Mummies of In Very Truth Weighed

This list of Egyptian names is helpful in making Arisen characters and their servants.

The Ainsworth-Chadwick Family

Cult Type: Tribal
Statistics: Reach 2, Grasp 2

This aristocratic English family is the personal cult of Khaat-Mut, forged by him many centuries ago in the English heartland. They once held a earldom but they have fallen somewhat from those heady days. Still, the family has lands and money which they have put to use during their undead master's most recent Descent.

Khaat-Mut, Arisen Lord

This mummy of the Sesha-Hebsu is the undisputed master of the family. He is a Player Character.

Afsal Mehergan

Afsal Mehergan was born in 1826, the son of Persian settlers in West India. A precociously intelligent child, he became enamoured of the occult underpinnings of the Zoroastian faith from an early age and from then to occult matters in general. His interests in this matter led him to Kashmir, on an expedition to find the famed city of Shamballah. This is when he met Khaat-Mut for the first time. Eventually, he became Khaat-Mut's sadikh but in recent decades that position has been threatened by the closeness of Serapis the lich-mage that Khaat-Mut befriended in Europe.


This Tremere lich is now sworn to Khaat-Mut, serving as an advisor and occultist. He is a Serapis.

Anciens Savants

This Paris-based cult of scholars and researchers serves the Arisen lord Taweret in his quest for knowledge and power.


Guild: Sesha-Hebsu
Politics: Unclear

Taweret is an Arisen of Paris, and like Sacmis he is an avid collector. His tomb in the Paris Underground is said to be a wondrous collection of ancient objects and texts thought lost. Those who were in touch with Taweret before the Conclave said that he is very interested in whatever Sacmis has planned. He has since tried to distance himself from the political clash where Sacmis appeared and concentrate on his literary mission. He and Khaat-Mut are working with Su-Thoth to uncover the secrets of the book they discovered.

Carina Jespersen

The sadikh of Taweret, devoted and concientious. Carina is beautiful and knows it, but she is also smart and careful. With her master's academic bent, much of her tasks involve cataloging and studying, but the Danish beauty is more than happy to accommodate.

The Crimson Skulls


Guild: Maa-Kep
Politics: Unaffiliated

Hetepheres is somewhat of a duality. She's very beautiful and a potent seducer, easily using her appearance and charm to get what she wants without regard for whom it might hurt, as well as extremely ruthless and bloodthirsty, creating cascades of blood and piles of bodies in her wake. These two traits drew a special kind of followers, those who admired her beauty and those who themselves were violent and bloodthristy, amazed by her viciousness in battle. Often both traits could be found in the same follower.

After a time, she does not know how many centuries or millenia ago, the cult started worshipping her as a blood god, a beautiful bringer of death. Some rumoured within the cult that she bathed in blood to maintain her beauty, something which she finds amusing and therefore never confirms or denies.

While she has no qualms about going out of her way to slaughter something (she usually doesn't bother with killing something too weak unless it provokes her or arouses her anger, in which case she shows no mercy) she does have faith in her purpose, the Judges and most definately the spirit of killing and bloodletting. See, she has the unyeilding certainty that death and violence is a part of everyone's inner nature, which most likely is what has turned her into what she is now. It may have started as a slight notion before the Rite of Return, but it has been nourished since her Decree before her Judge. Perhaps related to death, she also has a slightly oppressive relation to ghosts, or rather the enslavement and commanding of the same. There has been rumours circulating among the cultist about their goddess having a flock of vicious ghosts and walking dead in her service. Many newer members brush such things aside as preposterous (which in itself is ironic, considering what they are and are worshipping), not really believing in ghosts. If they only knew.

Since her cult moved her and themselves to Washington D.C. they've have their ups and downs. They've always hade more shady and less legal activities, but the last couple of decades they've been involved in drugs and violent crimes in the poorer sections of the city. They've secured a strong hold over the neighborhoods of Anacostia through guile and bloody victories, most often due to having called upon Hetepheres to enact her bloody art. She is bloodthristy and ruthless, and so is her following. Orders from their goddess and the high-priest are usually followed without question, due to the morality among the followers is quite low already — which is to be expected of a bunch of fanatical worshippers of a blood goddess.

Ryon Davis

The "field marshal" of Hetepheres' cult in Anacostia. Despite the death goddess's grand title, the young black man really is just her head drug-pusher and occasional muscle against enemies. He has a knack for leading, though, much like his father who filled this position during Hetepheres' last Descent. Ryon has a slight crush on Esi.

