Sin-Eaters of In Very Truth Weighed

Luc Montinard

Cult Membership: The Heralds of Ma'at krewe under Isqetek'fri

A servant of Isqetek'fri's and a Sin-Eater as well as a practitioner of Vodoun. He is quiet and cold, but efficient. Isqetek'fri seems to trust him and he helped Esi around the city to gather all the necessary parts for the ritual that would transfer her service to Isqetek'fri. It is Luc who leads Esi into the Underworld for her trial.


There are three major krewes operating in the Washington D.C. area.

The Heralds of Ma'at

The Heralds serve as the high priests of Isqetek'fri's cult, the secret-keepers and the enactors of her grand vision. The Maa-Kep wishes to reforge the pathways with the Underworld that the Arisen once walked, to connect the mortal cults of the Deathless with the immortal Night City that Azar built in Amenta. Besides Luc Montinard and Corazone, there are three current members of the Heralds of Ma'at. Natsuki Ueda is a Japanese woman who sees herself as the agent of the Shinto death goddess Izanami. It was she who inducted Corazone into the krewe and introduced her to the others. Macaria Jorgensen is a power player in Washington D.C, her mistresses's main asset when she comes to the District. The Baron, an enigmatic figure if ever there was one, is another pracitioner of Vodoun. He dresses dramatically to match his penchant for the dramatic and, according to rumor, sadism.

Ethos: The Heralds' mythology is that of their mistress: the Underworld is a broken and chaotic thing but that is not how it's supposed to be. They know the paths to Amenta, the civilized Underworld ruled by Azar's representative in the Cthonic Depths, and seek to make those paths stronger.

Ban: The Heralds of Ma'at must respect the decrees of Seker, the ruler of Amenta. This is different than the Old Laws of the realm, which they also must follow or risk expulsion, but they count themselves as subjects of the Night Lord and as such can't take any treasonous actions even if they are not full Old Laws. Of course, they also are protected citizens so they have the right to defend themselves from attack, although they have to respect Seker's agents and submit if summoned.

Likewise, the Heralds must also follow the decrees of Isqetek'fri, but this is more of an oath than a ban as it has no affect on their relationship with their geists.

Duty: Right now, the principle duty of the Heralds is to act as messengers between Seker's realm and the living world. If charged to deliver a message or person from one realm to the other they must do their best to do so or risk the sanction of Lord Seker. Of course, emergency situations can take precendence over courier duty but if they ignore the duty altogether they risk the full wrath of the Lord of Amenta.

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