challenge Marcus Vitel's rule. Ultimately, the Prince comes out stronger, however, as many of his political enemies happen to be on the front lines with the wolves.
1982: As crime soars in the city, Prince Vitel decides not to fight it and simply declares the Southwest Waterfront area to be open hunting ground.
1991: Prince Vitel announces that anyone with information about the terrorist group VII who does not share it immediately is guilty of treason and will be the subject of a Blood Hunt. The announcement catches the city's vampires by surprise since no incidents had occurred in the city in over a decade. Suspicion, confusion, and blame began to fly fast and furious.
2000: After major conflict rocks the vampire courts of New York, many leave that city and relocate in other east coast urban centers. Several powerful vampires arrive in Washington D.C. and take up residence.
2002: After the mortal terrorist attacks of September 11, the Prince subverts much of the new security apparatus of the Department of Homeland Security. As the mortal authorities become more and more security conscious, they play directly into Marcus Vitel's view of the world as well.
2011: The Arab Spring in northern Africa and the Middle East, while celebrated for bringing democracy to those portions of the world, causes significant disruption that brings many ancient vampires and other creatures to Washington.
2014: The present year.

Cynthia Black

Clan: Ventrue
Convenant: Invictus

The younger of Marcus Vitel's childer, Cynthia has taken to her undead existence with rapid skill and ability. She is a smarl and competent vampire often seen in the social halls and Elysia of the city. She is young and pretty, often flirting with members of the court to encourage "relationships" of mutual benefit.

Monica Black

Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: Invictus

The elder of Marcus Vitel's two childer, Monica is a sullen woman with an almost teenaged relationship with her sire. She is a tough customer and helps keep her father's realm in line as well as gathering her own intelligence via ghouls and retainers.

Rachel Evans

Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Lancea Sanctum

A neonate of the Sanctified, Rachel is not the most stable or powerful of the vampires in the city. In fact she's a strung out addict who has a reputation for attracting trouble, which makes her a pariah in a city that relies on socializing and relationships more than most other courts. Luckily, her street contacts still make her a useful resource to some others so she hasn't been ditched completely.

Lucina Fiore

Clan: Mekhet (Khaibit Bloodline)
Covenant: Circle of Crone

The childe of Aram Yasin, Lucina was Embraced centuries ago in the principalities of Italy. She was sent to Washington to make contact with ancients who have ties to her bloodline, and Alexander was happy to do just that. She is currently bein worked over by Niri-Ellat to create a pliable servant.

Joseph Fuller

Clan: Gangrel
Covenant: Circle of the Crone

There's rarely a shortage of black-garbed, intense, occult-types in vampire circles, but Joseph deserves some special mention. He started his existence as a vampire the illegal childe of a passing Gangrel. The Prince spared him and he has remained a quiet and dutiful member of the court ever since, helping members of the Circle of the Crone with temporary havens when they visit Washington and readily providing ritual support for Prince Vitel's sporadic hunts for VII agents.

Bjorn Garinson

Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Circle of the Crone

An ancient vampire and honest-to-blood Viking, Garinson runs a club called Purgatory in the Adams-Morgan neighborhood. He is an intense but stunning man with little time for fighting in his club. He follows old traditions and believes in the need for ritual and mysticism in undeath, but he looks especially down on those who let their Beasts rule them.


Clan: Mekhet
Covenant: Circle of the Crone

A reclusive vampire who styles herself as an Egyptian priestess, Ravenna is a relatively minor force in the Court of Washington. She has connections and influence abroad, though, and the international focus of the city makes her a valuable ally for those vampires who can reach her.

Marcus Vitel

Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: Invictus

The Prince of the DC is a fierce and paranoid man, ruling his realm with an iron hand and a network of spies that rivals the government intelligence communities (which it uses readily). He has dark hair and a swarthy complection, giving him a vaguely Latino appearance that doesn't match his British accent. This is just one of many inconsistencies that make Prince Vitel a complicated individual. His pet issue is the presence of the cult of VII in his city and he sees their agents everywhere. The cult is elusive as ever but their handiwork has been found at sites of attacks over the past several decades and the Prince's inner guard is always watching for ways to strike back at the group.

Aram Yasin

Clan: Mekhet (Khaibit Bloodline)
Covenant: Circle of the Crone

An ancient foreign vampire in Italy who sent Lucina to Washington to make contact with the Arisen. His exact motivations are unknown.

The Court of Washington

The Prince

Inner Circle: Marcus Vitel, Karina Dobson, Gino Manitelli, Jack
Harpies: Helena Taylor, Monica Black, Cynthia Black, Angelique Stravinsky, Cohn Rose

The Primogen

Members: Cassandra, Chas Voyager, Helena Taylor, Edward Walker

The Carthian Movement

The Circle of the Crone

The Invictus

The Invictus have enjoyed a position of power and priviledge since the rise of Marcus Vitel and they know it. They are staunch supporters of their Prince and very few of them engage in the sort of political gaming and back-stabbing that occurs among the First Estate in other cities. Partially this is because the Prince disappears anyone foolish enough to start plotting against him, but they also have a siege mentality within the larger siege mentality of the city. Just as they wrenched power from the Lacea Sanctum, they are convinced that the other covenants are gunning for their throne (not a bad assumption, but also a self-fulfilling prophecy). As a result, the attitude among the

The Ordo Dracul

The Lancea Sanctum

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