Dynast Preservations

An antiquities company based in London that provides cover for Nakhti Kiya to acquire relics and artifacts from around the world. This is a similar tactic to that used by Sedge for his own collections.

Nakhti Kiya

Character Sheet
Formerly Played By: Quatren
Guild: Maa-Kep
Politics: Unaffiliated

Nakhti bears a look that would fit in well in the Middle East, with black hair kept relatively short, almond eyes, and almost bronzed skin tone. She stands at about 5' 10", taller than average for Irem, but average in this day and age. Since she worked with the Shepherds preparing bodies in Irem, she has a slim, but tough, body. She has a very friendly attitude when talking with others, but can get easily distracted when researching something, reading ancient texts, or working on amulets and death masks (old hobby/Job in Irem). She has an almost rapacious hunger for knowledge of the ancient world, Irem first and foremost.

Ben Collins

Character Sheet
Formerly Played By: Blk4ce

A mortal hunter of the Lucifuge tied to Nakhti.

Maria Pentghast

Guild: None
Politics: Whatever Nakhti wants… also, Tory

High priestess and CEO of Dynast Preservations under Nakhti Kiya, Maria is a practical and demanding woman. She sees her position as a holy mission with massive consequences and carries herself accordingly. The company's name is Dynast Preservations, and is a small group occasionally called on to assist with recovering, cataloging, repairing relics of various Empires, Dynasties, or Ancient Kingdoms. Approximately a third of the Enterprise know of Nakhti and only a handful of them know of her true nature. The rest are merely simple workers, interns, or knowledge seekers in her employ. While it is rare for them to call on her to do their duties, they will summon her the moment it is suspected a relic of Irem is found and that retrieving it would be…problematic.

The Heralds of Ma'at

This cult is dominated by the Sin-Eaters of the krewe with the same name.


Guild: Maa-Kep
Politics: Unaffiliated

A Maa-Kep skilled in death magic and with considerable arcane knowledge, Isqetek'fri has always appreciated her privacy. She also appreciates opportunities too, though, and would not miss the Grand Conclave for rooms of riches. She has a rivalry with Hetepheres stretching back to Irem itself, but she is pragmatic enough to know that it wouldn't serve either of them to actually fight it out. Instead, she works at undermining her rival and the latest move in that game is to help Esi escape the hold that her mistress has over her.

Kararsız Çocuklar

Officially this organization ("Wayward Children" in Turkish) is a refugee network concentrating on Northern Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean, with some ties to other organizations in West Africa and the Middle East. They are a charity with tax exempt status and their small Washington office coordinates well with local groups in countries wracked by war, famine, and unrest of any kind. In reality, of course, this is a cult more interested in gathering knowledge and artifacts for their master Sekhimib. With ties to Howard University in Washington D.C. both Sekhimib and Wayward Children have in-roads around the world. In addition to the cultists below, John Wilks is sworn to Sekhimib.


Guild: Tef-Aabhi
Politics: Progressive

Sekhimib tends to grin a lot under his sunglasses. They hide his constantly-darting eyes, trying to take in virtually every aspect of the scene. He’s huge, one of the tallest among the Arisen, a big Nubian male topping six-foot-five, with a girth to match. He loves collecting lost things and damaged people, hence the character of his cult, and has an insatiable thirst for the mysterious and taboo.

Chikelu Afolayan

One of Sekhimib's servants, Dr. Afolayan is a history professor at Howard University originally from Ghana. She is friendly and open and shares her master's thirst for knowledge. From the bits and pieces she's been able to glean from Sekhimib, Chikelu has tried to reconstruct the movement of various Arisen throughout the centuries, particularly in Subsaharan Africa. She's nowhere near completion but knows that she can hand the project off to the next generation of cultists at Kararsız Çocuklar.

Unathi Afolayan

Chikelu's brother is an enigmatic and private man, in sharp contrast to his sister. His demeanor is closed where his sister's is open, but he makes no secret of his admiration of and devotion to their Arisen master. Unathi works as a freelance translator and research assistant to faculty at Howard University and Georgetown University across the river, but he also spends a considerable amount of time on his sister's recreation project.

The Night-Realm's Champions

The cult of Niri-Ellat is a dark and secretive organization, a bloodline of loyal servants stretching back to Parthia and Babylon before it. They are scattered, but many hold the same traditions through the years, helped in part by the ancient vampires in their midst. Creatures like in-very-truth-weighed going in and out of torpor through the centuries have kept those parts of the cult together even when they lose touch with Niri-Ellat's closest servants. Of course, those sub-cults maintained by vampires function more like vampiric herds than Scorpion Cults but their masters remember their ancient mistress and the majority are loyal. Of course, in cases when the vampiric master meets Final Death it's easy for these wayward cults to slip into rogue status and self-destruct, unless they are snapped up by another vampire or another Arisen.


Guild: Su-Menent
Politics: Unaffiliated

Also known as Hnethotep, Ekhrat-Mret is an ally of Niri-Ellat's with a long a twisted past. He has built several cults surrounding supernatural creatures in the past and worked to shepherd those cults toward the greater glory of the Judges. He is a confident and commanding man, a natural born leader and master of shaping rites and ceremonies to his purpose.


Character Sheet
Formerly Played By: Lynxy
Guild: Tef-Aabhi
Politics: Conservative

Niri-Ellat has a lean tanned shape with gray-brown hair at shoulder length and piercing black eyes. Her solemn walk speaks of a lost world and her deep voice recalls a time long gone. Born as a prized architect in an expanding empire, she keeps her cosmopolitan attitude and a wide spanning ambition. She designed the central library of Irem and was one of the main architects in the city. Her efforts were acknowledged by the local aristocracy, mainly the artisans and the scribes. Within years she switched to private estates thus making large profit, but with experience came a more exoteric flair which risked her to be exposed as a breaker of the laws against Apotheosis. As the exile finished, she choose to retract and was accepted again in the capital of the Nameless Empire and since then she actively sought transgressors and members of the sixth guild.

Based in Washington and focused on the supporters of Democratic Representative Anna Eshoo, it has strong branches in Chicago and Detroit. The bulk of the worshippers promotes Assyrian culture worldwide, and keeps on networking with major famous people of that heritage: Alfred Rasho, Ashur Bet Sargis, Curtis Sliwa, Donny George Youkhanna, Janan Sawa, Jumana Hanna, Linda George, Pascal Esho Warda, Pius Alibek Hermez, Raad Ghantous, Rosie Malek-Yonan, Sargon Dadesho, Sargon Gabriel, Victor Kamber, Yasmine Hanani. This is just the outer layer often spread by some copy of a work by Lucian of Samosata, where the inner core aims to develop creative projects and preserve history: the head priests praise Her around the top monuments and cultural symbols of the capital. It grows followers in the African American people and has future ambitions to expand in the Hispanic and Asian minorities.

Unknown Cults

The following Arisen have cults that are not revealed yet.


Guild: Mesen-Nebu
Politics: Unclear

A modern-minded Arisen who volunteered to be part of the meret searching for the talking Amkhat that Sedge warned the D.C. nomarchs about. He is quiet and watchful, making him a somewhat dangerous individual.


Guild: Tef-Aabhi
Politics: Conservative

A quiet and faithful member of the Masons who volunteered for the hunting party to find the Amkhat when Sedge announced it at the War Council.


Guild: Maa-Kep
Politics: Moderate-Progressive

One of the movers and shakers among the D.C. Arisen, Bes-Mat is a conservative Maa-Kep mummy with very hardline views on their unswerving duty to the gods of the Duat. His philosophical debates with Menmaatre often show plenty of overlap, but the fundamental differences in their philosophy threaten to split the two ancient friends due to events during the Grand Conclave. When Udjat's presentation at the Grand Conclave released the Shuankhsen that was formerly Sacmis, Bes-Mat reacted with vehement anger and worry. He suspects someone may be trying to derail the Conclave and has enlisted the help of Nakhtmin Hakor to find out who and stop them.


Guild: Tef-Aabhi
Politics: Somewhat liberal

A man obsessed with his past, Bui has only just discovered the woman who has been plaguing him with visions for centuries. Hetepheres and Buikhuwati were lovers in Irem and they have reunited as they are both awake during this Sothic Turn. Though they both fully intended to attend the Grand Conclave and meet their fellow Arisen, instead the two mummies have retired like adolescents to make up for lost time and bask in their rekindled love.


Guild: Sesha-Hebsu
Politics: Progressive (Bennu Iniative)

A mannish woman of the Sesha-Hebsu who is involved in the Bennu Initiative. She has a severe disposition but seems genuinely willing to work with others.


Guild: Su-Menent
Politics: Officially neutral but sympathetic to Washington progressives

Although not one of the highly placed Arisen in his guild, the Su-Menent, Lisimba is a charismatic mummy who is fluid in whatever era he awakens in. He is well-liked and although progressive in his outlook, finds ways to win arguments calmly and rationally.


Guild: Su-Menent
Politics: Conservative

A sedate and thoughtful member of the Su-Menent who was formerly part of the Sesha-Hebsu guild. He also has a vendetta against some group of shadowy individuals that no one is quite sure even exists. Time can do horrible things to a mind…


Guild: Su-Menent
Politics: Progressive

First Prophet of the Su-Menent for the city of New York, currently in D.C. to help oversee his brainchild. Organizer and main force behind the Grand Conclave and seen by many among his peers as a Shepherd reformer eager to make the Su-Menent relevant again.


Guild: Sesha-Hebsu
Politics: Progressive

A modern-focused Sesha-Hebsu who is the biggest proponent of the Bennu Initiative. She holds the preservation of written word to be the most important thing. She is saavy with the internet and computers, unsurprising since she's involved with the Initiative, but approaches it with a passion that other Arisen might find unseemly.


Guild: Formerly Su-Menent
Politics: Formerly Progressive… Now eating people

The one-time First Prophetess of Tokyo, known among her fellow Su-Menent as a voracious collector of knowledge and relics. She has a orderly and well-respected cult in central Japan, recently preoccupied with a secretive discovery that Sacmis was reportedly going to reveal at the Grand Conclave in Washington, D.C. Whatever the answers to these mysterious questions, Sacmis is revealed to have become a Shuankhsen through some accident that Udjat claims has to do with her politics. In questioning her afterwards, however, Nakhtmin Hakor and Nakhti discover that she was released by a woman. Like all Shuankhsen, however, she is unable to tatlk about what led to her downfall because of the curse of Ammut the Destroyer.


Guild: Maa-Kep
Politics: Progressive

Once known as Bes-Sed, this Deathless steward has appeared throughout the ages in various guises. He always strove to create a lasting network of mummies, the consumate Maa-Kep Laborer, and eventually he allied himself with the vision of Seb-Hetchet the White Jackal and his grand experiment in Washington D.C. Some time in the early twentieth century, Bes-Sed's tomb was destroyed and his canopic jars along with it. He might have remained in Duat forever, floating and unbodied, but his loyal cult ressurected him in the body of a modern man and Bes-Sed became one of the Twice Arisen. Now as Sedge, he is forging a stronger network than ever with Maa-Kep diplomats involved with all of the guilds in Washington. He is outspoken and decisive to match his new American face, but he may have gone too far at the War Council when he insinuated Seb-Hetchet had betrayed the nome and created an Amkhat to terrorize the District.


Guild: Tef-Aabhi
Politics: Conservative

A cruel and demanding Tef-Aabhi closely affiliated with Udjat and others in the guild. She seems universally hostile to everyone, even her allies. It was Surq-Abasi who brought in Sacmis to the meeting of the Bennu Initiative under Udjat's orders, and subsequently it was she who stood next to the crate as Sacmis smashed her (its?) way loose.


Guild: Sesha-Hebsu
Politics: Unclear

A well-informed and secretive Scribe with an impressive library. She is helping Taweret and Khaat-Mut understand what they found and has big plans for their small meret of three. She wanted to announce their goals at the War Council called on the roof of the Cairo but she was cautioned to silence by Taweret.


Guild: Tef-Aabhi
Politics: Progressive

A Mexico City-based Arisen with less interest in the theocratic discussions of the Grand Conclave and more in extending her own connections. Tashakti is as faithful as any Arisen, but her eye is fixed firm on the future.


Guild: Tef-Aabhi
Politics: Conservative

Guildmaster of the Tef-Aabhi in New Delhi and an old friend of Sacmis. He is a traditionalist among his own kind and angrily opposes any suggestion that the Arisen should adapt to the new era they find themselves in. Some say that the Su-Menent invited him to their Grand Conclave to change his mind, and more say that he intends to disrupt the meeting and turn the Deathless away from dangerous heresies. Apparently, Udjat captured Sacmis after she turned into a Shuankhsen and brought her to Washington to teach his more modern-focused brethren a lesson. He claims innocence, however, or at least misunderstanding. After fleeing the scene of his mistake he was captured by Esi and Isqetek'fri and handed over to Hetepheres who bound him and announced a formal accusation at the War Council. Currently, Udjat is being held by the Khent-henu for questioning but they are unlikely to release details of his interrogation.

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